HUNDREDS OF CHILDEN ERUPT in “Lets Go Brandon!” Chants on Floor of National Wrestling Tournament in Missouri (VIDEO)

April 11, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

source:  gatewaypundit


Screen grab via Aaron McMullen Twitter Account

A Missouri Republican State Representative posted a video on Twitter last week showing kids erupting in “Let’s go Brandon” chants at a national wrestling tournament.

Rep. Aaron McMullen, who shot the video, said the event was filmed at Cable Dahmer Arena in Independence, which was hosting Adidas Wrestling Nationals, a K-12 tournament. The wrestling tournament was held from April 6 to April 8 according to the Kansas City Star.

In the video below, the kids can be seen hitting a wrestling mat in between chants of ‘Let’s go Brandon.”

What’s happening in Independence, MO? Don’t ever let them tell you we are losing the youth.

Let’s Go Brandon!


It’s unclear whether the kids chanted the phrase spontaneously or a coach was leading them.

Liberals, unsurprisingly, had harsh words in response to the chants. Jessica Piper, executive director of Blue Missouri, told the Kansas City Star called the chant “the height of indoctrination.”

She also slammed conservatives for protecting children from being brainwashed by radical-left teachers, claiming they were making up stories.

There are so many people willing to throw teachers under the bus and defund schools and making up stories about teachers indoctrinating children or the left indoctrinating children.

Leading kids on a chant of ‘let’s go Brandon’ is the height of indoctrination and they do it out there and they’re willing to film it and to put it online.