Lindsey Graham’s New Law (EARN IT) Would End Internet Privacy for Good

March 18, 2020 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Russia-Insider

Co-sponsors Blumenthal and Feinstein are Zionist Jews. Co-sponsor Hawley is rabidly pro-Israel, a tool for the Israeli lobby. Graham is going to bat for team Israel again. What Epstein-style kompromat do they have on this guy?

Eric Striker (National Justice

A new bill sponsored by Lindsey Graham, Richard Blumenthal, Josh Hawley and Dianne Feinstein called the EARN IT Act of 2020 will force encrypted communication providers, like Telegram and Protonmail, to give American intelligence services the ability to wiretap private chats or face steep legal penalties. The law’s supporters are using the cover of coronavirus panic to quietly advance it without much of a debate.

According to the bill’s text, it is intended to fight sex trafficking and child pornography online by criminally implicating tech companies that do not create a back channel for federal law enforcement to access on a whim. The nuts and bolts on how this will work has been kept opaque. A committee composed of members of the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security will set the terms only after it passes.

Graham and Blumenthal are both dyed in the wool Zionists, not child advocates. Dianne Feinstein, who represents Silicon Valley, is unlikely to have put her name to this bill without the explicit support of Facebook, Google, and other big tech firms suffering from a well-deserved lack of public trust. Josh Hawley, who claims to be a populist, appears to be attempting to channel wide support for ending tech censorship towards the nefarious end of increasing it.

Senator Ron Wyden has publicly opposed the bill, stating that it is “a transparent and deeply cynical effort effort by a few well-connected corporations and the Trump administration to use child sexual abuse to their political advantage, the impact to free speech and the security and privacy of every single American be damned.”

Wyden questioned the motives of the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security in supporting this effort. If combating child pornography and sexual abuse of minors is really a priority, why are federal law enforcement bodies dedicated to prosecuting pedophile activity short on manpower and underfunded?

The real motive behind this bill is to increase surveillance of white political dissidents in a time when the liberal order and Jewish power has become fragile.

Recently, debates on encryption in the Judenpress have been led by figures like Rita Katz and Will Bedingfield. Their complaint is that “white supremacists” are migrating to Telegram and other encrypted apps, thus skirting censorship. From May to October 2019, “far-right” Telegram channels increased 117%, from 65,523 to 142,486. Many popular nationalist commentators are rapidly building impressive audiences on Telegram as more and more people are banned from social media or abandon it. The claim is that these groups are “terrorists,’ but nothing is said about how many of the chatrooms featuring people soliciting others to commit crimes are run by undercover FBI agents themselves.

Clearly they don’t believe the “white terrorism” angle, their real motive, is compelling enough to survive public scrutiny when trying to get this law through.

The reason for the mass migration of dissidents to these platforms is due to a dramatic increase in political censorship on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and beyond. Dissidents from around the world have utilized encrypted chats to coordinate political activity for years, often times with the eager support of American intelligence agencies. Now that Americans and Europeans are responding to tyranny in our own countries in the same way, they want to put an end to this last bastion of private correspondence for good.

Ironically, the EARN IT act’s pretense of fighting pedophilia has given civil liberties groups like the ACLU and Electronic Frontier Foundation peer permission to publicly oppose it. If they had simply come out and said the law was intended to monitor white men engaging in political dissent, these organizations would’ve stayed silent, though it would’ve been a tougher sell to Republican voters in an election year.

The federal government has all the tools it needs to combat child pornography right now. What it lacks is political will and resources. In the last 6 months Congress has had far more hearings on “combating white supremacy” than combating the rape or exploitation of children.

This bipartisan effort by the Trump administration and Democrats, both in the pay of Jewish money, has nothing to do with protecting kids.


Source: National Justice