December 28, 2020 in News by RBN Staff


Nashville, Tennessee Bombing: It Is Definitely NOT As The Liars In The Media Claim!


 Well, the day after Christmas, and back to the business at hand…. I knew that it would not take long for the pricks in charge in America to pull a stunt off just to try to scare the American public and lo and behold but this morning we find reports of a bomb blast in downtown Nashville Tennessee….

I have been watching a bit of the “News” from the criminal TALMUDVISION so called lying media whores try to give their ‘reports’ about this blast… Some are labeling it as a ‘terrorist attack’, but since there is no real motive for such an ‘attack’ when you consider that there is NOTHING for international ‘terrorists’ to gain by causing a bomb blast in downtown Nashville… And seriously, REAL terrorists if they wanted to make their mark in America would go after some major government facility in New York, Washington DC, or maybe plant a bomb where it would really do serious damage like in oil refineries along the Texas gulf coast… Nashville has NO real interest to ‘terrorists’ so something else was afoot here..

After searching for something to start my usual pessimistic investigation of this ‘attack’, I came across the following real eye opening report from Jim Stone’s site at, that I definitely want to share with my readers here:


The FBI entered that facility during all of this and removed the machines. the election audit is probably over.

Yes, the left has elevated election theft to violence, destruction and murder. No one died at the blast site, they played a speaker telling people to stay away but prior to this they have been killing people.

Yeah, they are nice people. They warned everyone to reduce deaths before they destroyed a facility that was going to be used to stop them from genociding millions.

Note the date of the tweet. This can no longer be found because the account has been suspended.

The Nashville mayor was laughing about this bombing on television. He’s a Dem. Now we know why.

We have a situation where the people throwing America into communism are committing violence to protect their election steal, while the useless gun owners and others sit and do NOTHING. Sounds like winning! THE LEFT KNOWS VIOLENCE IS THE WAY TO WIN, ALL THE WHILE THEY SCREAM ABOUT HOW BAD IT IS. Nashville just proved that.

Wars are fought for a reason. Because violence works! The good guys had damn well better WAKE T.F. UP.

UPDATE: THE FBI WAS ON SCENE IMMEDIATELY, ENTERED THE BUILDING, AND SEIZED ALL THE MACHINES. So that confirms what this was, and there will be no audit.

There were also reports of Adam Schiff getting arrested which I refused to post, but since other people blew that one to the moon I might as well post that I did not miss that. I just chose not to post it. It is probably true.

OK, I honestly have to hand it to  Jim for this one… The SITE of the bomb blast alone should have a lot of people with critical thinking skills stop and say “Hmmmmm..”….

And about the “mayor” of Nashville.. Jim is not alone in his claims that it is strange that criminal mayor has the GALL to stand there in front of cameras and actually start LAUGHING about what had just happened… Here is the link to a report from the “Hide Out Now” website that also noted this absolutely insane response from that person:

That reaction alone shows that evil prick who has the nerve to call himself ‘Mayor’ PROBABLY KNEW THAT THIS BOMBING WAS GOING TO HAPPEN….

And honestly, I do hope the citizens of Nashville get a hold of this video of this prick before it ‘disappears’ as most usually do and demand his immediate resignation and very possibly his arrest for his part in this crime as well..

And since that picture above from Jim’s site shows that the criminal ‘voting machines’ were indeed being held in Nashville and had been collected over the last week, apparently we have the REASON for that bomb blast which was absolutely to have those machines destroyed before they could show that the vote ‘counting’ in the November elections in the US were indeed a massive fraud and that criminal Joe Biden absolutely should never be the next US President..

Yes, I do believe that Jim Stone has ‘hit the nail on the head’ with this one… These pricks will stop at NOTHING to turn America into a COMMUNIST dictatorship and they did indeed set off that explosion to have those machines destroyed… Luckily according to the more recent reports, only ‘3’ people are seriously injured from this blast…

I will be keeping tabs on this ‘incident’ in Nashville… To me, this thing stinks to high heaven and I find it disgusting that the Jewish controlled media whores are out there putting up garbage and filling the minds of Americans with lies about this blast… But again, these pricks are in league with the bastards wanting to turn American into a communist country…

More to come