“Just the facts ma’am” … On Putin and Russia

February 24, 2022 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff



Source: Russia-Insider

February 20, 2022

The Ukraine Crisis: Facts Versus Lies – An American Christian Perspective

“America, let Russia finish its recovery. Let her new destiny run its course. A destiny that will once again bring her to a place as one of the great Christian nations of the world.”



In the old detective series Dragnet, the protagonist Sgt. Joe Friday became famous for his phrase, “Just the facts, ma’am!”

Is it possible today to get “just the facts” about anything in the Western world? No, because the corporate media is complicit in all the crimes of their global masters of the universe and have become the propaganda arm of disinformation advancing their worldwide globalist agenda.

This is the case with the globalist empire that is provoking Russia by way of Ukraine. Of course by “empire,” I mean the Anglo-American-Zionist Empire of the New World Order headquartered in the City of London with offices in Brussels, New York, and Washington, DC.

The Empire’s goal of world domination over the decades of the last century has been achieved through both deception and the force of arms. By the use of propaganda and disinformation, along with color revolutions, the Empire has funded proxies used to destabilize nations they seek to topple and absorb.

This is what is happening in the Ukraine right now. This ginned up “crisis” is not about the wellbeing of Ukraine, but rather it is about the Empire’s attempt to chip away at Russia and isolate them, since they are a firewall to the Empire’s goal of world subjection.

So let us look at the Empire’s media lies and propaganda and contrast it with facts. I write from the worldview of an American Protestant who places his Christian religion above his nationalism.



FACTS: Since the Soviet empire fell and the various satellite nations of the Eastern Bloc gained their independence, the present Russian Federation, created in 1991, has done nothing to threaten the United States or to compromise its borders. They have not planted military bases near the United States, nor have they posed any threat to our domestic economy. Yes, Russia is competing with the US to provide natural gas to Europe, but they are doing so—ahem—in a capitalist free-market manner. Their product is quicker and cheaper. Remember, it was Germany who asked Russia to build Nord Stream II.

If the question is formulated, “Was the Soviet Union an enemy of the US?”, then the answer would be yes. But there is no more Soviet Union, which Reagan accurately labeled “the Evil Empire,” with its expansionist military aggression.

Russian president Putin has come under tremendous criticism in his own country for being conciliatory to the US in his public addresses, referencing the US as “colleagues and partners.”

Putin, along with his foreign minister Sergei Lavrov, has always resorted to dialogue and cooperation rather than coercive military action, “foreign aid” bribes, or meddling in the internal affairs of other nations. When dealing with the Empire and NATO, the foreign policy of Russia toward Ukraine has been strictly defensive. Their time is running out. Just as the United States in the early ‘60s did not want Russian nukes in Cuba, so too Russia does not want NATO military bases and missiles in the Ukraine.

When one examines “just the facts,” what we see is Russia’s unbelievable forbearance in the face of ceaseless aggression of the Empire and the non-stop agitation of the Western propaganda machine.


FACTS: This mantra is chanted ruthlessly by “conservative” commentators such as Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and Ben Shapiro. Nevertheless, upon examination, none of their inflammatory statements are supported by facts or evidence. Their propaganda relies on hearkening back to a bygone era, old Soviet stereotypes, and distant memories of past decades.

Putin is a European Russian. Out of a population of 144 million people, fully 111 million live west of the Ural Mountains in the continent of Europe. In religion and culture, Putin is much more European than Asian. Yet he is demonized by the West and assailed with constant lies.

In Putin’s last four presidential elections from 2000–2018, he had vote margins over his closest competitor of 23.9%, 58.1%, 46.2%, and 64.9%. What Western politician could ever have this level of admiration and respect from his people as Putin does?

Putin was secretly baptized as an infant in 1952 by his mother at an underground Orthodox Church ceremony. He identifies himself as a Russian Orthodox Christian and often attends Sunday services in Moscow. Is Putin’s faith genuine? That’s between him and God. What matters most to Russia’s people is Putin’s unwavering support of the church. He is very close to and supportive of the Russian Orthodox Church and has been instrumental in renewing Russia’s historic “symphonia” relationship between church and state. In America, the government attacks the church. In Russia, church and state work together to advance a Christian culture. The Russians know without Trinitarian Orthodoxy there is no Russia. Their 1,000-year Christian faith is their foundation.

George Orwell’s famous dystopian novel 1984 had its “two minutes of hate” where the people’s minds were conditioned to oppose anything the ruling party wanted them to oppose. Putin is the Empire’s new Emmanuel Goldstein.

In reality, Putin will go down in Russian history as one of its greatest princes if not the greatest. In miraculous fashion, he has decoupled Russia from the Western banking oligarchs, severed the Russian economy from Western parasites, restored Russian defenses, and shown the nation the path to full recovery after over 70 years of brutal communism. In the world of modern diplomacy, Putin is the foremost adult in a room of impulsive Western boys and avaricious megalomaniacs.


FACTS: This is one of the “whopper” lies. The fact is that the Ukraine is currently a vassal state of the Anglo-American Empire, and its shadow government is being run out of the United States embassy in Kiev, being led and orchestrated by a Russophobe, neo-con American, Victoria Nuland, who serves as the Under Secretary of State.

Any sovereignty Ukraine possessed disappeared when the US State Department engineered a coup d’état where democratically elected president Viktor Yanukovych was forced to flee in 2014. These events were called the “Maidan Revolution.” In the Western media it was called the “Revolution of Dignity.” It was one of the Empire’s many “color revolutions” to isolate and chip away at Russia and expand the Empire’s hegemony.

The main narrative created by the Empire, the American war party, neo-cons, and their supportive conservative pundits is, “Ukraine is a sovereign country, and it deserves our US protection and support.”

Yet the opposite is true. The US-led regime change in Ukraine’s government was under the direct control of the United States, which has installed its successive puppets. Americans are very comfortable with effecting “regime change” while hypocritically talking about “respecting sovereignty.” The dissonance could not be clearer.

If the American commentators are really concerned about Ukraine sovereignty, shouldn’t they be exposing the past actions against Ukraine’s sovereignty by the US State Department and NATO?


FACTS: This lie cannot be effectively understood without knowing the history of NATO (1949) and the dissolving of the Soviet Union in 1991.

NATO was created as a military alliance of Western European countries, including Canada and the US, to counter FDR, Churchill, and Truman’s assistance to Stalin’s invasion of seven Eastern European countries by 1948.

The Soviet Union was dissolved in 1991, and the Russian Federation formed with pro-Empire president, Boris Yeltsin, installed. At the time, George H. W. Bush, James Baker, and American diplomats assured President Gorbachev that NATO would not expand eastward. None of these agreements were put in writing (Gorbachev’s mistake) and the US went back on their commitment. NATO, which started with 12 members as an answer to the former Warsaw Pact nations, now stands at 30 members and is constantly working to surround Russia with additional NATO states. The Warsaw Pact was dissolved on July 1, 1991, after communism fell.

The issue over Ukraine membership in NATO, is Russian security and Article 5 of the NATO member states’ agreement. Article 5 is based on military alliance commitments that when one member state is attacked, all other NATO members must come to its defense. This absurd article is a sure path to war. This is similar to the “entangling alliances” over Serbia that compelled Europe to the disaster of WWI.

A simple application of the Golden Rule brings this all in perspective. How would we respond if Russia built and fortified military bases in Cuba, Mexico, and Canada, and stocked it with nuclear missiles? We all know how that went over. Why should anyone expect Russia not to respond similarly when NATO seeks to expand into the Ukraine and place massive amounts of military equipment and even nukes on its border? Why can’t we be honest about this? Why do our conservative commentators never bring this up for discussion?


FACTS: This lie is another whopper. The US, which runs Ukraine, has placed CIA operatives and numerous military advisers throughout Ukraine, along with offensive and defensive military weapons. Supplying military equipment to a border country is in itself an act of war.

In response, Russia has had to build up its defenses in its own country near the Ukraine border and in Belarus.

The Empire and NATO is moving toward Russia’s front porch, just miles from Moscow and yet Russia is the aggressor? Putin currently has stated that Russia has nowhere else to retreat. It is commonly said that the side which fires the first shot starts the war. This is not actually true. It is another neo-con trick. It is the one who makes firing the first shot necessary who starts the war. The Empire’s endgame with Russia is to encircle, attack, destroy, and subjugate.


FACTS: This claim is laughable. When the Empire decapitates a nation, installs their own puppets, and takes control of a country, that country ends up being plundered financially by being made dependent on their conquerors.

In the days of the Soviet Union, and even after the collapse of communism in 1991, the Ukraine was an agricultural and industrial center. Since 1991, and the Empire’s regime change in 2014, Ukraine has become Europe’s poorest country and has lost 14.7 million people.

Ukraine has fared no differently than other nations brought under Western hegemony, facing poverty, destruction of its defenses, massive loss of population, and third world dependency. Who is the real aggressor?

The only reason the US State Department is in Ukraine is in order to destabilize Russia. The Empire’s plan is to isolate Russia by the numerous color revolutions it organizes in the nations that border Russia. The most recent example is what just happened this January in Kazakhstan. The culprits in this recent Kazakhstan color revolution are always the same: CIA, English MI6, and Israel’s Mossad.


FACTS: No, the invasion has already taken place since 2005 and 2014 by the Empire and NATO. The Empire’s invasion was similar to invasions of other countries, regime changes, takeovers of the military, and running puppet governments from US embassies, turning Ukraine from its own sovereign nation into a vassal state.

If the Russian military enters Ukrainian territory, it will be for purposes of liberation of the Ukrainian people from their present conquerors. The liberation will be first in the Donbas region marked by Russian humanitarian aid, with some help to rebuild the Ukrainian infrastructure and economy which the Empire has destroyed.

Russia is committed to defend Russian people in the Donbas of Ukraine but has no desire to incorporate Ukraine into the Russian Federation.


The sources of power for a new order in the world are already in. The days of American hegemony, instituted at Bretton Woods (1944), are in full reversal. The world is fast moving from the Empires unipolar base to a multipolar base of power of Russia, China, Iran, and India.

Unfortunately, the Empire’s arrogance in their rejection of Russia forced the Russians eastward to China. However, Russia is ever so careful in their new relationship with China, not to mention an “alliance,” meaning militarily, but a “strategic partnership” which is mostly economic. Russia will never foolishly enter into the obligations of a military alliance.

This move has put Russia in a somewhat difficult position, especially if the relationship deepens. For Russia is Christian and China is atheistic. Russia’s hope here is the growing numbers and vigor of the Chinese church.

History demonstrates that when a major shift in power moves from an old order to a new one, that the transition period is never smooth. For despite being vassal states of the old order, the smaller states are often militarily and economically dependent on the empire. When an empire fades from power, old disputes immediately emerge and smaller economies go into freefall.

Also, despite Russia’s advances out of the Western financial systems, they remain tied to a Western-styled central bank. They will never be truly free from the Empire until they rid themselves from the City of London financial center. All of these things take time.

But what is certain is the tectonic plates of power have now shifted from the Empire’s old order to a new Eastern order. The old corrupt Empire must fall and, hopefully, a new multipolar order will provide a base for the nations to live in peace.


American conservatives and Christians need to start putting their Christianity above their nationalism and take an objective view of the foreign policy of our country. We will not be able to correct our disastrous international policies unless we take an honest look at what we have done.

The days of conservatives covering up the State Department’s international crimes with chest beating and shouts of “Oohrah” and “USA, USA” are over. We must stop listening to the Sean Hannity-matinee-commentator types who “see no evil” when they look at US foreign policy. The American neo-cons have been weighed in the balance and have been found wanting. War fatigue has set in. Americans have lost their stomach for their endless and pointless wars.

Questions are starting to be asked. Why does the United States military have over 750 bases in over 150 countries? Who gave the United States Department of State the right to rule the world? What is the real American interest in these foreign countries?

We must face the massive amount of destruction and human misery the US State Department has brought to the world since WWII. The US policy of war, economic sanctions, regime changes, created conflicts, blockades, currency devaluation, and trade restrictions have resulted in the biggest humanitarian crisis since the end of WWII. Does the average American recognize how much we as a country are hated and despised around the world because of our meddling? “Saving the world for democracy?” Oh, please.

I am afraid that the average American mind—having lived under decades of propaganda extolling US foreign policy as the epitome of righteousness with some kind of holy calling—will be unable to escape their mental conditioning.

But there is good news. The Anglo-American-Zionist Empire is in a freefall collapse. America’s military and worldwide hegemony is coming to an end. NATO’s disintegration is in process. There are already French politicians pushing a French exit out of NATO.

All empires fall. This one will also fall. Empires fall because they are unable to sustain the costs of hegemony and they go broke. The Empire’s defeat in Afghanistan is the start of a larger pattern that will continue to the utmost edges of the Empire.

The other good news is the ascent of the Russian Federation’s influence around the world. Russia, which seems to be the only voice of international reason in the world, has been a tremendously stabilizing influence in the last decade.

Russia has virtually ended the US funding and led proxy wars in the Middle East and is one of the few countries that can get the rogue state of Israel under control where they would be compelled to live in peace with their neighbors.

Russia had an empire once. It does not seek another one, but they would like to have security for their people from the evil, war-loving, sodomy-promoting, gender-confused, hedonistic, pro-abortion, porn-ified, anti-family, anti-Christ nations of the West.

To the West, leave Russia alone. Its recovery out of atheistic Bolshevism is the modern miracle of our time. Who could have seen a Christian Russia emerge from the rubble of communism, and all in just three decades?

America, let Russia finish its recovery. Let her new destiny run its course. A destiny that will once again bring her to a place as one of the great Christian nations of the world.

As for post-Christian Europe and America, all that remains is judgment. I believe it to be irreversible. The West has squandered its Christian heritage and blessings. Its 100 years of unending wars, state-sponsored terror, and institutionalized decadence has reaped the whirlwind. The collapse is not coming; it is already upon us.

Like Russia, the West also has its coming destiny which must run its course. After its collapse, Europe and America must rebuild again. Maybe in God’s gracious providence a Christian Russia could be our model and aid us in the renewal of a new Western Christian civilization.