Subtle Statecraft Part One: Michael Shaw and Freedom Advocates

Oath Keepers Michael Shaw, Founder of Freedom Advocates, Constitutional Patriot When we go to the Freedom Advocates website we can find on the front page an article on “unalienable rights”,
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1/04/2016 — Hammond + Bundy “Ranches” — Volcanoes, Gold, URANIUM + BLM / Government

Published on Jan 4, 2016 Armed standoff in Oregon due to a ‘Rancher’ and a fight with the BLM? Deja Vu! This just happened in Oregon a few months ago,
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All wars are bankers wars

Source: RT The IMF has approved a $17 billion loan to Ukraine. The first $3.2 billion tranche has arrived on Wednesday. It’s essential to identify the conditions attached to this
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