In-N-Out Worker Physically Boots Disruptive Environmentalists, Then Police Arrive

October 23, 2019 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Western Journal | By Randy DeSoto


Employees at an In-N-Out Burger in southern California were not having it when environmental protesters recently invaded their restaurant and began disrupting business.

Video of the incident — which took place in Long Beach, California — shows a male In-N-Out employee physically lifting up an Extinction Rebellion activist and removing him from the dining area.

A female worker opened the door for her colleague to help him usher the climate change protester out, while customers inside cheered.

Ian Miles Cheong, managing editor of Human Events, shared video of the encounter on Friday.

Climate change activists raid a burger joint and harass the workers. Neither the employees nor police are having it,” he wrote.

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“People are fed up with Extinction Rebellion,” Cheong added.

WARNING: This video contains language some readers may find offensive.


Once the In-N-Out worker placed the protester down on the ground outside the restaurant, the man began yelling into his bullhorn at him, “Get your hands off me!”

The protester claimed that his free speech rights were being violated.

The employee did not flinch, but informed the activist he was being filmed and needed to leave.

Later in the video, a female protester was also removed from the establishment.


When the police arrive, the protesters loudly charged that she was the one being assaulted by the employees.

The police were not buying it.

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Officers proceeded to handcuff the woman and remove her from the property, while a male protester yelled at police through his bullhorn, “What the f— are you doing?”

The In-N-Out employees stand on firm legal ground in not allowing protesters to scream inside of their restaurant.
The American Bar Association notes the right to free speech is not absolute, but limited to proper time, place and manner.

Inside of a private restaurant is not a traditional public forum, meaning the right to protest can be curtailed.

The Daily Wire reported that the removal of the Extinction Rebellion protesters at In-N-Out capped off a rough week for the group.

A few days before in London, commuters whose trips were delayed physically dragged two protesters down from standing on top of a train and roughed them up a bit.


WARNING: This video contains language some readers may find offensive.


In-N-Out Burger was founded by a Christian couple in Baldwin Park, California, in 1948.

The chain prints Bible verses on its drinking cups, wrappers, and fry boats.

Some of the verses include John 3:16Revelations 3:20, and Proverbs 3:5-6.


Ever noticed a verse or two from the Bible on the bottom of your soda cup? 

Why does In-N-Out print Bible verses on its cups and wrappers?

Have you ever noticed a tiny Bible verse on the bottom of your soda cup?

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In a recent customer satisfaction survey, In-N-Out retained its title as the top burger chain the the country.