How Congress Destroyed Health Care

February 6, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

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By: Devvy

February 6, 2023

I should say Congress destroyed the finest health care delivery system as America has been very blessed over the past hundred years or so with highly intelligent, properly educated and trained caring individuals who became doctors and nurses.  Of course, as technology advanced, so did training for technicians and specialists.

Unfortunately, by the late 1960’s too many Americans became careless about taking care of their bodies with bad eating habits and drowning themselves in booze and drugs.  Most certainly the “free-love” generation became a catalyst for sex with anyone and everyone (STD spreaders) doing tons of cocaine and psychedelic drugs like LSD.

While there were small mom and pop burger joints, in 1953, the McDonald brothers birthed the “fast food” wave.  When Ray Croc came along in ’54, the rest as they say, is history.  Certainly, truckers and travelers ate at diners out of necessity but the food was cooked fresh with a bit of wait time.  Some not fit for a pig sty, but probably many had good cooks.

I once spoke to my late mother about traveling when I was a kid.  Money was tighter than Scrooge’s purse so all of us kids (four at the time, my little sister hadn’t come into the world yet) ate peanut butter & jelly or baloney sandwiches on the road.  Maybe celery or carrot sticks for snacks.  Water, as soda was out of the question.  (Coca-Cola – two in my whole life; hate the taste of “soft” drinks.)  None of us were overweight or obese and neither were adults in my family.

America is now known as the fattest country on the planet.  Latest stats from June 2022:  70% of Americans are fat or obese.  70%.  I’m not talking about those 5 extra “vanity” pounds, we’re talking serious health issues.  Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, increased risk for cardiovascular disease.  Lots of pills from mother big pharma.  Those with Type 2 diabetes can tell you just how miserable their lives are with constant monitoring of their blood sugar and how they so much regret letting poor eating habits and ‘junk food’ over the decades ruin their health.

Being badly overweight or obese puts you at greater risk for certain cancers; rectum/colon cancers, pancreatic, esophagus, kidney and for postmenopausal women, breast cancer.  Is it any wonder clinics, doctor’s offices and hospitals are the biggest money makers in this country probably next to the oil industry?

The sad thing is parents who have fattened their children so pediatric diabetes continues to climb.  “Childhood obesity is an increasingly serious problem in the United States. Nearly 1 in 5 children have obesity. Children with obesity are more likely to develop other serious health problems, including heart disease and type 2 diabetes. They are also more likely to suffer from anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem.” National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute

As a part-time substitute teacher for three years, I saw it in little kids all the way to seniors in high school.  Girls with big “spare tires” and boys who wobbled down the hallway terribly overweight.  While no eating in the classroom, going from one classroom to another it was either one of those damn phones glued to their ears or stuffing down chips or some other ‘snack’ food or both.  Likely they didn’t get a nutritious breakfast.

It isn’t easy to lose weight, believe me.  The key is not to get overweight to begin with and not giving into temptation.  Sure, I’d love to eat pizza three times a week.  Ha!  Try two slices every month or so.  I’m a very disciplined person. I can’t always have what I want – like lasagna or a big baked potato drowning in real Irish butter!  Every time I’m tempted, I simply think:  Once on the lips, forever on the hips.  I’m not just “picking” on women as it’s just as big a problem with men who sit at a desk all day glued to a computer or other sedentary jobs (lawyers, truckers, computer specialists, office type jobs as some examples).

No, this isn’t just about not “looking good”, it’s about your health now and in the future.  Get off the couch, learn to eat healthy, improve your sex life and break free of constant visits to a doctor, pills, pills and more pills for problems like high blood and cholesterol; OTC for potty problems and the list goes on.  Lower your risk of cancers, heart disease and strokes.

Cut the bondage chains of being a constant patient.  Over time you can get off all those big pharma drugs and their atrocious side effects that factually harm or ruin your organs over time – if they don’t kill you like VIOXX which killed over 55,000 Americans before being pulled off the market.  Educate yourself on natural remedies that heal your body.  Remember:  There’s no money in the cure, only the treatment.

YOU can do it.  I know you can.  You don’t gain 100 pounds overnight and you won’t lose it overnight.  It takes time, patience and most of all a desire to be as healthy as you can be and feel good about yourself.  For women overweight, delivering your precious baby can be so much worse than the pain we go through to bring a new life into the world; overweight or obese women have a very difficult time conceiving.  How about – not dieting but changing your eating habits for life so you can see your grand children grow up?  How about try the experience of real food?

As they say, your body is your temple so why do you take a wrecking ball to it every day?

Tragically because of those COVID experimental gene therapy injections, wait time for doctors in all categories has gotten worse and we haven’t seen anything yet.  Hospitalizations, doctor appointments and testing wait times will get as bad as it is in Great Britain where people sit in an ER for 11 hours or more before they get seen and in too many cases, hours before an ambulance arrives. Many have died waiting.

Just in Texas, 13.5 MILLION Texans have taken those injections.  So many dead Americans from those injections.  So many permanently disabled and no longer able to work or in some cases barely function. Too young for Medicare so they’re going bankrupt in medical bills. Highly experienced scientists, brain surgeons and neurologists warned over two years ago those face masks cause irreversible neurological damage and we would see a dramatic increase in early dementia, ages 24-40, 5-10 ten years down the road.  However, we are already seeing an uptick in early dementia.  All of this is going to cost TRILLIONS of dollars and is not sustainable.

Forced injections for medical personnel: doctors, nurses, technicians, surgeons – what happens when they become disabled, die or develop one or more autoimmune diseases?  A disaster of monster proportions is underway.  We WILL see longer wait times for doctors, hospitals go bankrupt, longer wait times for lab tests to come back.  I’m sorry but reality is right in front of people but too many are afraid to open their eyes.  The Fear Factor is King.

So now we segue into Congress and how they destroyed health care for all Americans.  There is no constitutional “right” to health care.  That is a fact.  Health care is a service performed by doctors, nurses and other personnel.  One pays for it just like they do for any other service.

But, since our currency is worth nearly nothing (4 cents on the dollar in purchasing power) and big corporate take over of health care, affordability has been skyrocketing since the ‘70’s.  Obamacare is not only unaffordable, it is unconstitutional.


Do I want all Americans to have access to health care?  Yes.  Illegal aliens regardless of age or however long they’ve been in our country, NO.  In California illegal aliens who have no right to be on U.S. soil get “free” health care, dental, housing, food and the list goes on.  How many are on Medicaid in the bigger states?  Millions?

It is unsustainable but all part of the big plan.  Reward their criminal behavior by making them citizens so they pay taxes to Medicare & SS.  Keep our border open with Mexico so the U.S. becomes a region for one world government.  No border is the goal for a North American Union.  No more sovereign united States of America.

Is it my responsibility to pay for your health care?  NO.  I don’t ask you to pay mine but you do.  I had full medical coverage through TriCare (military).  I paid my yearly premium but when I turned 65, the system automatically enrolled me in Medicare with Tri-Care as secondary; when my husband passed away, I was automatically enrolled in Tri-Care for Life as secondary.  If I refused either, I would forfeit my social security which is already double taxed.  Congress refuses to pass the bill (for many years) to stop double taxing senior’s social security benefits.  Due to this automatic transfer, I now pay $1,789 more per year for Medicare instead of staying in TriCare.

In May 2021, Medicare and Social Security were $96 TRILLION dollars in the hole.  Today, Medicare alone is $79 TRILLION dollars in unfunded liabilities.  Those “free” prescription drugs promised by Bush, Jr., as of today is just short of $20 TRILLION dollars in unfunded liabilities.

Medicaid at the state level is also unsustainable.  I’ve covered that before.  Federal “assistance” to match what states dole out but our federal purse is overdrawn nearly $32 TRILLION and empty.  You can’t keep printing “money” to buy your way out of this nightmare.

Will the Government Stop Income and Medical Care for Half the Population?, Feb. 3, 2023 – “Medicaid enrollment was increased during the so-called Pandemic, but will now be reduced by 5 to 14 million dollars due to reduction in funding. Some of these recipients may not be deserving, but they are certainly more deserving than the invaders or foreign aid, etc. (which are unconstitutional!).”

About 15% of doctors no longer take Medicare patients.  Patients pay out of their own pocket; Medicare free practices are very successful.  BUT, as America gets sicker and prescription costs continue to go up as well as hospitalizations, the majority of Americans simply do not have $15,000 or more for one night in a hospital.  Oh, yeah.  Even a short hospital stay can bankrupt you.

While doing research I read this article shortly after it was published nearly two decades ago.  You NEED to read it, too, because this is when it all started thanks to Richard Nixon and Congress at the time.  And thank your incumbent for letting such a disastrous system continue.

Blame Congress for HMOs

Published in Ideas on Liberty by the Foundation for Economic Education February 2001, Twila Brase, R.N., a public health nurse, is president of the Citizens’ Council on Health Care in St. Paul, Minnesota.  READ IT.

Former Congressman Ron Paul tried long and hard to get the government out of health care and promote competition which lowers cost.  A free and open market is the solution for all of us.

“It’s time to rethink the whole system of HMOs and managed care. This entire unnecessary level of corporatism rakes off profits and worsens the quality of care. But HMOs did not arise in the free market; they are creatures of government interference in health care dating to the 1970s. These non-market institutions have gained control over medical care through collusion between organized medicine, politicians, and drug companies, in an effort to move America toward free universal health care.”  Dr. Ron Paul, Diagnosing our Health Care Woes, September 25, 2006

Dr. Ron Paul’s Cure for ObamaCare, May 30, 2010

“The major problems with American health care are rooted in government policies that encourage excessive reliance on third-party payers. The excessive reliance on third-party payers removes incentives for individual patients to concern themselves with health care costs. Laws and policies promoting Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) resulted from a desperate attempt to control spiraling costs.

“However, instead of promoting an efficient health care system, HMOs further took control over health care away from patients and physicians. Furthermore, the third-party payer system creates a two-tier health care system where people whose employers can afford to offer “Cadillac” plans have access to top quality health care, while people unable to obtain health insurance from their employers face obstacles in obtaining quality health care.”

He introduced two bills,  H.R. 4995 which had 25 cosponsors (all Republicans) and  H.R. 5444, ZERO co-sponsors.  Not even brought up for a vote.  You can bet lobbyists for HMO’s were making sure campaign coffers got lots of bribes, er, donations.  Of course, members of Congress make damn sure they have the best medical coverage YOUR money can buy.

READ:  Want To Cut Medical Costs?, former Congressman Ron Paul, M.D. Aug. 23, 2006.  And here we are today with yet another catastrophe percolating.

This is a current list of bills in the big whorehouse right now (House side) that deal with health care and this rank stupidity by a brainless buffoon, professional politician, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee [D] who has no idea what the U.S. Constitution says:  H.R. 46: Mental Health Access and Gun Violence Prevention Act of 2023

While the Democrat/Communist Party USA members of Congress spend all their time screaming on the House and Senate floor about racism and other BS, Americans are going to suffer greatly because of this mess created by Congress that should never have happened. Real solutions are being ignored for politics and votes.