Judge Napolitano Says This Is the ‘Horrific Catch-22′ Hillary Clinton Will Face in a Matter of Months

March 8, 2016 in News by RBN Staff

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Judge Andrew Napolitano said Monday that Hillary Clinton could face a “horrific catch-22″ in her ongoing email scandal — and it could come as soon as the next couple of months.

Napolitano was responding on Fox Business’ “Varney & Co.” to a claim made by Texas Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro, who said Sunday that the Justice Department “cleared” Clinton in its ongoing investigation. But as Napolitano pointed out, the Justice Department has not “cleared” her. He added that he expects the FBI’s investigation to be completed sometime in May.

When the federal investigation has concluded, investigators will then ask Clinton to appear for an interview, Napolitano said. But he added that “no lawyer” would allow their client to answer questions without knowing what prosecutors know.

And therein lies the “catch-22,” according to Napolitano.

“If she refuses to go in for that interview, her [political] opponents will have a field day. ‘Wait a minute, you say you’re innocent, but you don’t want to tell the FBI?’” Napolitano said. “Either way, she loses.”

Top Clinton aide Bryan Pagliano, who set up Clinton’s private email server, was granted immunity just last week. Pagliano had previously pleaded the Fifth Amendment in the email investigation.