New Controlled Food System Is Now In Place and They Will Stop at Nothing to Increase Control

May 13, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

source:  needtoknownews


Vertical farm
Corey Lynn wrote a comprehensive report and named those planning to disrupt food production, switching to vertical farming that incorporates genetically manipulated and traceable crops that are already being sold in the US. The food industry is monopolized by 10 companies, the majority of which include Vanguard and BlackRock as top shareholders. The ultimate goal is to have every human being, every piece of food, resource, and product on this planet tracked and traced via blockchain.

Summary by JW Williams

Big money is investing in vertical farming in cities and is designed to replace conventional farming. Vertical farming substitutes soil with aeroponics, hydroponics, or aquaponics. AeroFarms is the largest vertical farm, but its products feature CRISPR gene editing CRISPR that tampers with the DNA of the plant. They claim that they can go from seed to harvest in 15 days with their patented technology. The US is the leader in vertical farms and traceable food that is already sold in thousands of grocery stores across the nation.
Monsanto/Bayer is creating gene edited seeds for vertical farm companies, while Bill Gates, the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations, and the World Bank control 10% of the world’s germplasms and hold some of the world’s largest seed banks. Bayer and BASF, two of the world’s largest suppliers of seed, are both involved with the vertical farm industry.
The University of California is developing a plant-based mRNA vaccine in the hopes that farms can grow edible vaccine heads of lettuce.
The food industry is already monopolized by 10 companies, the majority of which include Vanguard and BlackRock as top shareholders.
Five key crops, lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, cilantro, and blueberries, are targeted for manipulation. GMOs already account for 75-80% of food Americans consume. BASF, Corteva (formerly Dupont), Syngenta (part of ChemChina), and Monsanto (now Bayer) control roughly 50% of the global seed market.
The author recommended building your own small scale vertical indoor farm or greenhouse. She wrote that families and communities growing food, building a homestead, and collaborating is a great step in the right direction. FarmMatch connects people with local farmers, and Seeds for Generations offers great heirloom seeds as well as free webinars and resources for building and growing your own food.

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