Leftists Ruin Everything – and Conservative Media Is Their Next Target

February 23, 2024 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


Source: RedState.com

By Jennifer Van Laar

Leftists ruin everything, as we know, and media is a prime example. So few mainstream outlets ever question the White House narrative on anything that when they gave portions of Special Counsel Hur’s report about Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities the light of day, that in itself was news.

Because conservative media outlets have been quite effective in challenging the prevailing narratives over the last decade (and more), leftists have relentlessly tried to silence us through censorship, shadow-banning, and de-platforming. They’ve severely wounded us, but they haven’t been successful – yet.

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RedState is the only outlet to cover the appalling corruption in LA County Department of Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer’s office, where an employee recently committed suicide by jumping off the 18-story building in which she worked. The employee, Heather Hughes, had been bullied and retaliated against by management for years and had her FMLA leave improperly denied before killing herself – and our investigation revealed that violations of labor law are endemic in the office. Sources working with RedState told us that they’d also spoken with the Los Angeles Times but that the Times wasn’t interested in pursuing the story.

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Our investigation into a story that at first glance seemed to be about one woman has now morphed into an investigation into rampant employee abuse that everybody up the chain has known about for years and ignored. It also brought the receipts that Ferrer ignored her own draconian mandates during the COVID lockdowns and knowingly sent inspectors who’d tested positive and were symptomatic out to enforce those mandates.

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The Other Thing Hormonal Birth Control Did That Really Hurt Women Needs to Be Discussed

On that topic, a bit about our editorial philosophy when it comes to publishing opinion pieces. At RedState, we believe in having more conservative voices, not less, and we believe that enforcing some kind of conformity of opinion is what leftists do, not conservatives. So you’ll find a variety of conservative opinions on our site, and you’ll find that our contributors don’t all agree with each other. It’s likely you won’t agree with every opinion expressed. Heck, the editors don’t agree with every opinion expressed. But, we all agree on the important things like defeating leftists, small government, individual liberty, and America.

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