Jade Helm 15 Military Vehicle Build Up In SoCal (Video)

April 22, 2015 in News, Video by RBN Staff

Source: Before It’s News
by JayWill7497
Posted on April 17, 2015

Just off of the I-15 North of Barstow, Ca, Yermo Logistics Marine Base, I travel past this place on a regular basis, I have never seen so many vehicle/tanks/mraps/humvee’s at this location EVER.. In my opinion this is clearly a build-up to something much larger… There are actually maybe 5x times more vehicles there that you cant see in the video.



I made another video, same area, way different outcome, kinda…..

JADE HELM 15 (Filmed today 04/14/15 before 10am pst) ….. I dont care what they say, no doubt in my mind what all this is now!!! I only decided to make this video because somebody said it would have been nice if i recorded it sideways to be able to see everything… I recorded this Today, This MORNING!! WTF is that launched? I didnt see what it was, I only saw what you see in the video… But since when does ANYTHING “LAUNCH” from a Logistics base???

For those who think I’m off my rocker to believe that Jade Helm could be something other than what it purports, you need to wake up. History repeats-unless adequate folks do a little something to transform it.

Those who comprehend the possibilities of Jade Helm if it goes drastically wrong can not just stay quiet, protect themselves and their families, and not point out anything to the rest of America. They know what the psychopaths are capable of and that they are serious enough to do almost anything.





I’m exhausted of hearing, “The government would never do that.” They have actually confirmed that they can, and they would. Hell, they still are! Just not on American soil-yet-and I’m frightened that that is what it will take to wake up the People from their sleeping state of hypnosis. Be aware, but not too paranoid. I’m sure the cabal is adding plenty of fear porn and disinfo.


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