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By Je suis Spike for RBN



Whores everywhere are justifiably insulted by the comparison to leftist legislators. (Explained as we go…)

*I am using the term “LIBERAL” quite illiberally. I use it for shorthand purpose to cover leftists generally, which includes Marxists of all puke, fascists, communists, socialists and other actual deplorably behaving human beings, and, unlike liberals, I will define/explain what I mean by it, now, by exclusion. LIBERAL: Anybody who is pursuing a society that does not conform to the tenets, intent and goals of THE NATURAL LAW. I include under the natural law, for this purpose, the organic united states Constitution, restricted. There have been a number of amendments that have been added since the BILL OF RIGHTS was attached with which I have little argument, as long as the government of the Constitution is understood, as explained in the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, to be just- meaning legitimate- and actionable, upon only THE PEOPLE who consent to it; just because a bunch of people in my neighborhood get together and sign a piece of paper saying that I must obey them does not make it a just- meaning legitimate- act. The signers of the Declaration of Independence were quite clear that consent was first, foremost and everything with regard to just government. I am, as are you, first, a free agent and must answer only to God. And, of course, it should go without saying that the reference to some people, slaves, counting as just 3/5 of human beings has been rescinded, as it need be to be legitimate. (Of course, nothing goes without saying these days if liberals, particularly in the press, say so.)

Just as the laws of France do not pertain to me in America, so do laws of- and others resulting from- the Constitution which do not comport with the natural law, not pertain to anybody except to those who consent to it/them. The US Supreme Court, no less, has said that laws which are not constitutionally valid never were laws. While many libertarians, so-called, will fail to understand this distinction and explanation, it demonstrates that many libertarians, so-called, wish to practice license, not liberty. Many of them, I think, no longer bother to pursue issues regarding government, now that dope-smoking is no longer sanctioned in so many states.   (When is the last time you even heard the term “medical marijuana?”) Think not that I do not appreciate the thoughtful libertarian. I do appreciate them; for I, myself, am a libertarian by nature, a Constitutionalist by sensibility, and, if saved, only by the blood of the Christ.

So, the whole of the point of this article is


What I mean is that anything else with regard to liberals is feckless at best, and is actually encouraging of their evil if any other manner of relating to them is pursued; they treat silence as agreement with them and their twisted ways, and if we are to have liberty, we will pay with eternal vigilance, opposing them and their subversion. Liberals come like thieves in the night; they disguise their intent with lies and legitimate-sounding rhetoric. Do not trust them, ever. Just because they appear normal and sensible does not mean they are. They live among us awaiting the opportunity to destroy. Like the terminator of THE TERMINATOR (the first movie) they can’t be bargained with, they can’t be reasoned with, they do not, (for others who disagree with them whom they destroy), feel pity or remorse, or feel fear (that they could possibly be in error, as there is no introspection in them), and they absolutely will not stop, ever, until America is under the complete control of a socialist government.   In short, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, following Alinsky, liberals will attempt to have their way. They call their way justice, but there is no justness to it; their idea of justice is only complete and uncontested liberal power. Rush Limbaugh may have been paraphrasing President Reagan when he said that, to a communist official, peace is a lack of opposition to communism. As evidenced by their protests and vapid explanations, very many young people seem to be widely unaware, probably due to a liberal failing education system, that neither communism nor socialism allows a difference of opinion to be expressed openly or vociferously as does our Constitutional Republic.**

Liberals come to kill and to destroy. Compassion is voluntary and it is godly, and it is preferable to any good that government could possibly be said to do. Compassion is not stealing from some who earned, to give to others who have not earned. When Americans see a need, they tend to respond with open, willing hearts; I would note that Americans donate with money and personal help when need arises and opportunity is present. Witness the assistance and money which Americans gave to help people harmed by Hurricane Katrina, (ill-served by government’s many spectacular failures), and the Indonesian Tsunami; billions of dollars given, voluntarily, to victims of each, and much individual effort was actively shown to alleviate suffering from the hurricane. Americans are inspired to help by their animating faith, their love of others, and their understanding that if we do nothing, who will and if not when needed, then when? Government cannot inspire people as Americans’ own compassion so frequently does. Government can, and does, squelch Americans’ desire and ability to help by taking away American’s money by taxation, and taking away American’s time to help in person by requiring Americans to spend more time working to pay taxes. Recall the prescient words attributed to President Reagan, “The nine most frightening words in the English language, ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.’”

Liberals will not believe or conform to actual science if science disagrees with their goal(s).   Liberals will misuse language to further their agenda, and this is a point I wish to address now. Words mean things; it is with a common language that we are able to foster a society which works best for all. With a common language and agreement on the meaning of words we can successfully bargain and reason and co-operate.   And it is with the application of logic- including science- which, like gravity, cannot be rescinded, that should be used to do the work which can better our world.

Know this:   liberals want to destroy America and free enterprise. They are not looking to improve Americans’ access to a more equitable world by improving America and making free enterprise work even better for all.   To demonstrate how the liberals misuse language to defeat their enemies (you know, you and me, the people), I present a short list of words or phrases which I prepared for our edification in the defeat of liberals.



  • Systematic racism/oppression (of Black people): Liberals believe that all Black people are systematically oppressed due to racism of the general society. What we know, epistemologically and by empiricism, is that many Black people have succeeded to a great extent in our society, many surpassing the successes of (fill in whatever other color people are said to be) people. In America, many Black people have succeeded and continue to succeed in all walks of life including medical, financial, military, sports, industrial, written and spoken arts.   Do I suggest that there is no racism in America? Of course not, but, if it is systemic as the liberals claim, you wouldn’t know the names Dr. Ben Carson (an actual brain surgeon), Amy Ellis-Simon, Colin Powell, Rosie Greer, Bubba Smith, Deacon Jones, Jackie Robinson, Elijah (The Real) McCoy, Maya Angelou, and, of course, among the greatest of orators in American history, a very brave man, one of the men who paid a terrible price working fearlessly, (and unto death, even though he appeared to know he would pay a terrible price), to end the actual racism of the Democrat Party, including its military arm- the Ku Klux Klan- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  It is true that in municipalities/communities in which the levers of governmental power have been controlled by Democrats and their liberal policies for decades and decades, Black children, as a whole, do not fare as well in schools, and, relative to the larger society, poverty abounds.  It is self-evident that liberal Democrats need to be defeated for us all to realize a fair opportunity AND A BETTER OUTCOME for all Americans. Poverty, squalor and lacking education are just more of the tools of promotion of the chaos that liberals seek to plague America with as a part of their attempt to radically change America.  And it is no coincidence that the liberals foist this upon Black people.  If there is systemic racism, it resides comfortably in the hearts and minds of liberals, whether hateful or plain condescending.


  • Products of conception: These are words use to mislead pregnant women to believe that an abortion does not kill an unborn baby. These words are used by the organization, Planned Parenthood, (Abortion Center), founded to put an end to the fears that the founder of the organization, Margaret Sanger, had. Her fears most definitely included that Black people and others she found undesirable would reproduce in numbers which her polluted and liberal mind could not tolerate. (Margaret Sanger is possibly the most practiced White-Privileged Woman Ever or maybe tied with Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi.)   I would like to note that there are many people who say that there are more liquor stores in Black neighborhoods, per person, because there are powerful interests who want to make Black people drunk and unproductive. Well the previous list shows that there are many productive Black people who did not succumb to the proximity of liquor stores. But, it takes little imagination to figure out why there are more Planned Parenthood (Abortion) Centers in Black communities, per capita, than other communities. Despite their protestation, liberals like those who staff and fund, by taxation, Planned Parenthood (Abortion) Centers, seem to prefer them to be in Black communities. This promotes the destruction- literal destruction- of Black people and their families. If you want to know who hates Black people, then count the number of Black people killed, and see who killed them. One word: ABORTIONISTS.  This is more chaos that liberals seek to plague America with as a part of their attempt to radically change America.


Part II will include more examples; I will wrap up this part (I) with only two more examples.



  • Boy/Girl/Man/Woman: The liberal finds these words to be oppressive and hateful and summarily dismissive of people who do not identify as male or female. The liberal believes that if you refer to people so narrowly you are a bigot because, they argue, there are more than 2, and possibly as many as 71, genders. As evidence that the liberal has the ability to exercise their power in greater number than their relative size within the American population, I present restrooms and showers which are no longer restricted to only male and only female. Surely the majority of the people in America are appalled that not a small number of women and girls have come face-to-face with men, (who identify as not men), in what we once called “the ladies room” and “the women’s locker room.” This promotes the chaos that liberals seek to plague America with as a part of their attempt to radically change America.


  • ·       white privilege: To the extent that it exists, and I will not argue against or for its existence until it is actually defined for me and not amorphously thrown about, it should probably be called majority privilege, as you can safely wager that it would likely be a phenomenon in every society wherein there is a significant majority. In Japan, likely you would find Japanese privilege. In a country that is primarily composed of Black people or Brown people, I would think that one would likely find Black or Brown privilege. I reiterate, this is not to suggest that I believe the privilege exists, mind you, as it has never been defined for me. I have been told that the reason I cannot (or do not) realize its existence is because I benefit from it. This is an impotent way of saying, “Well if you don’t understand it, I’m not going to explain it to you.” This is usually followed by the person who said it sticking out their tongue, nyaaah nyaaah. Of course this obviates from having to explain the reasoning of those who claim that White privilege exists and prevails. It is unfortunate that the dialogue on what is called race in this country has been usurped by those who benefit from chaos and discord and mistrust as, after all, if you cannot give me the date that “racial parity” was achieved in America I do believe that there is a legitimate concern that we have not yet achieved it.

In other words, since prima facie evidence of a lack of racial parity, slavery, was ended in this country, can you tell me when the Black man and woman and the White man and woman were actually interchangeable in the sense that, as President John F. Kennedy suggested to us, would be represented by a White being willing to change skin to Black? If it really doesn’t matter what “color” your skin is, as it doesn’t much matter what color your hair is, or your eyes are,*** would you be willing to change your skin “color?” In fact, let’s dive just a bit deeper into that right now. This stirring up of racial-based discontent promotes the chaos that liberals seek to plague America with as a part of their attempt to radically change America.

Go to 3:55 in the video at this link and listen for a minute:  President Kennedy asked, “If an American, because his skin is dark, cannot eat lunch in a restaurant open to the public, if he cannot send his children to the best public school available [because liberals do not believe in SCHOOL CHOICE?], if he cannot vote for the public officials who represent him, if, in short, he cannot enjoy the full and free life which all of us want, then who among us would be content to have the color of his skin changed and stand in his place?”  Who, indeed? We do not seek a color-blind society because, just as roses are beautiful in different colors, so are people wonderfully and fearfully made in all “colors.”*** The Creator is creative, let us not hate His creation, but let us work against those who exploit differences He made for their own selfish fulfillment.

Next time:


  • ·       Elite privilege
  • ·       Male privilege
  • ·       Female privilege
  • ·       Eurocentric patriarchal power structure
  • ·       Gender-based waged gap
  • ·       And two different ways to view this video

Je suis Spike

** The fact of the matter is that we are no longer a republic in America, though we retain the appearance of a republic. With the end of state legislatures choosing Senators to represent, first and always, their particular states, replacing that recallable appointment with popular election, the Senators in America have been turned from statesmen to men and women who are more easily independent of state responsibilities and best-interest, due to being more vulnerable to big money influence from any number of sources outside their states. We should reinstitute the state-appointment of senators in order that they may be recalled more easily when they fail to represent their states.

By the way, speaking of using words properly, I would like to urge you to refrain from calling corrupt government officials “whores.” Regardless what you think of the morality of a whore, the logic of the word/concept is not amorphous, but definite. After all, a whore provides a service for a customer for money given voluntarily; you screw a whore and give your money TO a whore, whereas a corrupt government official screws you and takes money AWAY from you. It is a serious insult to compare a whore to a corrupt government official.   The whore is honest; the corrupt government official is not.

Whores everywhere are justifiably insulted by the comparison.

*** We are really just one race, the human race, with variation of appearance throughout.   We do not separate ourselves into races by eye color or hair color, after all; there is no brunette race or blond race. In reality, logic and science, (which liberals discount to their benefit), dictate that, with the exception of albinism, all people are the same color. We are all the color melanin, but in different densities; maybe it would makes sense to refer to people as lighter-skinned or darker-skinned if standing side-by-side, but better merely as people, generally, just woman, man, boy and girl. Or maybe man, woman, male child and female child?