“I’ll Straight Up Get Armed”: Second Bernie Organizer Loves Gulags And Is “Ready For The F**king Revolution”

January 21, 2020 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Zero Hedge by Tyler Durden 

second Bernie Sanders field organizer has been caught on undercover camera extolling the virtues of gulags – only this one can barely contain himself over arming himself for the “fucking revolution.”

“I’m ready to tear bricks up and start fighting,” says Martin Weissgerber – who deleted his Twitter account Tuesday morning after Project Veritas released their latest hit. “I’ll straight up get armed … I’m ready for the fucking revolution, bro.

Weissgerber also dreams of ‘dissolving the  Senate, House of Representatives and Judicial Branch’ so that ‘somebody like Bernie Sanders and a cabinet of people can make all the decisions for the climate.’

What will help is when we send all the Republicans to the ‘re-education’ camps,” he said, adding “Can you imagine Mitch McConnell [impersonates Mitch looking around a gulag], Lindsey Graham? [mocks with gay wrist]”

The Bernie organizer then tries to sell the undercover journalist on the virtues of gulags, which he says were “founded as re-education camps” – citing the 1933 Soviet Belomorkanal project linking the White Sea to the Baltic – which used gulag prisoners to build, and which Weissgerber claims “people came from America to work on.”

Veritas notes that 25,000 people died building it.



Full video here:

According to journalist Andy Ngo, Weissgerber is an aspiring Soundcloud rapper who hates police officers, Israel, women and of course – Trump supporters.

Andy Ngo


Martin Weissgerber, a Bernie Sanders field organizer, calls for a violent communist revolution while also appearing to live a lavish lifestyle around the world. https://www.thepostmillennial.com/bernie-sanders-staffer-calls-for-violence-while-living-lavish-lifestyle/ 

Bernie Sanders staffer calls for extreme violence while living lavish lifestyle – The Post Millen…

Martin Weissgerber, a second Bernie Sanders field organizer has been recorded calling for extremist left-wing violence and a communist revolution.


Andy Ngo


Weissgerber, the communist Sanders campaign staffer who calls for left-wing violence, is placing his social media on lockdown and has already deleted his Twitter account, which I was able to see. On it, he praises Marxism, expresses hatred of Israel, law enforcement, & more.

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