April 7, 2016 in News, Video by RBN Staff

By  | Posted on April 8, 2016, 12:33 am

This is a thought provoking and extremely eye opening presentation. It has been one of the elephants in the room everywhere. Anyone who has spent any amount of time around others we have all seen or heard and many witnessed this type of manipulative deceit that has placed many a good man behind bars and their lives destroyed. To the point that everyone must have a camera or cell phone cam handy at all times. Police especially. Protection of all. And of false allegations.

Remember, everyone who alleges physical violence should have their report taken, but those who falsely report rape should receive a punishment that will discourage all future attempts in the minds of others.

My analysis is that the Cultural Marxism of the far left and the Trotskyism of the Neoconservatives, the Big government Socialist Republicans or RINOS is responsible for this in part, and in part an age old problem we all know exists. As a Paleoconservative myself, I have learned to research everything ever claimed to see what the official record says. It is eye opening to say the least. The loss of morality has truly taken its toll. But Cultural Marxism has done far more than any other ideology. A toxic, unconstitutional, unlawful form of government is what they have long proposed. A thousand little cuts from within.

Statistics and studdies should also always be well evaluated and critiqued. We are assailed with phony social studies not based on scientific  data. This is a huge societal problem.