Libs of TikTok threatened with being sold into human trafficking if account isn’t deactivated

December 15, 2022 in News by RBN Staff



Source: The Post Millennial

“This is no joke,” the post continued, “I will hunt you down Raichik in LA and sell you into human trafficking and kill all your friends and loved ones if you don’t ******* deactivate this account.”

Libs of TikTok takes videos of activists, teachers, and hospitals that are publicly available on TikTok and social media platforms and posts them on Twitter for the purpose of exposing what is driving some of the cultural fragmentation in American society. For this, account founder Chaya Raichik has been vilified, harasseddoxxed, and called all manner of horrible names online.

“You people are a group of ******* moronic a**holes who are just as hateful as the kkk,” read recent private messages that Raichik, a Jewish woman, shared on Twitter from the account @RedDedInfinite1. “If you don’t deactivate your account in 24hrs, I will burn your house down and sell you into human trafficking.”

“This is no joke,” the post continued, “I will hunt you down Raichik in LA and sell you into human trafficking and kill all your friends and loved ones if you don’t ******** deactivate this account.” That account has since been deleted, but an archive search shows that it was active up to December 14.

Raichick tagged the FBI and asked the federal law enforcement agency to review the posts. She shared an image of the user’s Twitter profile page, as well. The location listed is Pennsylvania, PA, and the user, RedDe&dInfinite04, with the account @RedDedInfinite1 lists that he has OCD, is a “big gamer” and a “Spongebob fan.”

“The deranged Left, who claims my tweets are terrorism,” Raichik told The Post Millennial, “turn a blind eye to the actual threats of violence I receive on a daily basis. While I am filing a police report, law enforcement and the FBI have also routinely ignored the very serious and credible threats against my life for reporting the truth.

“While the DOJ and FBI are busy investigating parents at school board meetings, myself and many other journalists are regularly in fear for our lives. They can make all the threats they want, I’m only going to fight that much harder to continue to expose the depravity of these unhinged lunatics,” she said.

Raichik noted on Twitter that she would be filing a police report. Jason Nelson, who ran to represent Texas in the US House, shared the user’s backup account and photos, which was labeled @RedDedInfinite1. Photos on the account from June 2022 show a man on vacation in Italy.

Raichik has been accused of hate speech simply for reposting, for example, videos of teachers promising to keep their students’ gender identities secret from parents, activists explaining how to use their very specific personal neo-pronouns, or doctors discussing how a child can know they are trans almost from birth.

The subculture that is intent on creating “trans kids,” furthering education in gender identity and adult sexual lifestyles in schools, and pushing for government intervention in families where parents do not simply go along with the “gender-affirming” model do not like being exposed.

One of the major arrows slung at Libs of TikTok is that the account posted promotional videos from Boston Children’s Hospital’s gender clinic in which doctors spoke about the services provided at their hospital for children and teens with gender issues.

The videos, in which doctors talked about giving puberty blockers and sterilizing cross-sex hormones to teens, elaborated on the use of double mastectomies of healthy breasts to treat gender dysphoria, vaginoplasties for teen boys, and spoke about how children can know they are gender divergent almost from birth, were not at all altered by Raichik.

In fact, the videos had been freely available on Boston Children’s Hospital’s website. The videos were exposed to an audience that does not believe children and teens should be subjected to medical sex changes, and it was this exposure, not the content, that leftist media pundits and LGBTQ activists took issue with.

The claim is that bringing these promotional videos from Boston Children’s Hospital out into the light where the public could see them was hateful, but in actuality, it is a service so that parents can know what they are up against a gender industry that seeks to make incredible profits off the butchery of children and teens.