Happy New Year From Vidrebel Somewhere Inside Donald Trump’s America

December 28, 2015 in News by RBN


Usually, at the holidays I post some of my popular articles and videos from the past. You would be surprised but I get new subscribers all the time. This time for New Year’s I decided to add something about Donald Trump. Anyone who wants the Presidency will have to take it from him.

At the end of this post is a video Trump made with the surviving relatives of Americans killed by illegal aliens. These were not people who normally would be attracted to a Republican candidate. These are real people who lost real relatives. They despise House Speaker Paul Ryan. One man is Jewish and was a Democrat. He lost his son to an illegal alien who ran over his son 3 times and received 43 days in jail as a sentence. The Obama administration declined to deport him because they said the illegal alien had only committed one offense. The man had to dedicate 18 months of his life to make sure that the illegal alien was deported.

The second person was a Mexican-American woman from Salinas, California. The illegal who killed her son fled to Texas where he killed several more people. He was prosecuted for murder in Mexico where he is serving 20 years.

The third person was a black woman. Her nephew was killed by an illegal alien who was a member of a gang. She got a cold shoulder from Democrats including Senator Dianne Feinstein when she asked them to deport illegal aliens who joined gangs or committed crimes.

The fourth person was a black man who lost his son. His son was killed by an illegal alien who was released from LA County jail after being arrested for assault with an illegal weapon. He had served 8 months for battery on a police officer. LA is a sanctuary city and does not permit immigration workers in the jail to deport illegals. Sheriff Baca told the black man that the Mexican Mafia does not want released prisoners to be rehabilitated so they order them to commit a crime immediately upon release. They want to kill black man. The father said all the Republicans running for President were trying to bamboozle us about immigration. He said many black people who have not voted before said they would vote for Trump. His son was up for several college scholarships before he was killed.

The fifth person was a white woman. Her son was hit by an illegal alien who had no drivers license. The illegal alien made an illegal left turn. The undocumented immigrant drove around town town for 4 weeks without a license after sending her son into a coma. Up to 8,000 Americans die every year murder and vehicular manslaughter at the hands of illegal aliens. The woman was married to a legal alien who had joined the Marines and still serves as a Master Sergeant.

The sixth person was the mother of an only son who was killed by an illegal alien from Guatemala. The illegal alien had committed felonies and DUIs (Driving Under the Influence of alcohol). She had come to America as a legal alien. She had married a black US serviceman. The illegal alien was bailed out for $10,000. The judge did not listen to the parents before he sentenced the illegal for 90 days. It took her a year and a half to deport him to Guatemala. She is sure that the illegal alien came back to America where his family is living.

The demographics of this crowd would be against most Republicans but not against Trump. America has reached its limit. Things will only get worse as the economy goes into that tailspin I had been expecting for some time. Killing Trump could start a Civil War especially in hard times. As I keep reminding people, 3 million Americans starved to death in the 1930s. I expect a minimum of 10 million to starve to death this time – if there is no reform and no Debt Cancellation – because we have a lot more debt to cancel and almost 3 times as many people.

One black woman said the reason why voters like Trump is that they are tired of politicians who try to flamboozle us. That is a good description of all the other major party candidates. The video is below.

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The video below is Trump sharing a stage with 6 Americans from minority backgrounds who lost relatives to illegal aliens. Of these 6 only two were white. One was a legal alien who had married a black man in the Marines. And the other white woman was married to a legal alien from Central America who had joined the US military.

In this video Trump speaks for the first 7 minutes. He also mentions the bad trade deals the US makes.

I should acknowledge my predictions for 2015 were right about Assad staying in power but wrong about the collapse of the US economy in 2015. It should collapse before election day 2016. Please note the Bankers sold more than 2 quadrillion dollars in Credit Default Swaps which earned them at least $60 trillion in premiums since CDS were invented in 1995. That and high speed presses at the Federal Reserve, the Bank of Japan, the Bank of England and the European Central Bank have kept the Banks out bankruptcy court. This cannot last much longer. The collapse of the US Dollar will be a Game Changer when it does come. Of course, this Need Not Be. Arresting the Bankers and seizing their assets to fund Debt Cancellation will stop this Depression.