New Evidence Links Joe Scarborough To Intern’s Suspected Murder

May 21, 2020 in News by RBN Staff


Source: News Punch | John White

  • Joe Scarborough spun the media to print HIS version of intern Lori Klausutis’s death, pushing fake news about her underlying health problems.
  • A botched medical investigation was performed by corrupt Doctor Michael Berkland, who parroted Scarborough’s narrative. Years later Berkland was busted for illegally storing human body parts, and let off without conviction.
  • Lori Klausutis’s family have always denied ALL claims of “underlying health problems”.

President Trump set a bomb under Joe Scarborough with a devastating Tweet on 29th Nov, 2017.  Trump spotlighted the case of the dead Intern found in Scarborough’s office, opening the door for citizen investigators to turn up new evidence.


Lori Klausutis was 28 years old when her body was found on the floor of Joe Scarborough’s Florida office, at 8am on July 19th, 2001. A couple had gone to the office seeking advice, and found Lori slumped on the floor by the desk.

Authorities quickly moved to refute any idea this was suspicious: “Dead for some time” “No reason to suspect foul play” “no indication of suicide”.

But now this can be seriously challenged. Your News Wire has been made aware of quotes from the academic book “Diagnosing Death” that question both the medical examination AND Joe Scarborough’s own actions.

This first quote shows the narrative established by Dr Berkland originally omitted any mention of the head wound Lori had received. Later he would describe that wound as “a bruise” and maintain it was the result of a fall caused by cardiac arrhythmia. But blood and hair on the corner of the desk was never mentioned.

Dr Berkland’s version of Lori’s death relied on the insistence she had long term underlying health problems. Her family have always denied these claims, but without them, it is much harder to explain a 28 year old woman suddenly dropping dead.

Dr Berkland himself turned out to be running a house of horrors and in September 2012 he was busted for illegally stored body parts, tissue samples, organs, and brains, being kept in freezers in an industrial lock-up he was renting. Therefore we know for a fact that Berkland was corrupt when caught 11 years after Lori’s death. Despite this, according to the Daily Mail, he was let off without charges!

Berkland’s murky past also stretches to before Lori’s death. “Discovering Death” cites that in 1998 his licence was suspended for dodgy autopsy practices: he was re-instated on the personal intervention of Jeb Bush. So at the time of Lori’s death he already owed big favours to powerful Republicans.

Lori Klausutis.
Lori Klausutis.


Scarborough had announced his retirement as a Florida Republican in May 2001. He has always been aggressive and vociferous in slamming down any attempt to speculate about the dead woman in his office. He has threatened journalists such as Vanity Faire’s James Wolcott, Michael Moore, and Markos Moulitsas, simpy for daring to mention the case. In 2006 Katherine Harris was running for Republican Senate in Florida. Not all the Florida Rhino’s liked that, and some buttered up Scarborough, trying to interest him to return. Harris hit back by raising the scandal, which was a big mistake, as the Republican closed ranks and that was the end of her run. Scarborough has been brutal to keep the lid on this story.

Now “Diagnosing Death” contains this bombshell revelation:

It was Scarborough himself who was writing the “official narrative” being pumped over the airwaves just hours after Lori was found! HE was the source of the claims about her health.

“Within three hours” means that by 11am Scarborough was banging down the line to the local ABC affiliate dictating to them the faked-up story about Lori’s “complicated” health that her family has always refuted. The same story Dr Berkland relied upon to try and explain why a head wound and blood on a desk isn’t murder.

Its clear Scarborough’s fingerprints are all over controlling the media, and the investigation, into Lori’s death. Her family have every right to be dis-satisfied with how Lori’s death was handled and its an outrage that the narrative for Lori’s death comes from the bullying of Joe Scarborough and the suspect ethics of Dr Berkland.

What might a young woman have heard in a Republican office 2 months before 9/11? What if she learned something she wasn’t supposed to?

Her death broke the heart of her husband, US Airman Timothy Klausutis. Her memory deserved better than how she has been served.

Now this investigation, following the lead of President Trump’s spotlighting, shows there are scandalous details here that need to be tested in a Court of Law. Good to know Trump has his eye on Morning Joe!