Your Anguish May Be My Anguish: Climate Change, Open Borders, Unlimited Criminals

February 6, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

source:  newswithviews

By Frosty Wooldridge

February 6, 2023

You may be wondering what kind and how many incompetent elected officials continue running our country over a cliff.  Whether it’s the president or his handlers, who must be as senile as he is, or it’s the woke crowd—or it’s simply all too much to grasp.  Whatever is going on in America, you can’t quite intellectually grapple with the insanity of it all.

For example, I listen to NPR on Saturday mornings with Scott Simon.  His grandfatherly voice and demeanor sooth most of his listeners with his interviews of ecology experts, social do-gooders, authors and sports stars.

At the same time, he confounds listeners with some really out-of-touch with reality people he interviews. This past Saturday, he interviewed an expert who wants to stop all gas stoves to cut down on climate change. Never mind an electric stove uses more coal- fired electricity!  He spoke about the need to engage all-electric cars to save all of us from our carbon footprint via gas-powered transport.  The expert gave facts, figures and statistics to prove his points.  “We can bring our country to carbon-neutral….”

But what he didn’t say left the audience in total darkness as to the reality that we will never reach any kind of carbon-neutral because by 2030,  we will have added 35 million more people to the USA. By 2040, we’ll have added another 35 million people, and by 2050, another 35 million people.  All of them will be burning some kind of energy to cook, to stay warm, to be transported.  At the same time, another 2.0 billion people will be doing the same thing around the planet.

I’ve sent Scott Simon and the entire NPR staff over 10 top national experts on water, energy, resources, food production, and more.  All of them would tell you that our civilization cannot sustain those numbers. He won’t interview any of them.  Why? You tell me!

What’s the driver of all our problems?  Exponential human population growth!  You cannot escape the FACT that we cannot sustain another 100 million people added to our civilization. But Scott Simon, Terry Gross, Steve Inskeep, Lax Mai Sing and the rest of them at NPR won’t touch that sacred subject of immigration-driven human overpopulation.  On purpose! They won’t educate you as to what’s coming with another 100 million people added to America…virtually all of them by immigration and birth rates!

Why do you think “the most trusted NPR programming” wants to keep you blind, deaf and dumb as to our future?  What’s their purpose…when you realize their kids or grandkids will be around when the sh*t hits the fan in this country?

Did you notice that a half-dozen planes narrowly missed each other during take-off and landings in the past two weeks?  NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and FOX reported on the near- misses.  Two planes actually broke off each other’s wings while crammed into their parking slots.

Can you imagine the air traffic with another 100 million people added to America, net gain, within 27 years?  (We are projected to jump from 340 million to 440 million.)

And yet, NPR won’t speak a word about what’s going on at the border!  As documented by the U.S. Border Patrol in the last 24 months, Biden invited no less than 6.6 illegal migrants, another 2.0 million legal migrants, and another 2.0 of their birth rates.  We’re talking numbers SO enormous that you just can’t get your arms around them.  And yet, the pretending-president of the United States refuses to stop the invasion of our country.  He’s in violation of U.S. Federal Law that warrants impeachment. But there’s no one with the courage in Washington DC to impeach him.  It’s beyond insane!

Then you see criminals from New York City to Los Angeles running wild with car jackings, murders, shoplifting, arson, rapes, drug trafficking…but mayors and governors assist them in getting back out on the streets of Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, Denver, San Francisco, Miami and more. What is going on when a District Attorney releases more criminals than he or she puts in jail?  What’s going on when Chicago Mayor Lori Lamebrain (Lightfoot) must be the dumbest, most incompetent elected official in this country besides AOC, Maxine Waters, and Ilhan Omar—but she’s still in office?  Does any of this make sense?

Why am I in despair and emotional anguish?  Why wouldn’t I be?  Why wouldn’t you be?  Why aren’t we electing officials to carry out our laws? Why aren’t we electing school board leaders that want to educate our kids instead of indoctrinating them with Critical Race Theory, woke transgenderism, men pretending to be women, and/or blaming the rest of us for all their problems?  What a load of crap: white superiority, white privilege, white supremacy, et al.  In the end, every American, no matter what his or her color, must work and earn merit their advancements in life.  Affirmative action is another world for “political correctness stupidity and laziness.”

Top educational leaders are lowering the standards on tests for doctors…to create equity, diversity and inclusion.  Do you want an “equity” graduate of medical school who can’t spell his or her own name to operate on you as to a heart transplant?  Good luck with that!  How stupid are we becoming to accept this form of political correctness?

At some point, I’ve got to believe that there are more of us with common sense, rational thinking, historical perspective, academic standards, reasonable actions and pride in our country and communities.  There MUST be countless millions of us who believe in the goodness of America, our citizens and our U.S. Constitution.

In the meantime, I’m in overload with emotional anguish and mental despair as to what’s happening to our once-beautiful country.  What about you?