Here’s Why the Restrict Act Will Fail & the Deep State Will Soon Collapse — Todd Callender

April 11, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

source:  lewrockwell

By Alexandra Bruce
Forbidden Knowledge TV

April 11, 2023

Todd Callender joins Seth Holehouse to discuss the RESTRICT Act, which many are describing as the Patriot Act 2.0, the first of which was swiftly passed during the chaos following 9/11. Todd feels that the RESTRICT Act will likely serve to legalize and to codify many of the horrible, Unconstitutional, illegal things that have already been done to us and that are still being done, in terms of censorship and de-platforming, to say nothing of spying, selling our information, etc.

Sadly, Todd notes that Congress appears to be unified about passing the RESTRICT Act and he suspects they’ve already been bribed to do so.

From my personal experience of contacting my own local Republican representative, I can confirm that he resisted criticism of the Act and he argued for its importance to “National Security”.

We all have to stand up, the world needs to stand up. Members of Congress must be educated and made to understand that this law would affect them, as well. How many of them are foreign-owned? How many of them use foreign technology? The answer, Todd says is all of them. He jokes that if he were a Special Agent at the Department of Commerce – the agency that would have jurisdiction over this law – and Congress is where he’d be looking for a criminal prosecution.

Todd says that similarly to the Patriot Act, which was passed shortly after 9/11, much of the legislation for the RESTRICT Act has likely already been drafted by think tanks – and all the legislators have been bribed and they’ve been waiting for the right moment to deploy it on an unsuspecting populace.

Furthermore, Todd says, when you look at the language of the RESTRICT Act, it’s worded so broadly, that it’s very open to interpretation – and therefore, very open to abuse. For example, he asks, “How does one define ‘Information Communications Technology’? Does that include the words, themselves? Or is that just the platform? And because there isn’t much of a definition, you have to assume it’s going to be the broadest possible application. Some people involved with this legislation are saying they’re concerned about the exemptions, under Section 230 of platforms and this is their idea on how it is that they can censor Free Speech.

“Based on what I see, that means criminally, as well as civilly – given that our last President is being persecuted in court right now – we don’t have to wonder what their malintent is. They demonstrate it! So, the propensity for abuse is what’s concerning.

“Having said that, it strikes me as very odd, given our government’s move towards Globalism over the last couple of decades, that you now see this renewed interest, in vigor, in ‘protecting National Security’ – at least, that’s the pretext.

“Where it seems as though, if you had an American-made platform, American opinions on that platform, that it would be exempt from the reach of this Act, because it specifically states “foreign-made” and “foreign-owned” and it actually states in here, ‘including the securities’. So if you had foreign-issued securities, something on the Hong Kong Exchange but it was US technology, it would still be captured.”

Much, if not most of the communications hardware and the software that we use daily were produced outside of the US, so we could all technically be sitting ducks, waiting to be persecuted by the Kangaroo State, as Todd says, “This is a way to control all of the information, itself, as much as the means of communicating.”

He says, the RESTRICT Act is being presented as being about TikTok but it’s really about controlling the narrative and Todd believes that the Act is specifically designed to take out the Alternative Media and he believes it will be passed as soon as possible or within six months, because they’re losing the narrative and they have to get this through. They have to shut up people like himself, Seth and myself and all those who are showing people the truth and what is actually happening. 

As Todd says, it’s in the name – they want to restrict you and me and everybody from being able to, as he says, “raise an army – and in this case, I think the army is the whole of mankind.” 

Seth asks Todd to give his estimate of how things will play out, assuming that the RESTRICT Act is passed. Say, if he did a podcast with Dr Peter McCullough and they shared many facts that are counter to the mendacious official narrative, how would the State respond, if he were deemed a target?

“Oh, they’ll shoot first and ask questions later – undoubtedly” Todd responds. “When a law is so broad and not narrowly-defined, the scope is enormous. All they need is a pretext. So, it’ll have to be, according to the way this is written, some foreign influence, whether that’s the technology, itself or did you have somebody invest in your company from outside the United States? It’s really an interesting paradigm, because we are all so interconnected in this world, now.

“And in terms of censorship and shutting you down, it’s already happening! I know for a fact, personally, I’ve been shadowbanned on Rumble. They’re hitting all of them. It’s not just YouTube, anymore. I understand the same goes for Bitchute. They are so worried…that the truth is actually getting out, that it’s by hook or by crook, they will shut us up.”

Seth asks Todd if we can expect to see guys in black suits showing up at our doors? Todd replies, “Yes. This is the jurisdiction of the US Department of Commerce, so that doesn’t sound all that scary to begin with, but I will have you know – because I actually worked for the Department of Commerce in law school – they have law enforcement powers. And what’s fascinating about the Commerce Department and their law enforcement is that they have extra-territorial application of the US Law, through something called IEEPA, the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, which is in effect right now. 

“So effectively, the US Department of Commerce, if they had a criminal case, they could pursue it and they could actually do a civil asset forfeiture proceeding extraterritorially. They could go and take the assets of a foreign company for violating US Law in practical matters. So they won’t waste any time on it. They’re a law enforcement agency, just like the FBI is and they’ll do it. Undoubtedly.”

Todd says everybody on the planet needs to stand up to our governments and say, “‘No more! You no longer have my consent to be governed!’ And when we demonstrate that to them, then they have to pay attention. And I see the State National movement is now more than 25 million people who have turned in their ticket and said, ‘I am not going to pay tax anymore. I am no longer a piece of collateral for the Federal Reserve.’ And when there’s 50 million people doing that, our government’s going to take notice.”

Todd says the State National Movement‘s growing by a million new members per month, because that’s how rightfully fed-up Americans are right now.

He says the course to pursue, with regard to the RESTRICT Act is first, to educate members of the Department of Commerce about the danger of this law and then, directly confront the legislators, who were likely paid to say “Yes” to the Bill.