August 24, 2020 in News by RBN Staff

source:  makeamericansfreeagain


NO executive order, health department order or regulation can require our business to PRACTICE MEDICINE WITHOUT A LICENSE. It has been brought to our attention that masks of ANY kind or any other device that restricts breathing in any way is a MEDICAL INTERVENTION. We do not have a doctor on staff to individually examine either our customers or our staff members to assure that masking will be safe for you or them, as is required by actual OSHA regulations. If you are not comfortable with our staff breathing freely, as is their & your God-given, constitutionally-protected Right, and think your own mask is not enough protection, then please refrain from entry. Please note that executive orders, whether from the president, governor or mayor, have ZERO FORCE OF LAW on ANYONE NOT EMPLOYED BY GOVERNMENT. And this is true even under a lawful state of emergency. Further, neither such orders nor orders or regulations put forth by any health department can violate existing laws & statutes, such as anti-discrimination & equal access statutes, Americans with Disabilities Act or the federal/state constitutions. We would further add that all properly controlled scientific studies have found ZERO BENEFIT in preventing the spread of any virus, and wearing a cloth mask is MORE HARMFUL THAN NO MASK in terms of infection risk. And ALL masks INCREASE RISK if not REPLACED EVERY 20-30 MINUTES. Virus particles are FAR smaller than ANY filtering mask can block. They range from 0.04-0.12 micrometers, and even an N95 mask can block no smaller than 0.3 micrometers. Any mask that you can breathe through has NO chance of stopping a virus. However, the moisture & warmth from your breath make any mask a PERFECT breeding ground for BACTERIA and MOLD, which you then breathe back into your body. The growing prevalence of “mask mouth”, where masking is causing HUGE increases in rates of gum disease & tooth decay, should be ALARMING to any thinking person, in terms of just how BAD the re-inhaled bacteria amount really is.