How the US Media Controls the Narrative on the Israel-Palestine Issue

December 26, 2018 in News by RBN Staff


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The firing of political commentator, Marc Lamont Hill, by CNN is an excellent example of how the MSM (Main Stream Media) controls the narrative on the Israel/Palestine issue. Show too much empathy for the plight of the Palestinians, and you’ll become a persona non grata or worse. In this 16 minute podcast, Chuck Carlson and members of We Hold These Truths discuss how CNN commentators like Chris Cuomo are allowed to continue on at CNN while appearing to be objective about the Israel/Palestine issue. Gideon Levy of the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, explains this phenomena well in his article, “In U.S. media, Israel is untouchable.” Allso referenced in this podcast is our documentary, “Christian Zionism: The Tragedy & The Turning, Part 1.”