Hope … and Danger!

October 28, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

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By Steven Yates

October 28, 2022

Though I’ve written in support of a few foreign leaders who have emerged against globalism (here and here), activity on the home front these days gives me guarded hope!

The more I see and hear from Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, for example, the more impressed I am. She understands fully the damage the Bidenistas have done over the past 21 months. A quick rundown:

  • roaring inflation that did not exist on January 21, 2021, including record high gas and other energy prices, and soaring food prices;
  • a worse (and worsening) crime rate in all the big cities;
  • chaos on the southern border, with illegal aliens bringing deadly drugs such as fentanyl into the country;
  • overtures by cult-of-woke-infatuated “educators” to sexualize elementary-school children, encouraging them to question their “gender”;
  • critical race theory, also in “education” at every level;
  • the increasingly dangerous foreign proxy war by puppet governments such as Kyiv against Russia (which did not start on Feb. 24!), as the U.S. pours tax dollars into Ukraine. Articles are now appearing in mainstream publications about the growing danger of the conflict escalating to where a nuclear exchange cannot be ruled out. (I would not put it past NATO to set off a “dirty bomb” somewhere inside one of the disputed regions and blame Putin);
  • the Chinese Communist Party rattling its sabers against Taiwan as Xi, who is no dummy, grabs a third term;
  • North Korea’s resident psychopath Kim Jong-Un again testing missiles capable of reaching Japan and Guam.

Under Trump — until March 2020, anyway — some of these problems existed but were under control. There was minimal inflation by official measures. The border was mostly stable. Trump, unlike his predecessors, did not start any new foreign wars or singlehandedly destroy any foreign nations (as did Hillary Clinton when she was Barack Obama’s Secretary of State).

African-American and Hispanic employment were at all-time highs!

Anyway, back to Kari Lake. The woman is poised, chooses her words carefully, and clearly exhibits the confidence one expects in a prospective leader. She is the perfect choice to become Arizona’s next governor.

Her opponent in the Party of Jacobinism and Chaos, Katie Hobbs, a former social worker, present Secretary of State in Arizona, and an open-borders globalist who believes in abortion-on-demand up to the point of birth (and even after!) refuses to debate her in public!

Kari Lake has all the right critics, one might say. They are chanting all the expected mantras trying to demonize her: “conspiracy theorist,” “election denier,” “MAGA extremist,” “a threat to our [sic.] democracy,” “the most dangerous politician in America,” etc.

Consider how she recently handled the “election denier” allegation from a reporter in front of other reporters (scroll to 7:28):

If you’re going to start throwing around terms like election denier, let’s remember who the other election deniers were: Hillary Clinton and all the Democrats. Let’s talk about election deniers. Here’s [pointing to a list of names on a sheet of paper] a list of 150 Democrats denying election results. So it’s okay for Democrats to question elections, but it’s not okay for Republicans? It’s a crock of BS, every one of you knows it, we have our freedom of speech, and we’re not going to relinquish it to a bunch of fake news propagandists. Since 2000, people have questioned the legitimacy of our elections, and all we’re asking, is that in the future we don’t have to have that happen anymore.


That’s just one example!

One reason Kari Lake is skilled at dealing with corporate media and more than able to put its little robots in their places, is that she worked successfully in corporate media for close to three decades. She knows corporate media inside and out. She knows how it works. She knows, from first-hand experience, that mainstream media sites like CNN are little more than propaganda mills for approved narratives. Among these approved narratives is that “Joe Biden” is both legitimate and effective.

Given this, one of the reasons millions of people question the legitimacy of Election 2020 is that even given what we see on public message boards such as those of Yahoo, and given the Twitter mobs … are there really that many American voters who are stupid enough to have put the present administration in power???

“Joe Biden” (plus teleprompter plus earpiece) is clearly the worst president of our lifetimes. He is the most Orwellian, appearing recently against a red-tinted background like something out of a dystopian sci-fi movie, warning about “MAGA Republicans.” The Bidenistas make Jimmy Carter look effective by comparison. I would think Sleepy Joe’s handlers would be sufficiently embarrassed to consider replacing him, possibly before 2024 (probably the fact that this would make Kamala “Giggles” Harris president is the only thing holding them back!). In how many meetings will the man have to doze off; how many public appearances will he make where he lapses into word salad at least once?

There is hope, and it is growing as we come nearer to November 8. Much of that hope lies with Lake and other newcomers to the political scene — most of them outsiders, as was Trump. Some are facing off with other newcomers, and some are challenging entrenched and well-connected incumbents in the Party of Jacobinism and Chaos whose disastrous policies are catching up with them.

The rundown:  J.D. Vance versus Tim Ryan in Ohio, Blake Masters versus Mark Kelly also in Arizona, Joe Kent versus Marie Gluesenkamp Perez in the State of Washington, Dr. Mehmet Oz versus John Fetterman in Pennsylvania, Lee Zeldin in New York State versus the disastrous Kathy Hochul — who was never elected but appointed to replace the Party of Jacobinism and Chaos led state’s earlier disaster, Andrew Cuomo.

A new, Republican-controlled Congress might well put the kibosh to the January 6 Political Persecution Committee and the “insurrection” official narrative. It might work to restore the border controls that had developed 2017-20.

These are not “movement conservatives,” much to the chagrin of those who are. It may be said, correctly, that “movement conservatism” never conserved anything. It did nothing to stop political correctness back in the 1990s; I was there. It had done nothing to stop the abortion-mill death culture before that (although this will remain a problem for as long as materialism remains the dominant worldview in Western intellectual and media culture). “Movement conservatism” did nothing to prevent the rising “gay rights” movement, also beginning in the 1990s, that eventually morphed into ”gay marriage,” “transgender,” and the any-gender-you-like movements of 2020s wokery.

Do you want Replacement Theory? My prayer is that we are seeing the permanent replacement of “movement conservatives” with “conservative populists” who can articulate firm opposition to the globalists and their corporate media mouthpieces by speaking to what people care about, which is putting food on their tables and gas in their vehicles without breaking the bank.

Kari Lake has used the term globalism a few times. I do not know how much she, or the others I named, know about it; or how fully they grasp the magnitude of the predicament we are in, as powerful World Economic Forum types funded by billionaires continue to advance covid-19 vaccine passports and other instruments of their technocratic surveillance-and-control systems.

At least they are not furthering it, knowingly or unknowingly, unlike their opponents in the Party of Jacobinism and Chaos.

That brings me to the danger referred to in the title above.

Globalists have made it more than clear that their Great Reset (for example) is not a “conspiracy theory.” I have copies of the Schwabster’s books Covid-19: The Great Reset (2020) and The Great Narrative: For a Better Future (2021) sitting on the shelf to my right as I type this. I don’t think I am simply imagining them. The latter should be entitled, The Great Reset, Part 2.

As we near Election 2022, evidence having accumulated of the disastrous effects not just of the administration the globalists instilled in the White House on January 21, 2021 but of the educational and other disasters caused by the (unnecessary) covid lockdowns as well as the big unknown facing the world over the long-term effects of the poorly-tested mRNA “vaccines” that were shoved down our throats also beginning in 2021, the globalists have largely fallen silent (except, occasionally, to parry some of the allegations against them, as Bill Gates has occasionally done).

The only thing that sounds more dangerous to me than globalists running their yammers, one might say, is globalists who have all but fallen silent.

Who knows what these psychopaths are planning?

I’ve periodically offered speculations about what they might do, especially when they realize that the biggest power grab they’ve ever attempted (the plandemic) has not only failed but backfired spectacularly — in the sense that the “populism” globalists sought to quash has not just survived but is stronger than ever! There has been no cyber-attack. There has been no release of a contagion that would be truly lethal (e.g., smallpox). I don’t know….

It is important to realize that these people (globalists) have nothing!

Most would not know what it means to do an honest day’s work! Their wealth comes from “passive income” (i.e., investments, “money making money”).

They have no moral view of the universe. They have no vision for the world or its populations other than as cattle to be incentivized, prodded, penned in, and controlled. As their vax-based control systems are dismantled around the world, they haven’t proven to be very effective even at that!

They have no realistic policy prescriptions. They have no realistic solutions to problems they claim pose existential threats to civilization, such as climate change.

Everything they touch, or that their agents in the Party of Jacobinism and Chaos touch, goes to ruin.

They only instrument they have with any reach is corporate media, filled with little robots of the sort Kari Lake faced off with whose only skill is in using language to try and demonize (“conspiracy theorist” “election denier” “MAGA extremist” “insurrectionist,” “threat to democracy” “Putin-lover” in a few cases, etc., etc.).

As for their other instruments — globalist organizations ranging from the World Economic Forum down to the Council on Foreign Relations — virtually everyone with a functioning brain now knows what these organizations are and what they represent.

The only thing the globalists and their minions have on their side is money, and connections. They have plenty of those. And these are not nothings, not by a long shot!

In other words, underestimating them would be a potentially fatal mistake!

Globalism does not have truth or morality or God on its side. It is important to remember that, in thinking about the dangers of the conflict in Ukraine escalating, with Putin now monitoring nuclear drills.

Perhaps this is a good time to be thinking about the things that matter most: not the upcoming election, even if it turns out well, but our relationship with the Highest Power in the cosmos, and whether what we are doing is pleasing to Him.