Mega-Rich Are Forcing Out Millionaires On ‘Billionaires Bunker” Island

January 10, 2024 in News by RBN Staff

source:  zerohedge

TUESDAY, JAN 09, 2024 – 09:20 PM

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The mega rich are forcing out millionaires as ‘billionaire bunker’ island, Indian Creek in Miami, Florida, increasingly becomes a private enclave of the uber elite.

A local historian told Bloomberg that even wealthy people can no longer afford to live on the island because they are being priced out by people like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.

“Only the very wealthy, the billionaires can afford to live in Indian Creek now. Hundreds of millions aren’t gonna cut it anymore,” said Paul George.

Bezos already owns multiple properties on the island and is looking to buy three more, having bought two neighboring homes on the island for a total of nearly $150 million last year.

Why anyone would need five or more properties on one single small island is up for debate, is it just so Bezos can avoid people or is he trying to construct something similar to Mark Zuckerberg, who keeps expanding his secretive Koolau Ranch hideout in Hawaii?

Zuckerberg is building a 5,000-square-foot underground doomsday shelter, something that Bezos is almost certainly trying to emulate.

The privacy of Indian Creek is a big draw for the ultra high net worth, as is the private police force, which “patrols the community around-the-clock by foot, sky, and land.”

The island can only be accessed via a single, guarded bridge and its famous residents have included Ivanka Trump, Carl Icahn, Colombian banker Jaime Gilinski, Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

The waterfront properties are ironically owned by many of the same people who push the narrative that man-made climate change is going to cause apocalyptic sea level rises.

Apparently, they’re going to be just fine though.

As we document in the video above, billionaires are busy buying up private islands in places like Hawaii, Fiji and New Zealand to prepare for what they call ‘the event’.

‘The event’, whatever it ultimately ends up being, will likely be driven by mass resentment towards the very world they created.

When this earth-shattering ‘event’ happens, the billionaires will scurry away into their underground doomsday bunkers which they have been carefully preparing for years.