LIES! Biden’s Disinformation Board Is Not New! Nina Jankowicz Reveals She Has Been Working For DHS SINCE MARCH!

May 23, 2022 in News by RBN Staff


Source: American Right TV

Biden’s supposedly new disinformation board may have been working in the background for longer than they led us to believe.

The disinformation governance board’s head Nina Jankowicz accidentally revealed that she has been working for the DHS since March, meaning they may have been secretly working with big tech companies to enforce the censorship of conservatives based on supposed disinformation.

Jankowicz received a call from Jason Goodman who attempted to interview her regarding her role in the board and how they would approach alleged disinformation.

Jankowicz revealed that she is not actually allowed to discuss her role in the DHS – claiming that the press room put an embargo on her ability to do interviews due to the “abuse and harassment she has been enduring”

Jankowicz later confirmed again that she has been an employee of the DHS dating back to March, but then strangely claimed that disinformation has nothing to do with her job.

Goodman pressed her for simple answers on what exactly the disinformation board would be doing at which point Jankowicz became extremely hostile and made it clear she was trying to cover something up before she ultimately hung up on Goodman.

Throughout the call, Jankowicz’s tone completely shifted as she realized Goodman was determined to get to the bottom of what exactly was going on with Biden’s disinformation board.