God’s Children Must Rebuke Satan and Repent

February 18, 2016 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


May this, my introductory writing on the worthy RBN website, truly be a blessing to you. I do know that if you’re reading these words you are a follower and a seeker of truth. And, of course, not only the truth of what is good, but also the truth of that which is evil.

The Lord God Almighty, the Lord Jesus Christ, has, does, and always will, to the letter, keep all of his promises and affirmations, and has told his children, those truly washed from all of their sins by the atoning blood of Almighty God, that he will lead us into ALL truth.

We, His true children, pursue the truth of evil, which for us is all of the operations, the character, and most of all, what evil does, and would, and will do to the children of Almighty God, and the entirety of God’s Creation on planet Earth.

As we have, do, and will suffer, as God’s whole Creation is suffering, we, as His children, draw upon and pray unto our God for strength, and courage, and hope (in Him), and protection. And Jesus sustains all of His children, as well as all of His children yet to be; all of those souls who have been written into the Book of Life at the foundation of the World and the Lamb’s Book of Life. The Lamb’s Book of Life contains the names of all souls who have accepted God’s forgiveness of their sins, which have been forever blotted out, through the atoning power of Christ’s shed Blood.

From my perspective, and I believe it would be the perspective of the true body of believers, the True Church of the Almighty God, NOT the 501(c)(3) mega-church congregations. At least as a whole, I believe that most of us would agree that we are oppressed by evil. We see, through the discernment of the Holy Spirit within us, the increase of evil in this world at an ever increasing rate.

And yet, I do wonder if God’s True Church, His children, actually realize that it is not our Almighty God’s Will to have His precious children, bought and paid for by the precious atoning Blood of His own begotten Son, to be subjected and oppressed by the Satanic system of this world.

The scriptural, most accurate and true explanation as to why we, who have been bought by the Blood of the Lamb, whom the Father and the Son love dearly, find ourselves besieged by evil in this world, is that, as a whole, Satan’s plan and methods which he designed to confuse and neutralize any opposition to his overall plan of world conquest have been most successful. This Satanic plan to, as a whole, silence Almighty God’s True Church on planet Earth has been a conniving, backstabbing plan, which has been manifested in the form of — just to name a few examples of many examples — water fluoridation, the chemtrailing of God’s whole earthly Creation with everything from toxic and/or radioactive nano-particles, to lab-engineered weaponized viruses, and the genetically modified organisms which are now in most, if not all, foods that most people and most creatures in America — people and animals — eat. And, of course, the fluoride, the chemtrailing and the GMO foods are specifically designed to chemically disable people, in all ways and qualities which are God-given to humanity. In short, Satan’s backstabbing methods seek to achieve the chemical lobotomy of humanity, and that humanity includes God’s children.

And there are other facets to this Satanic perversion and destruction as well. Of course, there is subliminal flash messaging which has been built into television broadcasting since the 1950’s, which program the sub-conscious mind of the viewers. There is the highly toxic and deadly category of so-called “vaccinations”.

But still, God’s children, your Father in Heaven is waiting and hoping for your call to Him for help, for aid, for assistance, for courage, and for strength, in order to be as effective in combating evil, on all fronts, as is his will for us to be. At this time, we, as His Church, are having little effect in impeding the progress of Satan’s plan being manifested in our world. Satan has debilitated God’s children as well as the whole world. He has caused us, as a whole, to lose heart and to lose much of our reliance upon Almighty God, as he would have us to rely upon him. But, and it’s a very large but, we as individuals and we as a nation have walked away from God’s Will for us, His Will for certain fundamental aspects of our personal lives and our national life.

I know that I have not always done God’s Will in my own life. None of us have. But I have learned through experience that nothing works out well unless it is in the Will of God. So, every day I pray to Almighty God that He will inform me of His Will and cause me and give me the ability to do it. And He does! There is only one prayer unto God that is guaranteed results, and that prayer, with heart, is simply that we do His COMPLETE WILL.

At this late date of the evolution of evil on this planet, when evil has “come in like a flood,” there is only one force which can initiate the momentum of Good to combat this evil and, to some degree, defeat it. And of course, that force is Almighty God, THE Source of all which is GOOD. Yet, God’s True Church on planet Earth, as a whole, has not called on their God to be their ally, spiritual energizer, and aid and protection through the covert and overt devices of Satan, we have, as a whole, become, at best, ineffective in the battle of Good vs Evil.

As I understand literal scripture, a true and sincere and heartfelt national and global repentance unto Almighty God for our Great sin of omission — not relying and calling on His strength and power to be our strength and refuge in fighting evil — is LONG OVERDUE.

If we, His children, are to participate in any truly effective manner in the war of Good vs Evil, there has to be an organized national, global and public DAY OF REPENTANCE.

By His written Word, the Holy Bible, this is God’s Will for His children on Earth.

A national and global day of public repentance may sound like an organizational nightmare to you, but in these days of very advanced communications technology, via the Internet and various devices as well as with the global courage of the “alternative media”, the task of national and even global organization is made quite manageable and totally feasible. IT CAN BE DONE.

All that’s lacking is the WILL.

Looking around, I see a strong element of victimization, as well as fear, in the children of God as a whole. Yet, the Lord says that he hasn’t given us (His true children) “a spirit of FEAR” but of a “SOUND MIND”. As well, “God hates a coward.”

Unless there is a LARGE-SCALE and PUBLIC national and global day of repentance by God’s True Children, repenting unto Him for the sin of not relying upon Him to be our Strength and Protection in combating evil, then, of course, we will see the continued influx of evil into our reality at an ever-increasing rate. Again, it all goes back to that very large truism: WITHOUT God, we are LOST, but “WITH GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.”

I hope you’ve found some degree of inspiration here.

Your Brother in Christ,