January 20, 2021 in News by RBN Staff



WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, The Empowerment Alliance spokesman Ian Prior released the following statement following President Joe Biden signing the Executive Order to end the Keystone XL Pipeline and re-enter the Paris Climate Accord:

“We had hoped to release a statement today congratulating President Joe Biden on his inauguration and imploring him to hold firm to his multiple promises not to end fracking. Unfortunately, just hours after taking office, Biden revoked the permit granted to the Keystone XL Pipeline and re-entered the Paris Climate Accord.

“The last thing that the new president should be doing is taking actions that would kill jobs and raise energy prices for families in the middle of a pandemic; especially given America’s low consumer energy prices and the cleanest air in nearly fifty years, due to the shale revolution.

“After an inauguration speech focused on healing and unifying, it is beyond disappointing that one of President Biden’s first acts is to bow to the Greens with Greenbacks while leaving American families to foot the bill.”


About The Empowerment Alliance 

The Empowerment Alliance (TEA) will harness the power of American ingenuity, the tenets of our free market system, and the abundance of our nation’s natural gas supply to forge a more realistic, rational, and effective approach to energy consumption and environmental conservation than the risky tax scheme known as the “Green New Deal.” The Empowerment Alliance’s common-sense approach will engage the American people in an open and honest dialogue about the best way to re-establish the United States as a global energy superpower. It’s time to safely and smartly control our destinies and reassume our rightful position as a beacon for the world. TEA is a 501c4.

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