February 26, 2016 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff

     We hear it all the time now, “These kids are socialists, expecting a free education and somebody else to pay for their luxuries.”  Is it just me that finds the youngsters today to be much like their parents and grandparents in many ways?  Are we expecting a bit much from a bunch of kids who start out understanding only gravity and sucking for nourishment, who were then not taught morals, but had drilled into them the values of public education and the other dangerous, nonsensical dogma of Hillary’s Village?
     You must understand that you can teach a youngster anything, any stupid, pointless, vacuous thing at all.  You can actually teach a child that there is an old man who lives at the North Pole, surrounded by toy-making elves who happily labor 364 days a year so the old man can fly in a sleigh pulled by flying (rein) deer to deliver toys to every good boy and girl around the world and do it all in one night.  Every good boy and girl?  Right.  Part of the fairy tale is supposed to be the opportunity to teach children that if they behave properly they get rewarded, but if they misbehave they’ll get no toys from Santa, maybe getting only coal.  This is an opportunity to benefit the child all the way into adulthood for their own good.  But every child who has a mother who can afford a toy is going to get at least that toy Christmas morning, “from Santa,” whether they’ve been good or not.  (Sorry, I think I might have let slip one of my suspicions, namely that women have too much say in stuff for their own good, their children’s good or anybody’s good.  But let us continue.)
     We can’t expect our children to be any different from us when we don’t teach them to differ from us.  We have been living off of the “government” credit card for many years now, borrowing our way to a lifestyle that exceeds what would reasonably be available to us according our labor, our productivity.   If you make $30,000 a year, you can live as though you make $40,000 a year by using your credit card, but the bill comes due one day.  Sure, this has all been corrupted by a fiat-false-fake-money scheme, so it’s a little hard to see all the trickery in it, but can we expect our children to not grow up with socialist tendencies when we, their parents and grandparents, have been living a socialist lifestyle, ourselves, whether we know it or not, whether we acknowledge it or not?
     You old socialists who’ve taken more out of social security than you put in?  Hello?  Yes, you.  Do you figure that your taking money obtained by government borrowing from your children and their children is any less socialism in action than somebody on welfare, somebody sitting around doing nothing and getting a “free” check backed with money stolen from people honest enough to work for a living?  Don’t call the youngsters socialists with such disdain when you’re practicing socialism.  Young and old, we’re all in their government-driven impending train-wreck together.
     You’re living off of money that those youngsters you disparage are going to be held responsible for paying back.*  The youngsters are the ones who are expected to pay back all the money that has been borrowed so we old people could live better today than we earned, improving our actual $30,000 per year to a fake $40,000 per year, but collectively we do it on the trillions-of-dollars scale.  My prayer is that these young socialists don’t figure out that the old socialists, (who allowed the Supreme Court to say that it’s okay to kill people who cannot protect themselves), are actually frail, infirm and unable to protect themselves.  Serves us right.  We know better, us old people.   Kids?  They only know the fairy tales we tell them, the fairy tales we allow foisted upon them by Hillary’s Village, a part of which is a godless government school teaching them:  Grandpa’s brother was an ape; men can marry men; all religions are equally valid (or invalid), never mind one preaches the golden rule while another preaches “convert or die”; upper body strength shouldn’t mean anything and, by the law, we’ll see that it doesn’t.  If the liberals determine that it’s the fault of gravity that men have superior upper body strength, then in their attempt to make life “fair” they’ll attempt to rescind gravity by legislation.  Don’t doubt me; they figure they can legislate their own weird anti-Christian “morality,” rescinding God’s other laws that are no more rescindable than gravity.   
*  For those of you who are awake enough to understand that you can’t pay back a money supply, take note that it’s these old socialists who let FDR and others before him destroy honest money, thereby allowing the government to become the tyrannical big-brother, big nanny (with a big stick) monstrosity that it is now.  Blaming kids for that is stupid.  We can’t help the kids learn how the world is supposed to work until we admit the error of our ways.  If we fail to admit our own failures, our own socialism, we sentence them to stumble into that same darkness themselves.  Churchill spoke of it as a thousand years of darkness.  The darkness is coming, and like rust it never sleeps, it’s always coming, and all we can do is keep illuminating ourselves to thwart that darkness.  God is light, use Him to illuminate.
Thank you for reading this,
Je Suis Spike
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