Got Revealing Records? Blow ‘em Up!

February 9, 2014 in News by The Manimal

Source: Zen Gardner

On 9/11, the Pentagon conveniently had all of their financial records destroyed in their recently reinforced wing where the missile hit — the day after Rumsfeld announced an unaccounted for multi-trillion dollar loss in Defense Department funds. Hours later WTC Building 7, housing the ongoing SEC fraud investigations, takes a freefall implosion into its footprint. Also conveniently eviscerated were Guiliani’s “command base” and the CIA offices no doubt helping to coordinate the attacks and what was to follow.

Then there’s the gold heist in the twin towers basement before the bombs went off, and the vaporization of computers with the records of shorting 9/11 related stocks just prior to the implosions.


There’s nothing new about this tactic.  It provides a basis for not just zero culpability for a range of parties and agencies, but it gives the perfect reason for resetting the current financial paradigm with the bonus of everyone involved in the scams getting a hassle-free fresh start.

How convenient.

The Rothschilds pulled the quickie of their day by not literally burning anything down, yet they imploded the markets of their day by deliberately misreporting the winner of the Battle of Waterloo whereupon they succeeded in buying up and cornering most of the British financial market.

Argentina Follows Suit

Desperate despots seem to be proliferating of late, from backing terrorists taking down whole nations to militarizing their own streets while provoking their populace to resist and revolt, like the slippery cabal-controlled Obama regime.

They don’t think we’re looking but we are – intensely.

Here’s an example fresh off the press that will bring all of these tactics back to mind:

FX coverup: Argentina’s banking archives are destroyed in unexplained fire

Argentina bank fire forex coverup

(from HangtheBankers:)

While we are sure it is a very sad coincidence, on the day when Argentina decrees limits on the FX positions banks can hold and the Argentine Central Bank’s reserves accounting is questioned publicly, a massive fire – killing 9 people – has destroyed a warehouse archiving banking system documents.

As The Washington Post reports, the fire at the Iron Mountain warehouse (which purportedly had multiple protections against fire, including advanced systems that can detect and quench flames without damaging important documents) took hours to control and the sprawling building appeared to be ruined. The cause of the fire wasn’t immediately clear – though we suggest smelling Fernandez’ hands…

We noted yesterday that there are major questions over Argentina’s reserve honesty

While first print is preliminary and subject to revision, the size of recent discrepancies have no precedent. This suggest that the government may be attempting to manage expectations by temporarily fudging the “estimate ” of reserve numbers (first print) while not compromising “actual” final reported numbers. If this is so, it is a dangerous game to play and one likely to back-fire.

During a balance of payments crisis – as Argentina is undergoing – such manipulation of official statistics (and one so critical for market sentiment) is detrimental to the needed confidence building around the transition in the FX regime.

And today the government decrees limits on FX holdings for the banks

Argentina’s central bank published resolution late yday on website limiting fx position for banks to 30% of assets.

Banks will have to limit fx futures contracts to 10% of assets: resolution

Banks must comply with resolution by April 30

And then this happens…

Argentina bank fire forex coverup fx


Age Old Manipulation Techniques

False flags and cover-ups of all sorts have riddled the sordid history of mankind’s exploitative ruling class. They are ruthless and play upon a naive and deliberately misinformed public.

Our job is to change that paradigm, and it’s happening.  An awakened and informed populace cannot be fooled.

Keep on keeping on. Each awakening is infinitely powerful.

We are many.

Love, Zen