Including Roe v. Wade There Are Other Big Cases with Supreme Court – All Expected to be Released in Coming Days

June 23, 2022 in News by RBN Staff


source:  gatewaypundit

By Joe Hoft
Published June 23, 2022 at 9:20am

President Trump’s biggest accomplishment was beating Hillary because he couldn’t have done all he did for the economy and freedom without beating her.  His second-biggest accomplishment might prove to be these next couple of weeks, his picks for the US Supreme Court.

Much has been said about the upcoming rulings from the Supreme Court since the results of the Roe v. Wade case were leaked.  President Trump opined on this leak yesterday.

President Trump is right.  Riots are in the works now since the results of the Roe v. Wade ruling was leaked.  Who knows if it has an impact on the ruling?

In addition to the Roe v. Wade case, there are other cases that will showcase the judges President Trump nominated to the court.  All of these cases are expected to be ruled on and released within the next couple of weeks.

The case on religious liberty was released last week that prevents governments from discriminating against schools based on religion.

There’s a climate change ruling coming out:

In a case (West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency) that could affect the Biden administration’s plan to curb carbon emissions, the court’s conservative majority appears likely to side with Republican-controlled states and coal companies.

Such a ruling could eliminate some of the key methods that the Biden administration can use to accelerate the power sector’s transition to cleaner sources of energy, potentially hamstringing its ability to meet the president’s goal of halving greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

There’s a gun-control ruling coming out.

New York requires its residents to obtain a license for lawful possession of a firearm, regardless of whether they plan to keep it at home or take it outside. To obtain a license, a licensing officer must determine whether the applicant is of good moral character, lacks a history of crime or mental illness, and that “no good cause exists for the denial of the license.”

Applicants must also have “proper cause” to lawfully conceal carry a handgun—openly carrying a handgun is entirely banned. New York law leaves “proper cause” undefined, but courts have clarified that this standard means one must “demonstrate a special need for self-protection distinguishable from that of the general community or of persons engaged in the same profession.”

Merely having the “generalized desire” to conceal carry, according to the courts, “does not constitute ‘proper cause.’”

There’s a case regarding immigration between Biden and Texas.

Whether 8 U.S.C. § 1225 requires the Department of Homeland Security to continue implementing the Migrant Protection Protocols, a former policy under which certain noncitizens arriving at the southwest border were returned to Mexico during their immigration proceedings; and (2) whether the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit erred by concluding that the secretary of homeland security’s new decision terminating MPP had no legal effect.

There’s a redistricting case out of Alabama.

Alabama asked the Supreme Court on Friday [January 2022] to freeze a lower court decision ordering the state to redraw its congressional map, marking the first 2022 election dispute to reach the high court.

Another religious freedom case involves whether a coach had the right at the end of football games while kneeling on the fifty-yard line, surrounded by players and occasionally community members.  The Ninth District sided with the school district.

Asian students are suing Harvard concerning discrimination against Asian Americans and the affirmative action program in Harvard University’s student admissions process.