February 8, 2023 in News by RBN Staff






I thought my opinion of the Biden family, and Hunter Biden in particular, couldn’t possibly go lower. But I was wrong.

From a New York Post link, I learned about Marco Polo, a group that I don’t necessarily endorse–I don’t know enough about them–but that has devoted a lot of time to studying the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop. Its Biden material is here, and the link to Hunter’s laptop that I followed from the Post’s account is here. Naturally, I started with the “Sex-Related Crimes” link.

I don’t think I am easily shocked, but what I found there was astonishing. Hunter Biden’s daily preoccupations are (or were, until recently) crack cocaine and prostitutes. His most frequent communications were with crack dealers and pimps, lining up and paying for prostitutes. It goes on and on, day after day. Is there a drug dealer or a pimp on the East Coast, or in California, who is not on close personal terms with Hunter Biden?

The amount of money Hunter ran through was extraordinary. Where did he get it? Not through any legal and gainful employment, certainly. It is reasonable to assume that Hunter’s share of the Biden crime family’s loot went for crack and prostitutes. Follow the link for details: it went on day after day. Frankly, it is surprising that Hunter is still alive.

In the course of his excesses, Hunter apparently violated laws relating to the surreptitious filming and later dissemination of sexual acts. He did this with prostitutes, but also with others, like the nude photos of his sister in law, Hallie, his brother’s widow. I can’t begin to convey the extent of Hunter’s depravity, as documented by him in photos, videos, texts and emails. If you are interested, follow the link. The sheer volume is overwhelming. Pretty much everything Hunter did was both appalling and illegal. He had a presence on porn sites, like Pornhub:

Images and more of the story available at Source:

53,000 views! Congratulations, Hunter.

It wasn’t just prostitutes, either. Hunter ostensibly had a “law firm.” The extent to which this “law firm” transacted actual business is reflected in his exchanges with a female employee to whom he paid many thousands of dollars. Her services were not primarily of a legal nature.