Journalist Asks the Right Question: Did the Federal Government Support ISIS?

August 12, 2015 in News by RBN Staff

How could anyone following the news over the last few years claim the government did not support ISIS?

Of course they have to call it ISIL, and then speak the letters rather than simply pronouncing it as a name: I – S – I – L. But it is great to see a government bureaucrat start to squirm.

Source: Political Outcast
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This video is, as far as I can tell, floating around without any written commentary.

The reference to Bashar al-Assad’s “lack of legitimacy” is insane. The main reason for his “lack of legitimacy” was the United States declaring war on him. That gave hope and comfort to the radical Islamists who always hated his secular government.

The “moderates” we support are working with ISIS. The only purpose the moderates serve is to provide PR cover for the United States as we continue to support radical, murderous, Islamic jihadists as they kill, rape, and torture Christians and other minorities.

Bob Allen wrote about the report back in May. I can’t do better than to quote him:

When you think of ISIS from here forward—when you consider the headless bodies of countless victims; women taken into sex slavery; peoples beyond number uprooted and forced to flee; new violations of Constitutional rights in the United States due to the “unparalleled threat” of attacks on the homeland–remember these documents outlining how high-level planners posited that ISIS should be allowed to form in order to oust an inconvenient dictator in Syria.

Yes, U.S. “defense intelligence” thought the genesis of ISIS could be useful, and so we’ve seen multitudes of actions to arm these “moderates,” which these documents demonstrate was a known lie.

Everybody knows our government is a coven of amoral, murderous sociopaths who openly support terrorists while pretending they don’t. Some day there will be an accounting and no one will be able to hide behind this implausible deniability to escape judgement.