In my opinion … the Assassination of American Patriot LaVoy Finicum

February 2, 2016 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


Okay, so maybe moving in and taking over the Malheur Wildlife refuge in Oregon wasn’t the wisest, best approach for patriotic justice seekers to use to show support for their imprisoned brothers, nor in any other attempts to appeal to those far-more-permanent GOVERNMENT OCCUPIERS for “redress of grievances,” a right secured and supposedly guaranteed to us all within the freedom documents founding our nation. Again, given everything that (governmentally) we the American people are presently up against, the sit-in probably wasn’t the smartest tactic. Personally, I have to wonder if the group might even have had some outside “help” nudging them in that futile direction. It wouldn’t be the first time.

At any rate, though – and much more importantly – I ask that we compare these folks’ audacious “crime,” carried out non-violently, even respectfully, to what was soon to come against them from a conspiring cadre of paid “public servants” from the FBI and from many Oregon state, county and local officials.

Is there any possible, fair comparison between the courageous (even if misguided) actions of this unorganized citizen group and the murderous, conniving thuggery that took place at the massive highway stake-out, the totally unprovoked and unnecessary execution of an entrapped citizen there in the snow – – that along with the absolute horrific barrage of weaponry that rained down upon the equally non-combative passengers still inside the now deceased man’s truck?! (And rogue government agencies like this preach to us about evil terrorism??!!) May Heaven deliver us all, as I believe It certainly did the survivors of this latest, demonic assault.

Just when will be the right and efficacious time for the people of this Land to begin to rein in and hold accountable these types of out-of-control “authorities” obviously drunk with power and bent on destroying our lives and livelihood?

Carol Asher