Is Truth the First Casualty of PAC Ads as Well as War?

April 7, 2016 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


Club For Growth Lies to Harm Trump, Help Cruz, Throw Kasich Overboard

A thirty second ad by a the LIE-TELLING Club For Growth  apparently demonstrates to what extent the REPUBLICAN ESTBALISHMENT (including their moneyed sycophants and fellow suckers of taxpayer blood) is prepared to go to defeat Trump, promoting Cruz.  By the way, I’m not a Trump supporter, I disagree profoundly with him on torture, but am impelled to refute this lie; I support the truth, a subset of which is math, both of which the Club For Growth apparently hates and is willing to slay on the altar of their brand of politics. 

In this lying Club For Growth ad, at 0:11 you’ll see the bar graph representing the then extant delegate count:  Trump 739; Cruz 465; and Kasich 143.  You’ll notice that the length of the bars comport with the relative size of the delegate count, and this is good, Trump’s is longest, then Cruz’s bar, then Kasich’s bar is shortest.  (Give credit where it is due.)

However, the premise of the ad is that if a voter wants to hurt Trump, by promoting Cruz, Kasich voters should vote for Cruz.  Then at :18, the Club For Lies puts Kasich’s bar on top of Cruz’s bar and compares that composite bar to Trump’s bar.  Of course Trump’s bar should still be the longer, as the Cruz/Kasich composite delegate total is only 82% of Trump’s delegate total, 608 vs. 739.

However, the Club For Say Anything But The Truth shows Trump’s bar smaller than the Cruz/Kasich bar; bad math or a lie?

Club for Growth Delegate Lies
What the Club For Growth is showing you is that 608 is greater than 739 which is a lie.  Where they really reveal themselves is at :12 when they say, with regard to their strategy to defeat Trump, “The math won’t work.”  What they apparently mean is, “The truth won’t work.”  So they lied.
 I’m guessing that the Club For Growth is desperately in the tank against Trump.  Or they may well be such fans of Cruz that they’re willing to lie for Cruz.  Trump calls him “Lying Ted,” but he doesn’t need to lie when a big-time PAC like Club For Growth will lie for him.  Now, shouldn’t Cruz distance himself from lies told on his behalf?  Isn’t that a standard that Cruz attempts to hold others to? I think that Cruz should disavow the Club For Growth ad, that is if we are to TRYST TED…er, uh, um, if we are to TRUST TED.  That’s a cheap shot on my part, I will admit, and I will apologize for it when Cruz distances himself from the Club For Growth lie that is this ad.

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Je Suis Spike