Joe Biden and Alzheimer’s Disease Along with Jill Biden’s Coverup

February 12, 2024 in News by RBN Staff

source:  newswithviews

By Frosty Wooldridge

February 12, 2024

After the disastrous Friday DOJ report on Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents, he stood in front of the nation in a press conference to tell us that he talked to one world leader in Egypt thinking that leader was from Mexico. Biden made nonsensical gaffes, memory lapses, dropped sentences, misstatements and outright lies.

The DOJ found him to be an “elderly man with a fading memory” who would not be prosecuted for his crimes. In the national interview, Biden said, “My memory is fine.” One major newspaper reported, “Biden’s memory is hazy, fuzzy and dull.”

Immediately, ABC reported the latest poll on Biden’s popularity: 86 percent of Americans do not want Biden for a second term as president of the United States.” He’s too old, too feeble, too cognitively vacant, too unfit, and incapable of handling the rigors of a United States president.

This journalist would add that Joe Biden’s lifetime of lies, plagiarism, racism, sniffing little girls’ hair, and shaking hands with the air has finally caught up to him.

But what blows my mind stems from the fact that no one will pin the “reality tail” on the donkey of Joe Biden’s condition: he’s suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. If he took a cognitive test today, he wouldn’t score five out of 25 on that test.

How do I know? Answer: my best friend suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease. My best friend has been reduced to the intellect of a six year old. My best friend cannot tell time, does not understand money, doesn’t know what year it is, and cannot remember any friends’ names.

My best friend cannot finish sentences, and many times, starts sentence, but forgets the point, and waits for a minute that you could drive an 18-wheeler through before my friend finishes that sentence.

In other words, my best friend duplicates exactly what Joe Biden shows every time he gets up in front of public without his teleprompter. His press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, lies for him, covers for him, and pretends that he’s got his wits about him. He does not. She will prove the most deceitful and incompetent presidential press secretary in history.

But let’s dig further in Joe Biden’s mental incapacitation. Like I know about my best friend’s Alzheimer’s Disease and ALL of its manifestations, Jill Biden knew three years ago that Joe Biden suffered from Alzheimer’s. He was not fit for the presidency in 2020. That’s now proven to be the case horrifically as to our borders being invaded, our laughingstock standing in the world, our loss of the rule of law, our national opioid crisis killing 100,000 annually because drug cartels enjoy our open borders and free drug distribution into every city in America, our citizens shooting up schools, $100 billion in shoplifting annually, Ukraine and Israel fighting for their lives, national debt accelerating, climate change accelerating, et al.

And now that his disease takes him down a dark road that darkens more and more each day, Jill can’t hide it. But what has she done? Answer: she leads him off the stage when he can’t tell which way to go. She refuses to tell the American public that her husband cannot speak two sentences together than make any sense. She’s the ultimate “power broker” who clings to power over the good of America. In Latin, it’s called “hubris.” In hers and her husband’s situation, it’s called, “Super-Hubris.”

What Biden has done to our country in three short years should be brought up as “Treason.” He’s broken our laws. He’s used the DOJ like a Banana Republic to imprison any opponents. He’s tripped going up steps on Air Force One, he’s fallen of his bicycle, he’s mangled the English language, he’s worse than Pinocchio, and he’s become a doddering, walking cadaver of an old man on the doorstep of death from a stroke, heart attack, cancer or just falling over dead at any moment.

And yet, the mainstream media, and the liberal talking heads make excuses for him. They defend him. They spew so much B.S. as to his “vitality” that it’s no wonder most Americans don’t believe any of them…i.e., NPR, PBS, Scarborough, Reid, Tapper, Meet the Press, Face the Nation, Maddox and a dozen more liberal pundits. They are so full of it, that their eyes are brown!

Right now, in Sanctuary City New York, it costs taxpayers in one hotel with 1,300 rooms, a whopping $500.00 per room, per night for illegal aliens to sleep. Then, we taxpayers must shell out three meals a day for at least $50.00 a day in food. For the rooms, that $650,000.00 of your taxpayer dollars per night for those rooms. Then, the food at $50.00 times two people per room, at 1300 rooms, equals $130,000.00 every friggin’ day those illegal aliens stay in that New York City hotel. Multiply that times 11 million of them across our country!

Right now, we have seen 11,000,000 illegal alien refugees enter our country during Biden’s first 37 months. He invited them. Last month, another 300,000 of those refugees arrived at our southern border to become wards of your tax dollars. How long do you think we’re going to survive this invasion brought to us by Joe Biden who will not be around to see the chaos, the mayhem, the lawlessness, and the outright displacement of the American people from that endless line of criminals, illiterates, and hopeless refugees who arrived from their own countries that they didn’t try to change toward positive situations?

How much longer can Jill Biden pretend? How much longer can Joe Scarborough fake it with sincerity? How much longer can Joe Biden pretend that he’s president of our country? How much longer can his handlers cling to power? How much longer can the American people be fooled into giving their country away?

Oh, and whomever won the Super Bowl…remember that it was only entertainment! It’s more important to win our country back!