ICAN Wins Nobel Peace Prize, Warns of Growing Threat

December 15, 2017 in News by RBN Staff


Source: WHTT

BBC News reports: One or Two Irresponsible Leaders Make Nuclear War Only ‘One Tiny Tantrum Away’

Accepting the Nobel Peace Prize on Sunday, ICAN’s executive director Beatrice Fihn said, “the deaths of millions may be one tiny tantrum away”.

“We have a choice, the end of nuclear weapons or the end of us,” she added.

Tensions over North Korea’s weapons programme have risen in recent months.

The open hostility between US President Donald Trump and the North Korean leadership under Kim Jong-un has at times descended into personal attacks this year.

‘Irresponsible leaders’

Speaking at the ceremony in Oslo, Ms Fihn said “a moment of panic” could lead to the “destruction of cities and the deaths of millions of civilians” from nuclear weapons.

The risk of such weapons being used, she added, was “greater today than during the Cold War”.

ICAN, a coalition of hundreds of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), has worked for a treaty to ban the weapons weapons for decades.

Prior to presenting the prize on Sunday, Nobel committee chair Berit Reiss-Andersen offered a similar warning, saying that “irresponsible leaders can come to power in any nuclear state”

Editor CEC adds: impossible, you might say?  Think again.  The most moving testimony came from Hiroshima nuclear bombing survivor Setsuko Thurlow, one of a few who survived when her school was demolished by the act of another US President, Harry Truman, who was considered sane and not prone to violence.  Donald Trump, Americas’ most infamous ‘Tantrum man’, has also hinted at nuking North Korea, and has disavowed the nuclear treaty between Iran and our country.  Most frightening, the US, under Trump, has withdrawn or boycotted several anti-nuclear movements. And some 60% of a giant US religious faction, known variously as, the Christian Right, Christians Zionists, or dispensationalists, have recently stated the imminent death of two million humans should not preclude the need for nuclear war.  Speak up Millennials, Bitcoins will not prevent incineration.  It’s your world to save or lose!