December 15, 2023 in News by RBN Staff



The Senate just passed the wholly unconstitutional and criminal 2024 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). To illegally spy on Americas, these politician puppets working actively against the Constitution and We the People have provided funding for the NDAA to the tune of $886 billion. That’s some theft via taxation to further subjugate the taxpayers that happen to be non-resident aliens of the foreign nation of Washington, D.C., and as such do not owe any said taxes, but we digress.

Now these criminal agencies like the FBI, CIA, et al. can further expand their “legal” warrantless spying of foreign targets and Americans who have communications with those foreign subjects to ever more draconian levels; a Constitutional loophole if there ever was one, especially in light of Trump’s “Russia collusion.”

In other words, there can be no Fourth Amendment when there is a gross aberration of the law like the NDAA, which is nothing more than the malignant metastasizing of the unconstitutional Patriot Act.

Snowden, an American hero, is currently hiding out in Russia because he dared expose the criminality of the US Government.

Utah Senator Mike Lee is seemingly doing his best to stop this Uniparty subversion of what is left of the last vestiges of the Constitution:

Representative Andy Biggs also appears to appreciate the dangers of this technocommunist power grab:

It is painfully obvious that the average non-brainwashed American (i.e. “domestic terrorist”) would never vote for such government overreach.

So how exactly does this tie into PSYOP-CYBER-POLYGON, which looks to be the next “emergency” that has been planned for the genetically modified debt/tax-slaves?

The Deep State is setting up their massive false flag in the form of a cyberattack to prevent the 2024 election. When the internet (and power grid) is turned back on, the FBI, CIA, et al. will have, under color of law, ever greater powers to spy on all Americans, especially those calling out their PSYOP-CYBER-POLYGON scam.

Some more color on this upcoming “cyberattack” scheme:

Not that criminal government agencies really abide by, nor honor, any laws to begin with; to these sociopaths, laws are merely inconveniences on the road to hyper-centralized dystopia.

They want you dead.

Do NOT comply.