Is Christianity A Religion of Peace or War?

October 3, 2019 in News by RBN Staff


Source: WHTT


With all the support from American evangelical Christians for America’s serial wars, a stranger unaware of the teachings of Jesus might conclude that Christianity is primarily a religion of war and not of peace. Craig Hanson of We Hold These Truths, using a biblical approach, weighs the evidence on whether Christianity is a religion of peace or of war in this thought-provoking, 29-minute podcast. Craig looks more in-depth into a significant sermon series about how Christians, as followers of Jesus, should relate to the civil power over them. As a result of Dr. Boyd’s sermon series, “The Cross & The Sword” (for an overview see the CNN segment from 2007: “God’s Warriors: Dr. Greg Boyd“), 1000 of Boyd’s 5000 congregants at Woodland Hills Church left. It appears that millions of evangelical Christians have welded the cross to the sword. The war nature of evangelical Christians is evidenced in the Land letter (see: “Christian Zionist Leaders: Hardly Peacemakers” and our podcast “The Three Ugly Faces of World Conflict“).