Jesus Told Satan “No.” Who said, “Yes,” to Satan? 

September 18, 2015 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff

You know what a nation is.  Sometimes called a nation-state, it is a geological area under some common authority.  That authority is legitimate and just if it operates only with the consent of the governed.  A kingdom can be the same, that is, a geological area, with the authority being a monarch. Our progenitors didn’t like the monarch ruling this land and argued, successfully, by war, that we were to be a federation of nation-states, separate and equal, and, recognizing His authority, under the King of kings with every man also a king, every woman a queen, not subject to government except by consent. But “kingdom,” (as is “principality” or “empire”), is also a term that can be used to mean an area of influence or interest including some not geological, but commercial or power-wielding.  We hear of publishing kingdoms (or media empires) or energy kingdoms (or empires).  Maybe “kingdom” in this sense can be likened to “corporation?”  These kingdoms/empires are areas of influence or interest which are run by those in authority, such as magnates, (like monarchs), who make decisions regarding them.  I believe that a great many of them are fine men and women.

The Devil said that he could give all the kingdoms (or empires) of the world to anybody he wanted and offered them to Jesus, if only Jesus would worship him. (Luke 4:5-7)  Jesus rebuked Satan and did not agree to take possession of the kingdoms of the world at that time and rejected doing the will of Satan. (Luke 4:8)  After that, Satan might have gone off looking to give some of the empires of the world to others, making princes of those willing to do the Devil’s work.


Did the Devil find anybody willing to take possession of- and have the authority of a prince or princess over- some of the empires of the world by agreeing to do the Devil’s work?  When we see the utter depravity and disregard for humanity, favoring money and power, which holds sway in this world, I cannot help but think, YES, Satan did find some willing to become his princes and princesses to do his bidding. This makes me a practitioner of logic (if by induction) and, according to some, a conspiracy theorist.  As charitably as I can, I would like to submit that anybody who refuses to consider a logical argument, just brushing it aside as a conspiracy theory, may be an enemy of a process by which truth is often discovered and they just might be anti-truth.  Carelessly or purposefully calling somebody a “conspiracy theorist,” is the opposite of thinking- the opposite of reasoning- it is similar to liberals calling somebody a “racist” for disagreeing with Princident Obama just to shut down their valid argument, or, for the same purpose, somebody calling another person “unAmerican” or “unpatriotic” because they didn’t worship at the temple of War-President, St. George W. “The Burning” Bush, daring to question him, or “failing to respect the office.”  Intentionally ignoring logical argumentation on important matters empowers evil; this is a recapitulation of, “All evil needs to succeed is that good men (and women) do nothing.”  Smarter people than I have said that the biggest impediment one has to finding the truth is the firm belief that one already has it.

Next week, the most dangerous religion:  Governmentism.

The most dangerous people:  Ultra-orthodox, extreme-leftwing Governmentism fundamentalists, having government as the object of their faith, a dogma of statism, and ritualistically demanding: the obedience of all people to their [religious] officials and; payment of money to their government/church under penalty of imprisonment.  When Governmentism is your religion and statism your dogma, it’s impossible to have a separation of church and state.

Je Suis Spike