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Source:By Kelleigh Nelson February 24, 2016

Be not a witness against thy neighbour without cause; and deceive [not] with thy lips. —Proverbs 24:28

A false witness shall not be unpunished, and [he that] speaketh lies shall perish. —Proverbs 19:9

Yes, politicians are liars, and they get away with it time after time, but Ted Cruz really tops the cake. He lies with a straight face then hides behind the Bible. I don’t believe I’ve seen a candidate be so absolutely blatant with lies as is Ted Cruz. They’re becoming too numerous to list. Is Cruz a snake? You bet he is. Listen to Trump’s poem about snakes. It is the perfect analogy of why we should not be allowing all these “refugees” into our country.

The Lack of Discernment by Christians

Psalm 114:4-6 well describes what has happened with so many in the church. Their idols are silver and gold, the work of men’s hands. They have mouths, but they speak not: eyes have they, but they see not: They have ears, but they hear not: noses have they, but they smell not. They can not discern evil from good.

How sad it is today that so much of the church has lost her salt and light. If they knew God’s Word, they’d know an imposter when they saw one. Instead of truth and substance, today’s church gives you entertainment like Rock & Roll music and do the Boogie-Woogie every Sunday while America is burning down. That’s why so many are still believing in the likes of Ted Cruz and his crazy buddies, David Barton and Glenn Beck.

The Crazy Cheerleaders for Ted Cruz

Glenn Beck is Cruz’s cheerleader, and David Barton has taken charge of the super PAC that supports Cruz. The super-PAC, Keep the Promise PAC, is the umbrella for a group of related pro-Cruz political committees that raised $38 million in the first half of the year, more than the super-PACs supporting any other candidate with the exception of Jeb Bush. [Link]

Glenn Beck’s latest statement again makes it look as though he no longer has a grip on what is acceptable and what is outrageous. People are asking if Beck is on drugs. He said, “God allowed Scalia to die in order to highlight the importance of electing Ted Cruz.”Here is the exact videowhere he calls into his own show and makes this disgraceful statement.

But there’s even more. Beck was of course stumping for Cruz in South Carolina. He called on Christians during a rally at Dominionist Rick Joyner’s Morning Star Fellowship Church to “fall to your knees and pray to God to reveal to you what the hour is.” Rick Joyner’s church is considered a cult, there is nothing Biblical about what he teaches or what they do in their “church.” [Link], [Link], [Link] Ted Cruz also attended a national security forum held at Joyner’s Church in Ft. Mill, SC in January.

Beck’s latest bizarre speech indicated that Cruz as president will get us through the rapture. So is he saying Cruz is a form of messiah? I think we’ve had enough of that with Obama, haven’t we?

In January, Beck argued the “hand of divine providence” brought about the birth of Cruz. Earlier in February, Cruz’s wife Heidi told a crowd that her husband shows the country “the face of the God we serve.”

The latest was Beck asking people to fast for Cruz after the loss in South Carolina. [Link]

During an interview with Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network, Rafael Cruz Sr., said he told his son at an early age that “God has destined you for greatness.”

In 2013, Rafael Cruz, who claims to be an ordained pastor, said in a sermon at a church in Irvin, Texas, that his son is “anointed” from high above to serve as a “king” to bring about the “great transfer of wealth” from the wicked to the righteous. Rafael Cruz and his son are Dominionists. They believe America should be governed by their interpretation of Biblical law, and exclusively by those who believe as they do. [Link]

The Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA) reports, Ted Cruz is defending his controversial endorsement from an abhorrent anti-Semitic pastor, Mike Bickle, who is head of the cultist New Apostolic Reform under the banner of International House of Prayer or IHOP. According to JTA, Cruz has employed other tactics, including talk of rival Donald Trump’s “New York values,” even calling the popular Yiddish expression “chutzpah” a “New York term,” which is totally false. [Link]

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