Ozempic: Big Pharma Obesity To Suicide Drug Quackery

March 18, 2024 in News by RBN Staff

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By Helena Glass
Helena-The Nationalist Voice

March 18, 2024

Weight Loss drugs promise the moon, the stars, and the sky!  Wegovy by Nordisk is one such monumental explosion.   The US trade name for Wegovy is Ozempic.   The newest drug of Hollywood and Oprah.   Their website claims that demand is so high, there will be interruptions in supply – so make sure and order five years worth …. Before it is yanked off the market.

Without insurance, Wegovy costs $270 per month.   The Phase 2 Trial was administered over a 68 week period on a total of 1961 people across 16 countries and required a reduced calorie diet (500 calories less than they were previously consuming) and exercise (150 minutes per week – undefined).   The placebo group only lost 2.4% of body weight whereas the Wegovy group lost 14.9% of their weight.  For the math challenged, that means that after 68 weeks of diet, exercise and a drug – if you previously weighed 220lbs, you now weighed 187 and paid roughly $4600.Dement, William C.Best Price: $1.77Buy New $9.09(as of 06:12 UTC – Details)

Who wins?  Big Pharma is raking it in!!!

What are the Ozempic warnings?   Thyroid C-Cell tumors, acute pancreatitis, acute gall bladder disease, hypoglycemia, acute kidney injury, anaphylaxis, diabetic retinopathy, increased heart rate, and suicide.   Other common reactions include:   nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, abdominal pain, headache, fatigue, dyspepsia, dizziness, distension, eructation, flatulence, gas reflux, nasopharyngitis.   The contraindications with other drugs taken by the participants has not been discussed.

The Phase 3 comparison Trial is ongoing over a period of 72 weeks enrolling 800 people.  Despite the adverse reactions and small weight loss, the Nova Nordisk drug has been approved by the FDA.  Jawohl!  Or maybe it’s Ya Vol.

What is NOT recommended by Nova, the FDA, or anyone with a hair width of brain is a ‘healthy diet’.  A diet that consumes only natural foods – no canned goods, no fructose, clean oils, organics, no nitrate sandwich meats, fast food, etc…   The global obesity rate is ‘predicted’ to reach 50% by 2030.   Forget cancer and heart disease, obesity is the new Pharma profit motivation.   While obese people are believed to be more prone to heart disease and cancer, the actual causes of these diseases still remain ‘unknown’ to Science experts.

According to NIH, the approval of Wegovy allows pharma to further study the main trac identified by Nova in weight loss and gain – GLP – 1 – RA’s.  Meaning the drug being prescribed is a Trial in of itself.   Just like CoVid.   To determine how bad the adverse events will become.

What causes obesity?   A person’s weight and psyche are believed to be fully formed by the age of 5-7.   If you are an obese child, this is your norm for life and mitigating it is extremely difficult.   The food you consume has become ingrained in the psyche – per your parents.   Your activity level as a child is groomed into your psyche throughout adulthood.  Binging is the typical result.  But according to Nova, obesity is hard wired into our brains from the days of cavemen…  Yes, Really.

Like everything else, Pharma has zero motivation to cure obesity.   Instead, they lure you into the spiral of AI photoshopped pictures and Hollywood claims in order to make money.   The side effects are icing on the cake!   The money?  Nova states that by 2035, the cost to treat obesity ‘complications’ will be $4 trillion annually.   Is that based on everyone taking their Wegovy drug?  Because the number of adverse complications from this ONE drug is 24 and counting…

Nova Nordisk website:  “We are working to change how the world sees, prevents and treats obesity”.   Sees:   that would include more obese people in fashion magazines and on television.   Prevents:   that would include – nothing.   Treats:  This is the Pudding & Pie!

Since the pandemic, Nova Nordisk shares have increased by 427%.   All A shares are owned by the Danish self governing foundation Nova Nordisk Foundation – the wealthiest charitable foundation in the world based in Denmark.  It was founded by August Kroch, a professor of zoophysiology in 1922.  In 1928, The Rockefeller Foundation provided Krogh a new laboratory building via the Copenhagen University. Between 1928 and 1936, the Rockefeller Foundation provided the Copenhagen University with three new buildings to enhance European Big Pharma.  Solidifying it Global Control.McDonald, ForrestBest Price: $3.16Buy New $26.54(as of 01:32 UTC – Details)

Because Nova Nordisk is a Danish company, its income is NOT taxed in the US.  In fact, the revenue from this one company represents the largest source of receipts for the Danish government.

Where all this leads is further distrust of Medicine, Doctors, and Pharma in general given the vast side effects that will cause severe debilitation, more prescriptions, and likely deaths.   Ultimately, this distrust will give rise to the resurgence of alternate healing, Chinese herbal medicine, and Native American pharma.   All of which relate to ‘quality of life’ vs suicide.

Certainly quacks and Big Pharma will try to intercede just as they did in the 1920’s as the Rockefeller Institute waged a massive campaign wherein all medicine that was NOT Big Pharma was “quackery”.   However, the adage “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” will cut decisively into Pharma’s ability to quack out the Truth.

America may descend into chaos, but it will not entirely fall – because then Pharma would have no one to Not Cure….   Big Oil would have no one driving cars made of rubber, plastic, vinyl and oil…   And Bankers would have no one to lend to, to build homes for No People.   This is their conundrum.