Prof. Marc Hill Explains Why CNN Fired Him for Speaking Up for Palestinian Rights

December 26, 2018 in News by RBN Staff


Source: WHTT

Speaking up for the rights of Palestinians could cost your job. Professor Marc Lamont Hill was a political commentator on CNN, who was fired by CNN after he made a presentation at the United Nations on the plight of Palestine that exceeded the MSM’s (main stream media) allowable limits of discourse on the Israel/Palestine issue (to watch his courageous, UN presentation, click here). Prof. Hill explains what happened in this excellent, 14 min interview on Democracy Now in their 12/18/2018 broadcast. Also, Professor Hill challenges those progressives who champion every kind of cause with the exception of the Palestinian cause like it is some sort of plague. Gideon Levy of the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, explains this phenomena in his article, “In U.S. media, Israel is untouchable.