“It all means nothing if our election process is compromised”

November 8, 2016 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Gordon Martines, Host of American Honor w/ Gordon Martines on RBN and Open Mic on radiotribune.com

There appears to be ample evidence to support the fact that our current election process has been severely compromised, and has been for decades. Several attempts to correct our election process have been introduced, but have consistently failed, because the same corrupted elected Representatives are the ones that block any corrective measures to improve the system.

With the help of the mainstream news media distorting the facts, omitting current important significant events, and interjecting their own scripted agenda, to convince the unwitting public that whatever they vomit out is the Truth, and any deviation or argument to the contrary is considered radical and extremist.

Yes, the current elitist and controllers have it pretty much wired and controlled, where literally “Politics Trumps the Law,” and corruption rules our very lives.

With the insertions of Electronic Voting and Tabulation machines in the election process, the one avenue remaining that We The People have left to make our country great again, and to help elect the type of Representative who places the betterment of the American People first on the list of priorities of their duties. What we have instead is a rigged system of corruption that has been in existence for decades.

Keeping career politicians in office when they base their very existence on greed, avarice, and the eventual destruction of the ideals of the Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights is at the core of the problem.

If anyone was to pay close attention to the timing of other significant game-changing events occurring in and around the up-and-coming presidential election, one would realize that corrupted political diversion tactics have currently been employed in order to confuse the general public into believing that there is no remedy and no hope in removing the trash and deviants currently occupying administrative offices in this current Federal government.

Predictions of higher taxes, higher health care premiums and the imposition of local and state taxpayer-funded projects that tend only to pad the pockets of our current elected corrupted officials, is a real possibility if we all do not vote this down. But then again, if our vote is compromised with the help of electronic voting and tabulation machines, then what is the next viable remedy to remove this cancerous corrupted trash from our current system?

I have always advocated “Exposure” as a lawful viable means for correcting an obvious overreach of government power and corruption.

The mainstream news media has done an excellent job in demonizing anyone that attempts to bring to light and expose corrupted, immoral, and perverted activities committed by our elected representatives.

As a perfect example, let us take my beloved LVMPD. For the most part, the real cops on the street are relatively honest and honorable individuals, sworn to a sacred Oath to serve and protect our community. Unfortunately, the upper Police Administration has been infected with corruption for decades, criminally and immorally, and that has a tendency to occasionally make this type of activity trickle down and infect the rank and file. Crimes such as Murder, Extortion, Rape, Narcotics Trafficking, False Arrests, Evidence Tampering, Official Document Destruction and manipulation, Perjury, False Imprisonment, Pedophilia, and numerous constitutional violations against the public and its own police employees, have occurred and are still occurring within the police department.

The ability of the upper police administration to cover up these criminal violations has been perfected to the point of including the participation of state, local and Federal Judges, FBI, U.S. Attorneys Office, and the Justice Department.

The HOA Scandal is just one of many criminal cases that involved collusion between the LVMPD, District Attorney’s Office, U.S. Attorneys Office, and the Governor. Oh yes, there were some indictments to a few low level participants, but the Big Boys got away without a scratch, and are still operating in our community.
The more exposure of criminal activity committed by our elected representatives, the more chance of them being indicted for their criminal activity. Don’t discount the power of public opinion, it is very powerful; it is dependent on the participation and numbers of decent, trustworthy American citizens to stand up and to stand tall and voice their concerns.

Remember to Keep your Faith, Keep your Gun, and they can Keep their Change.

In God We Trust.

Gordon Martines is a former LVMPD detective who has served in many capacities over his 39-year career in law enforcement. He was a candidate for sheriff in 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014, with the intention of bringing integrity and accountability back to the department, and filed a federal lawsuit against LVMPD in 2011. Martines has appeared on “Face The Tribune” radio show several times and is currently the host of “Open Mic” on Tuesdays and Thursday at 11:00 a.m. He contributes his opinions and ideas to the Las Vegas Tribune to keep the public informed and help improve policing in Las Vegas. Gordon Martines can be contacted via email at coper71@hotmail.com.
Gordon Martines
Former Candidate for Sheriff of Clark County, NV, 2002, 2006, 2010, 2014.
Former Robbery/Homicide Detective for LVMPD
email: coper71@hotmail.com
512 Windmill Ln #359 Las Vegas, NV 89123
cell ph. 702-460-0160

“Courage is not the lack of fear, it is the presence of Honor and Faith.”– Det. Gordon Martines

“Truth is a very powerful and wonderful thing, no matter whose mouth it comes out of.”– Det. Gordon Martines

“Artillery is like Truth, there is just no defense against it.”–Det. Gordon Martines

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