PanDemic or DemPanic?

April 10, 2020 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff



By Je suis Spike for RBN 


The Democrat Party is most certainly in a panic. They’ve been unable to oust President Trump from his office or drive his popularity down among those who voted for him. They are staring into electoral abyss with reverse coattails with the Joe Biden campaign apparently winning the Democratic nomination for President.   Do not be shocked if, though he wins the nomination, Joe Biden is not the actual candidate of the Democrat Party in November this year.

The Deep State and virtually the whole of the Democratic Party, being merely a subset of the Deep State, have tried very hard to harm President Trump’s ability to preside for these last three years and also to prevail in 2020. Every listener to RBN radio and reader of RepublicBroadcasting.Org is quite aware of this continuing smear campaign against the President by people who are in government to usurp the people instead of serve the people. It’s as though the elected say to the American people, “you serve, we rule.”

We’ve seen a ridiculous, baseless investigation into Donald Trump after a Democrat Opposition Research Dossier was fed to the FBI as though it was a legitimate allegation of wrongdoing on Trump’s part; in particular, he was accused of conspiring with Putin and/or Russia to help him win his election (against Hillary!) in 2016.

Then there was the ridiculous impeachment of President Trump, the charges so bogus as to be unworthy of being repeated here.   Of course both of those two attempts have failed.

Knowing that the impeachment would fail in the attempt to remove the President by supermajority vote in the Senate, the Democrat Party was hoping to have some fodder for their campaign commercials. Of course, what they still have not figured out is that Donald Trump, while better than most Presidents of recent years, is mostly a response to Democrat fecklessness, corruption and the American people’s realization that the Democrats have only two constituencies among Americans, the super-rich with whom they practice back and forth largesse with taxpayer money and those whom they’ve made dependent. (Of course the Democrats have constituencies outside of America, too: See the logical progeny of Charlie Trie and John Huang and others who benefit by trade practices and one-sided trade agreements that harm working Americans which drove manufacturing and good-paying jobs out of America.) Working Americans pretty much vote for Trump while the Democrats kick them and call them hateful because they believe that there are only two genders, that Americans, for all of our faults, are rather fair, generous and respectful of others, though unwilling to be forced to ratify lifestyles which not too long ago kept quiet.

All the while, the Mockingbird Media (MM) has trumped up one false accusation after another or otherwise attempted to inflame Americans with breathless reporting about one thing or another that the President did or failed to do which the MM hoped would drive down the President’s approval numbers as we approach what until recently was the all-but-certain reelection he would win in 2020.  (See reporting by one of the bravest human beings on the planet, Sharyl Atkisson, for a sample of the malfeasance of journalism that plagues the President and America.)

Then along came the corona virus– which I prefer by an inquisitive anagram: virus or a con?– to use to pound the American people into dust. And dust we are becoming, as Governor after Governor responds to the unhinged Fauci and his band of Deep State cohorts who are using the virus as an excuse to do everything possible to teach the American people to never vote for someone other than a Deep State toady again.   They would literally destroy America and impoverish all Americans before allowing Trump to win again.  You must understand who these people are and what they are.  They are completely without empathy or sympathy for the people.  You see, they’ve controlled a multi-trillion dollar corporation for years now, with franchises (military bases) around the world and they are not going to give it up.  Their love of money has driven them to engage in commerce which has led them to extreme violence, (see Ezekiel28:16).  Evil?  Yes, they support unborn babies being shredded to death inside their mother’s wombs.  Can you get more evil?

Many State Governors are using executive power, (not just power, meaning legitimate power, which is only by consent of the governed), to stop people from using beaches, parks and other outdoor venues to do the one thing they can do to help themselves battle a virus, get some fresh air and sunshine.   Some Governors are even forbidding people gathering to worship God. Of course, the Constitution says that Congress shall make no law regarding an establishment* of religion. While said to be a right that we have- to worship- the Constitution didn’t say out of control, pants-wetting, wannabe tyrant Governors couldn’t curb your right to worship in a manner consistent with the dictates of your conscience.   Also, many of these Governors have delayed elections for their pals and/or themselves, just like the Democrats have always said Trump would do because “Trump is literally Hitler.” Where is the condemnation in the press for that?

So we have a government that has shut down the livelihood of many Americans who are about to be impoverished, and has fomented fear such that many people’s hearts will fail them for fear.  Who will be held responsible?

I don’t see this ending except in any of three ways:   Americans, never to regain what we once were, and then completely under the thumb of tyrants; Americans, “set free” briefly at the behest of President Trump, only to suffer the release of a truly harmful agent, Trump being blamed for the resulting mayhem; America throwing off tyrants and re-establishing the appearance of a republic which we most recently have had, though not an actual republic. Well there is a fourth, but I don’t have to write it, you know what it is.


God blessed America,

Je suis Spike


  • I think that the word “establishment” should be read as a noun, not a verb; you know, like your favorite restaurant before Fauci killed it was a fine ESTABLISHMENT.   Establishments of religion would then include, buildings, worship services, acts of charity, traditions, rituals and the like. Congress should make no laws regarding these.