Paxton Impeachment Trial: Proven Facts & Evidence Didn’t Matter to Democrats

September 19, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

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By: Devvy Kidd

September 18, 2023

By now, the whole country knows our Attorney General, Ken Paxton, was acquitted on every article in the sham impeachment.  Trial was in the senate  as a result of the Texas House of Representatives voting to impeach Paxton this past May.

I watched all 4 ½ hours last May of the impeachment hearings in the House.  It was shocking.  Cooked up accusations based on NOTHING.  The House ‘Managers’ who hate Paxton called no witnesses, no one was put under oath.  It was all done in secrecy and then sprung on the House members with little more than 48 hours-notice.

60 House Republicans voted to impeach Paxton that day including the permanent seat warmer who “represents” me, Rep. Do Nothing Drew Darby.  A dullard who will win his primary again in March 2024 because no one runs against him.  Politics is a dirty, filthy game.  Darby won the last two elections uncontested.  Sickening.  SHAME ON EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN WHO VOTED TO IMPEACH based on third hand hearsay and gossip.

I watched or listened (while doing mindless chores) to every single minute of the senate trial which lasted 8 days.  What I couldn’t watch or listen to because of errands outside my home, I watched at night as C-SPAN archived them daily.  What I watched was obscene.

There were 11 attorneys for the prosecution (this was a trial with Lt. Gov.  Dan Patrick presiding as judge).  The “finest” legal minds in Texas at $500 bux an hour who had three months to prepare for trial.  Supposedly they were going to produce evidence that would throw Paxton out of office.  Let me tell you something.  I’ve been in federal court rooms before and watched a couple of trials.  Those prosecution attorneys were totally unprepared except to sling mud.  Paxton’s attorneys chewed up their witnesses and spit them out like a wood chipper with proven facts and actual evidence.

This all started three years ago.  Paxton has been constantly smeared by media whores who concoct lies for the biggest newspapers in this state.  In a nutshell, the media (print, Internet and boob tube) in the big cities made sure to besmirch his reputation and drag Paxton through the sewer because he’s a Republican who’s done more than any other Attorney General in this country to indict and convict on election fraud, human and sex trafficking, going after the career criminal in the WH, fighting the fraud of the alleged Biden “win”, going after Google (which I stopped using at least 15 years ago) and more.

GOP Speaker of the House, Dade Phelan, is worse than a RINO.  He and his co-conspirators, mostly Democrats, should ALL be thrown out in the March primaries.  Paxton called out Phelan for being drunk on the House floor while conducting business.  Paxton beat George P. Bush, son of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and nephew of Bush, Jr., in 2022 by a whopping 39%.  Here in Texas, they say there are no coincidences in Austin.  A few days before the House impeachment, little Georgie P. Bush quietly renewed his law license, confident Paxton was going to get thrown out of office.  I mean, the Bush dynasty here in Texas is so powerful, it’s a sure thing.  Uh huh.  Overturn the last election.  That plan backfired.  How their tighty whities must have curled right up their backsides when Paxton was acquitted of all charges.

There’s an old saying: politics in DC is a blood sport.  Well, what happened to Paxton and the fight to prove his innocence is right up there with the BS impeachment hearings against Trump as well as all the indictments so far.

I’m not going to cover all the articles in the impeachment, but let me give just a couple of examples.  This is from Article 10 (see here).  The aforementioned prostitute media yelled and fussed for three years Paxton took a bribe from a land developer named Nate Paul; it was a campaign donation.  In exchange, Paxton would do everything in his power to help Nate Paul with his legal troubles.

Paul would install new granite counter tops and new cabinets in the Paxton home.  Apparently, there was bad flooding from storms which ruined flooring, etc.  When Paxton’s crack attorneys cross examined, what did they have?  Something the prosecution’s legal team failed to obtain:  evidence that would have blown that accusation like Yellowstone National Park’s Old Faithful Geyser.

Paxton’s legal team had photos taken last month of the same kitchen with the old countertops and cabinets.  The Paxton’s decided not to have the work done as they just couldn’t afford $20,000.  In fact, Paxton’s attorney’s produced correspondence between Paxton and USAA regarding getting reimbursed for covered damage.  The whore media never stopped pounding on that “bribe”. The prosecution swallowed a piece of excrement.

Many of the articles accused Paxton of giving Nate Paul “the keys to the AG’s office”.  Again, the prosecution’s witnesses, all attorneys, going on nothing but gossip and third-hand hearsay ended up looking like twisted pretzels.  What did Paxton’s attorneys produce during cross of the prosecution witnesses?  All the letters from Nate Paul accusing Paxton’s office of doing nothing to help him!  Paul had filed state records act requests against the FBI and state agencies as he felt he’d been railroaded.

Nate Paul’s “keys to the AG’s office” didn’t work out too well for him.  His letters were angry and royally pissed off Paxton’s office wasn’t doing anything to help him.

Four of the fired prosecution witnesses went to the FBI in late 2020 with their “suspicions”, “concerns” and no evidence. They admitted so under oath on cross.  The next day they go see their boss, Paxton, and tells him they ratted him out to the FBI and now have whistleblower protection.  Jumping Jehoshaphat!  What a game plan!

AG Paxton did make a bad choice a few years ago.  His wife is a state senator; she was present but could not vote.  Paxton apparently had an affair for which he reportedly apologized.  During the senate trial, the prosecution was relentless in shoving it in Mrs. Paxton’s face while she sat there.  No doubt she was humiliated.  The Paxton’s worked it out which is their business.  The “mistress” got a job with Nate Paul because Paxton “wanted” his “mistress” to get the job.  Years ago.  The woman (who was excused from testifying) still works in the same position, still pays for her own apartment and life.

On Sept. 13th, the prosecutions ‘star’ witness was Blake Brickman, one of the four fired attorneys who sued the Office of the AG, not Paxton; go for the deep pockets.  Well, it seems Brickman is quite wealthy in his own right.  On the stand he dripped with arrogance and raw hatred for Paxton.

Mediation and settlement were discussed at length during the trial with Brickman showing up at the first mediation meeting bellowing he would not participate!  In other words, he wanted his day in court to rip Paxton a new one.  Funny thing, though.  I guess Brinkman’s legal counsel told him the numbers for settling were in the millions so who shows up a week later for the mediation discussion?  You got it.  Guess he could smell the greenbacks.

And then – OMG – talk about high drama.  Mr. Hardin, lead prosecution attorney (who gave a down-home folksy performance while bumbling around for exhibits) suddenly announces the prosecution rests.  I almost fell off my chair.  WHAT?

The senate chamber was in shock.  It was the end of the day, Sept. 13th, and I was really looking forward to Tony Buzbee (main legal counsel for Paxton) cross examine Brinkman next day but it never happened.

Then Paxton’s attorneys brought forth their witnesses.  Some had been judges but all of them had worked for other governors, former U.S. prosecutors, clerked in DC; serious resumes.  As a matter of fact, Lt. Gov. Patrick announced at the beginning that since he isn’t a lawyer and has no legal training, sitting behind him were three lawyers and next to him a lady judge who sits on a Texas Court of Appeals to help him sort out the law, objections, objections, objections.

Buzbee, then Osso and I forget name of the third main Paxton lawyer, skillfully shredded the prosecutions case because they and their team actually obtained documents, texts, emails and more, all entered into evidence.  Let me spell that: E-V-I-D-E-N-C-E.  Buzbee and Osso are criminal defense attorneys who know how to cross and they were ruthless going after prosecution witnesses.

Prosecution attorneys brought a toothpick to a gun fight.  They were no match for Paxton’s attorneys and the truth.  Predictably, despite real hard evidence, Democrat senators voted to impeach because Democrats care NOTHING for the truth, only to “win” at all costs.

Anyone who reads my columns know I am not a Republican.  I quit the GOP in 1996 because they refuse – even when holding the majority in Congress and the WH – to cure problems instead of more Band Aids and too many of them lie every time they open the pie hole in their face.  The truth doesn’t belong to any political party.  If Paxton was guilty then he should have been removed.  Now he goes back to work.  After the House impeached him in May, so went his paycheck.

Before adjourning until January 2025, Lt. Gov. Patrick praised the senators (expected), brought forth some things that need to get done so if this should happen again (hadn’t in over 100 years) and hopefully, the process would be a little smoother.

Then.  Drum roll.  He tore into the House Impeachment Managers.  Like a tornado.  I sat here stunned, really.  Didn’t think Dan Patrick had it in him.  Wow.  Patrick also highly recommended people go watch John Smithee on You Tube.  I watched it live during the House impeachment political hatchet job.  Video:  Lt. Gov. Patrick at 4:30 into video.

Smithee is a Republican who served on the House Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence Committee, won in front of the Texas Supreme Court with a resume a mile long. Graduated from Texas Tech University School of Law.  That video is 19:52 and obliterates both Republicans and Democrats for even bringing an impeachment hearing against Paxton.  The man is 72 years old and didn’t miss a beat.  You can watch it here.  Believe me, it’s worth 20 minutes of your time.

Now it’s over.  Paxton will go back to being a force to be reckoned with as Attorney General and I’m betting a number of the prosecution cheerleaders (senators) and lawyers probably headed to the nearest downtown bar.

This was a political hit job.  It was obscene, disgusting and one can only hope voters in our March primary oust GOP Rep. Murr, GOP Speaker of the House, drunk Dade Phelan and the rest of them who voted to keep that unfair “nothing burger” rolling right along.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick also didn’t like what happened in the House so he’s ordering up a complete audit of every penny spent by the House Managers for that sham impeachment.  It will be millions of our taxpayer dollars.  Eleven attorneys on the prosecution side, almost all from outside firms (the best and brightest!), a half dozen representing Paxton (I think 3 were outside defense attorneys), all the senators, their staff, hotels, plane fare (Texas is a huge state), food, gas (if they drove), opening the senate chamber, security and the list of expenses goes on.  Not to mention three months of pre-trial preparation at $500 bux an hour for each attorney working the case.

Speaking of time, I don’t have a real job like probably most of you do, but I’ve made it very easy for you to go back and watch the senate trial.  Because they’re recorded you can skip the side bars, breaks and late starts which cuts out hours and hours.  Watch segments (write down where you left off) in the evening, over lunch, on the weekend.  Share this with Texans or even if you live in another state.

After every prosecution witness was done being flayed by Paxton’s attorneys, they left the witness stand looking like they got sucker punched.

High drama Sept. 13, 2023, when the prosecution blundered and rested their case.  Stunning.  After Hardin announced rest, he realized what he did but it was too late.  Delicious, the expression on his face.

Here is a breakdown of how every senator voted on each article.  If the vote on just one article was guilty, Paxton would have been removed from office.  Didn’t happen, thankfully.  There were 20 articles; 4 were put aside by agreement. My first term senator, Kevin Sparks, voted no on every single article.  I’ll fire off a very short snail mail letter to him this week (His Midland office now they’re out of session; Sparks lives in Midland and has an office there) thanking him for doing the right thing.

Roll call vote:  Here’s how each Texas senator voted in the impeachment trial of Ken Paxton

Senate Audio/Video Archive — 2023.  The entire senate trial is there as of Sept. 17th.  Otherwise, just choose the year, then month.  But, since they’re now out of session until 2025, they may stay up for a while.

Brinkman’s testimony was on the 13th, Part III, beginning at 1 hr. 21 minutes.  Too bad Buzbee didn’t get to cross examine Brinkman.

Closing arguments from both sides are really worth the time to watch.  Talk about high theater.  First up for the prosecution was RINO Rep. Murr who never met a mirror he didn’t love. (I watched him during the House impeachment.) It starts here at 26:22. Then Paxton’s wrecking ball, lead attorney, Tony Buzbee, shredded Murr’s pile of lies.

Buzbee’s closing words:  The Bush Dynasty ends here, today.