Pelosi “hammer attack” story blows up on media, Democrats

October 31, 2022 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Cairns News


DID you hear the story about the crazed right wing conspiracy theorist who broke into the home of Nancy Pelosi, the US Speaker of the House of Representatives, and attacked her husband Paul with a hammer, shouting “where’s Nancy?”

If you were listening to Australian media a few days ago, you would have heard the story repeated at the top of radio news bulletins and on TV news. It quickly developed into a sombre narrative repeating warnings about “political violence”, and coinciding with the Democrats’ so-called “January 6th Insurrection” show trial.

The attacker, we were told, had an online presence with links to “Covid vaccine conspiracies”, Qanon and “election deniers like Mike Lindell”. The big problem to emerge a day or two later about this story was that it simply did not add up.

Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, helped highlight the emerging counter-story when he posted, but later withdrew, a report on the incident by The Santa Monica Observer, saying Paul Pelosi was well known in gay circles and had probably picked up his attacker earlier in the evening.

A Twitter post on DePape’s friends getting married in the nude and DePape (next photo second from left) with his commune friends.

The Observer is an offbeat weekly newspaper and online publisher. Cairns News could not link to the site because of an “unknown error”. The site was rubbished as “unreliable” because they published some dubious stories about Hillary Clinton dying and incidents involving aliens.

But online and on-ground sleuths were demolishing the official story regardless. For instance, it emerged that the “radical right wing conspiracy theorist” DePape was registered with the Green Party and lived in an old bus outside a residence occupied by nudist activists and flying an LGBTIQ flag. Well, that’s some very special right wing conspiracy theorist right there!

A neighbour also told interviewers “there was something strange about the whole household”. She said DePape was “birds of a feather” with the household members who she described as “nudists and drug abusers”. When asked what she thought their politics were she said “I imagine they are more left-leaning because of their support for the gay community and others”, although she couldn’t be sure.

Asked if there were “any signs of antisemitism” the woman said “You know, they are completely unhinged, so I wouldn’t be surprised at all”. Photos also emerged on Twitter of DePape filming the nude wedding of a couple from the household at San Francisco City Hall in 2013. Another photo showed DePape watching TV with children and adults at the property – all under a blanket.

By this stage the media’s portrayal of DePape as a right wing, Democrat-hating conspiracy nut was beginning to look shaky. So was Paul Pelosi’s strange story as related in a 911 call to police.

Pelosi told 911 that the name of the “intruder” in his house was David, that he was “a friend” and wanted to see Nancy. According to CNN’s follow up story, he also had a bag of zip ties. Police said when they arrived they found the pair grappling for control of a hammer. Another report said they both had hammers and both were in underwear. We wonder, why?

Regardless, DePape got control of it and apparently hit Pelosi on the head, at which point the cops intervened and arrested DePape. Perhaps the security cameras at the upmarket home could reveal something? But no go. The Pelosis, for some strange reason, are keeping it to themselves.

And the break-in evidence? Well, um the SFPD didn’t mention anything specific there. However video footage from a news chopper showed a back door window had been smashed, but from the inside. That also didn’t rate a mention in police reports.

And then there was the report in the LA Times said when police arrived, someone opened the door from the inside and when police came in DePape and Pelosi were both holding a hammer with one hand.

A Fox News commentator said the questions such as who opened the door, the outward-broken door glass, the absence of high resolution security camera and police body cam footage, all demanded transparency in their reporting – especially since this involved a person connected to a person in Congress.

The revised story that Pelosi had hired a gay prostitute, and things took a turn for the worst when some sort of dispute arose, was beginning to look more credible. And so was the possibility of a false flag attack to garner voting sympathy for the Democrats – especially since it was noted by the White House spokeswoman that “Where’s Nancy” was also being yelled out during the January 6th “insurrection”.

The “bag of zip ties” report was also linked to January 6th by the leftist news site Axios, a media partner to NBC. This added to “the menacing circumstances surrounding the home invasion” Axios reported.

Paul Pelosi himself is not a reputable witness. He was arrested on May 28th on drunk driving charge after he crashed his Porsche into a Jeep at high speed in Napa County. While still strapped in his wrecked car, Pelosi handed officers a 11-99 Foundation card, which shows he has donated to the charity providing scholarships for children of police officers. Pelosi got off with a hand slap.

Nancy Pelosi is also known to be big drinker, to the point where she has been unable to string together a sensible sentence at media briefings. A grainy but fairly convincing video also showed her and Paul staggering drunk below the stairs in a hotel passageway. Paul managed to scale the stairs but came crashing down when he lost his footing.