IMF Global Murderers of the World

May 5, 2014 in News by The Manimal

Source: Rense

The International Monetary Fund

Specializing in separating the countries of the world from all their money

The IMF, the World Bank and the Bank of International Settlements got their start at the end of World War II. They are some of the official financial arms of the New World Order that specialize in stripping countries of their wealth and resources, in exchange for crippling debts that can never be paid off. Scroll thru this article for the information.

Most Indebted nations

Until now neither the IMF nor the World Bank have ever

Actually been challenged. Here’s some of what just happened:

“FOR THE FIRST TIME in the history of the IMF, it has threatened withdrawal of funds due to reticence to employ full military action.

The Jew-run IMF—International Jewry’s mechanism for national enslavement—warnedUkraine’s coup-imposed regime that it will lose the $17 billion dollar bailout if Kiev loses control of the east.

In a staff report, the IMF stated that a change to eastern Ukraine’s borders could force it to adjust its bailout.

The IMF said that due to Russia’s cut-off of Ukraine exports from the industrial east (ironically, due to Kiev’s submission to IMF’s terms of the bail-out), its reduced revenue would require a “recalibration” of the loan offer.

With the heat on Kiev’s self-proclaimed president Turchynov—all dressed up in guerrilla commando garb—an assault on key cities of eastern Ukraine is being waged.

Employing ‘Right Sector’ militias along with its own army attacking civilians, Kiev has violated the Geneva Agreement which requires “all sides refrain from using violence” and has committed a war crime by using its military on civilians.

Does Putin want to annex eastern Ukraine? No.

He wants a unified Ukraine tied to Russia, both economically and culturally.

Do the people of eastern Ukraine want to unite with Russia? No.

They want autonomy under a new constitution ensuring a federal union with Kiev.

Does Putin want war with International Jewry’s globalized army known as NATO? No.

But if Putin is pressed due to violence against Russians in eastern Ukraine, he’s on record that he will use military force if a diplomatic solution isn’t carried out.

But diplomacy is not what Jewmerica wants.

With Kerry blaming Russia for the violence Kiev is inflicting, and Ashton stating that “Kiev’s legitimate use of violence needs to be respected,” diplomacy is not in the cards.

Putin won’t be backed into a corner. He received Crimea without firing a shot. In warfare it’s called waiting for the enemy to flub up.

A surgical operation—disrupting Kiev’s military communications is one possible action—or simply anticipating the unraveling of eastern Ukraine, Putin remains in control.”

Putin’s Next Move:

For 69 years things have always gone the way that’s been dictated by the IMF, the World Bank and the Bank of International Settlements; until now. That’s because now the global-playing-field is suddenly running out of goods, resources or even basic services to steal: Or at least anything that had always been easy-pickings from the end of the Second Word War until this impending collapse.

There was a book written on this in 2004, about how all this worked. Confessions of an Economic Hit Man ­ Part 1 Video

The reason it has taken the Old World Order so long to capture the planet, was that first they had to remove all the places that anyone could flee to; in order to get away from the Rothschilds banks and from their globalization of the entire planet. The perfect time to begin to do these treacherous takedowns of nations both small and large was to begin while the world was still in the afterglow that followed on the heels of the end of the Second World War.

Now that we can see the patterns of their dreams of Empire, so clearly, what the world must do now is to force the removal of all US troops from every nation that we’ve been occupying since 1945!

Germany, Japan, Italy, Africa, not to mention that later additions throughout the Middle-East as well as Southeast Asia and the Pacific Rim nations. And of course there was never any need for US troops throughout the entire Southern Hemisphere which is Central and South America where we created and then trained Death Squads that have now been sent throughout the defenseless world, wherever the Stazi-Police State troops and now the Private Military Corporations have chosen to plant their occupying forces. Of course this was all done in support of the IMF and the World Bank along with the Bank of International Settlements which is the financial-core of the enemy of all peoples, the Vatican.

It is perhaps ironic that the final straw that has shattered the backbone of this massively criminal and global organization could have been caused by one of the Bankers themselves, who thought he could just steal Ukraine and no one would even notice.

But Ukraine has been a nation since long before the USA was even a country and the relationships between people in Russia and Ukraine go back far longer than our own history. Besides the Russia of today is no longer the Russia that existed during the old USSR.

Today’s Russian Bear is more than just equal to Amerika and if pushed we may yet feel the giant paws of that bear if and when it moves to protect one of her own ­ time alone will tell.

I’d love to see the Russian Bear rip the Octopus off the Congress and the Tarnished House before I leave this world.

In the meantime, why not catch up on what the duties were, for the economic Hit Men that we hired to kill the world, one nation at a time.

This could well alter how you see this place that has changed so very much in just the last twenty years; in preparation for the end of the United States and the total takeover by the supposed new world order, that’s quite possibly on its way to its own ignoble desecration which will end these nightmares’ for all time.

The cracks in the false-flag events surrounding the coming economic collapse have begun and nothing can ever put any of those fake organizations’ back together again—you can feel it seeping through the rotting concrete while the rats will soon begin their private-runs in total desperation. But it’s too late. Nothing can save them now, and certainly not after everything is said and done!