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“One of the attendees, a community educator, asked the facilitator what community education could be likened to?  The facilitator’s response was “Communist China’s system“.”

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

By Jonah M. Kessel
Jul. 19, 2015

Video: China Molds a Supercity Around Beijing

As Beijing Becomes a Supercity, the Rapid Growth Brings Pains


This is what abcsofdumbdownblogspot.com has been writing about for over a year.

The video included in the above link tells much about S1177 and HR 5 and their plans to implement Hillary Clinton’s “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child”.

One of America’s finest education researchers, who attended a Community Education  Conference in Washington, D.C.,  in the early nineteen seventies told me:

“One of the attendees, a community educator, asked the facilitator what community education could be likened to?  The facilitator’s response was “Communist China’s system”.

Abcsofdumbdownblogspot.com has multiple posts regarding this totalitarian communist system which is part of  recently passed S1177 and HR 5.

The following link goes to just one out of dozens of posts which will educate Americans regarding the lifelong communist community education system being implemented all over the country right now, as I write. (Google Georgia Visions)

ABCs of DumbDown: “Birds of a Feather Flock Together” 

If you want to know what the Chinese system is all about, please read “An Expose:  Community Education” by Ruth Feld and Jil Wilson, which is available at www.deliberatedumbingdown.com
website. Click on Exposing the Global Road to Ruin through Education“Written Submission” disc for Feld (under “F) report:
http://deliberatedumbingdown.com/OtherPDFs/Written%20Submissions.pdf  pages 43-72.

Also, go to  www.deliberatedumbingdown.com (Free Download), page 334, for the following entry in 3D:


The Second Annual Model Schools Conference, Sponsored By The International Center for Leadership in Education, Inc. (ICLE—whose director is Dr. Willard R. Daggett, previously employed as a co-trainer with William Spady at Outcome-Based Education training sessions sponsored by Spady’s High Success Network) was held June 26–29, 1994 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Representatives of the educational systems of China, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Japan, and Russia were included as presenters at the conference.

Of special interest was the presentation given by Su Lin, founder and chairwoman of China International Intellectual Resources Development Center for Children (CICC).38 This school has branches in the United States, Germany, and other countries to facilitate the immersion of its Chinese students into the culture as well as the language of other countries.

Excerpts from her presentation follow:

It is CICC’s task to be engaged in educational reforms, to establish organizations of intercultural communications, and to integrate educational institutions with enterprises. Therefore, CICC’s systems engineering of education is an enormous constitution [composition] of education
and technology, theory and practice, experimentation, organization, and management. CICC has been incorporated into an international group. We stress the following aspects:

  1. The kind of citizens required by the 21st century will constitute our essential consideration of educational receivers, aims, and contents.

2.  We must do experiments in the search for a new education model.

3.  The greatest characteristics of the 21st century will be the internationalization of education. With that in mind, we aim to develop our education in an international environment, as education is supposed to be an open system.

4.  China is carrying on its social reforms, encouraging individuals and the non-govern-mental sector to run education. Educational institutions in China are all affected by the shortage of financial resources.

5.  The secure job policy makes education a closed and extremely stable system, closed to competition…