Is Mayor Pete a Christian?  Should Pete bethejudge?

September 10, 2019 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff

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But be prepared to be measured by the same yardstick … 

By Je Suis Spike for RBN

An ASSociated Press report reproduced at shares the admonishing of the GOP by Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, included the AP’s preferred pronunciation of the name Buttigieg in its report, to wit, (BOO’-tuh-juhj).  Before I continue on the candidate’s assertion about the GOP, I’d like to clarify that the reason the AP included their preferred pronunciation is because they don’t like this one, (Booty-Judge).

That being cleared up, the man the press likes to call “Mayor Pete” instead of Pete Pronounceasyouplease, because it’s almost as big of a deal being Mayor of South Bend, Illinois, um, uh, Iowa, or, uh, Indiana, OhIDon’tKnow, as being Mayor McCheese* or Mayor of Chicago, claimed that Republicans are ““known for beating people on the head,” with their faith while following a policy agenda aimed at reducing assistance for the poor and other policies he said were at odds with that message.”

Ah ha ha ha ha…funny Peter.

First of all, I think that the Republican Party is akin to 49 sharp sticks in the eye, so I don’t really like it.  Of course it’s better than the Democrat Party, which is like 51 sharp sticks in the eye.  Quantitatively, then, the Republican Party is a smidgen better than the Democratic Party- by 2 sharp sticks- but, qualitatively, they’re both like lots of sharp sticks in the eye.

So, this is no defense of the StupidCowardlyRepulican party, but a critique of Mayor Peter and his assertion.  Mr. Buttigieg claimed in his interview, (9 minutes long), that the Republican party, speaking of the faithful among them, “vote, literally, to take food away from the hungry.”  First of all, this is why you cannot argue with a liberal, they are of their father, the devil; they lie or, giving them the benefit of the doubt, they say things that are untrue while not knowing they’re untrue, in which case you still can’t trust them.  And pointing out their error does not phase them, they just move on to beat you on the head with more of their falsehoods. I am reminded of Mark Twain who said, “Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” Liberals cannot be defeated, because they cannot be pinned down on the meaning of words, they bob and weave and dance as on hot coals.  Nailing them down to participate in a logical argument is like nailing that jello to a wall, (it’s been said many times before).

Let’s discuss his claim that Republicans “vote, literally to take food away from the hungry.”  That is so patently untrue as to be beneath you, dear reader, but I must finish.  Liberals, like little Petey, literally vote to take money away from parents, by the theft of taxation, who are trying to feed their own children, and so have less money to feed their own children.  Some of this money stolen from parents- not in the case of the Mayor, maybe, but his fellow DemoNcrats- is used to prosecute unnecessary and unjust wars.  Wait, I guess that is Republicans and Democrats both voting to take money from parents attempting to feed their children, so as to kill other people, well, not people, but causing collateral damage.**

Well maybe Mr. BootieJudge, blindly backed into a truth here; but it was only half of a truth because he wasn’t pointing at both the Democratic and Republican parties, as he should have been in making such an assertion.

Seriously, though, if you want to see God’s Word mangled almost beyond belief, go watch his interview with the fools of “Morning Joe,” (link above), and you will see why these people need to be defeated, not humored, not asked to play nicely, not compromised with, but defeated.  Then the liberals’ territory needs to be scorched and plowed with salt.  They can say what they want, I believe in free speech and will defend to the death their right to speak, but I will not countenance their lies.  They’re dangerous and if they ever get into power again, they will never relinquish it, they will maintain it by any means necessary.  I believe that, as leftists- like communists and socialists, both international socialists and national socialists- they will never give up power and will, as they actually say, use any means necessary to win their way and maintain their grip.

All that said, let me finish with this, dear reader.  I am a believer that The Bible is The Word of The Creator, just as certainly as I believe that 5 is greater than 4, but I will not take the name of God in vain by claiming to be a Christian, my walk is far behind His.  (If I, being who I am, was a Christian, I wouldn’t want to hang around with Christians.  I might have just paraphrased Groucho Marx.)

Thank you for your patience,

Je suis Spike

By the way, be prepared for campaign commercials this silly season- including footage of Petey, and who knows who else- washing the feet of others.  You’ll understand if you watch his interview at the above link.

* Mayor McCheese is better than was anybody who was Mayor of Chicago in my memory and my never-really-humble opinion.

**  Collateral damage is the terminology used by the misanthropes who claim that the violent, unwarranted death of innocent people is worthy of whatever goals are sought, but who do not have the guts or love of the truth to say so; so they avoid telling you that they killed innocent people, including men, women, children, infants, babies- born and unborn.  They are cowards.  If some goal is so worthy as to be worth the death of innocent people, then that goal is worthy of saying so.