Pfizer, Moderna, J & J: Will Grand Juries Recommend Criminal Charges?

October 30, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

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By: Devvy Kidd

October 30, 2023

The carnage from those experimental gene therapy injections continues.  It will NOT stop unless Americans demand their state attorney generals convene grand juries to investigate one of the greatest crimes against humanity ever.

As someone who has written a gazillion words since early 2020 and spent countless hours doing research, the truth about those injections continues to surface as scientists and doctors evaluating the contents find even more devastating scientific results.

To this day, ignorant college boards are again requiring a student to take an experimental injection which can kill or disable them for life or forget getting an education.  They should all be jailed.  No college degree from some big name college/university indoctrination center is worth your life and future.

Same for medical personnel in all fields from doctors and so-called scientists from big name hospitals like John Hopkins.  “Yes. The two mRNA vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna, authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), are very safe and very good at preventing serious or fatal cases of COVID-19. The risk of serious side effects associated with these vaccines is very small.”

None of them have a shred of credibility left.  Those “vaccines” are safe so mandatory for nurses, technicians and even janitors in hospitals.  Their denial and ZERO knowledge of what has happened as a result of those experimental injections is no excuse.

Tragically, school districts across this country, also drowning in ignorance and denial, have added the COVID-19 “vaccine” to the list of cocktails for kids.  It’s heart breaking.

Career politicians like my governor (TX) Greg Abbot and our alleged “health & safety” committee did NOTHING to stop distribution in this state.  In early 2021, I wrote six letters to both Greg Abbott and every senator on that committee warning them about those experimental injections. That they were NOT vaccines.  That the FDA considered (Pfizer & Moderna) their product gene therapy.  Gene therapy treats diseases like cancer and is not a vaccine.  Mis-labeling is a felony.  Fraud does not protect vaccine manufacturers and their precious immunity.  Response:  Crickets.

I remember quite well all the demonstrations at state capitols from angry Americans who couldn’t go to work, who had to wear a mask and other draconian measures based on NO science.  Demonic governor of Michigan, Gretchen Witless Whitmer, another one of Satan’s Pimps didn’t give a tinker’s damn.  She was still getting her fat paycheck.

So where are the demonstrations now that over 500,000 Americans are dead from those injections?  I base that number on several sources but the only way to get something close to the actual number is through Medicare & Medicaid death files and hospitals.

The number of now permanently disabled has yet to be determined because there has to be a forensic investigation which will be time consuming.  Ed Dowd has come up with 1.3 MILLION more disabled added to the count for last year if I remember correctly from one of his recent interviews.

Injuries from the injections that range from mild to catastrophic will also require a forensic investigation into state and federal records.  Since Dec. 2020, after the injections were released, injuries are well over 1.6 million.  The reason actual hard numbers will never be known as VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) is a joke with about 1-10% reporting.

SAFE?  Short video clip says hell no while professional politicians (governors), hyenas in CON-gress, “safety & health experts” across the country demanding everyone get those injections:  Hello Pfizer, Moderna: Women Injured By COVID Jabs Send A Powerful Message To The CDC & FDA, Dec. 17, 2021.

This video was filmed at Hilldale College.  What’s in the Pfizer Documents? Speaker:  Dr Naomi Wolf, April 17 2023.  Very important information.  Same as below – remember Pfizer wanted the court to seal their internal documents for 75 years.  Judge said, nah.  Let’s see what you’ve been hiding:

Report 69: BOMBSHELL – Pfizer and FDA Knew in Early 2021 That Pfizer mRNA COVID “Vaccine” Caused Dire Fetal and Infant Risks, Including Death. They Began an Aggressive Campaign to Vaccinate Pregnant Women Anyway.  April 29, 2023, Pfizer Documents Analysis Project

“The batch of Pfizer clinical trial documents released in April 2023 by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under court order contains a shocking, eight-page document titled, “Pregnancy and Lactation Cumulative Review.” The data in the Cumulative Review span “…from the time of drug product development to 28-FEB-2021.” A Pfizer employee, Robert T. Maroko, approved the Review on April 20, 2021. (p. 8)

“This document is among the most horrifying yet to emerge into public view. It reveals that both Pfizer and the FDA knew by early 2021 that Pfizer’s mRNA COVID vaccine, BNT162b2, resulted in horrible damage to fetuses and babies. (Though I arrived at the conclusions in this article on my own from reviewing the document linked here, Sonia Elijah previously covered some of this same material on April 22nd on TrialSiteNews and on April 26th on Substack and Redacted.) Pfizer tabulated.” Rest at link.

This video is by Dr. Richard Fleming.  His bio is here; witness for a grand jury.  Two YEARS ago, while the carnage and deaths have continued.  Have You Ever Wondered What the Pfizer Vaccine Actually Does to You?  The Following Video Shows What Happens When the Pfizer Vaccine is Added to Human Blood.  This was recorded 25 October 2021

Operation Bloðorn Affidavit for Indictments.  Affidavit for Indictments of Lloyd Austin, Xavier Becerra, David Franz, Chris Hassell, Rochelle P Walensky, Janet Woodcock, F. Fleming Crim, Francis Sellers Collins, Anthony Stephen Fauci, Peter Daszak, Ralph S Baric, Shi Zhengli, William Henry Gates III, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

“The much-awaited USA Crimes Against Humanity Tour (CAHT) has now begun.  Please join Kevin W. McCairn, PhD; Charles Rixey, MA; Jennifer Bridges, RN; Thomas Renz, JD; Steve Kirsch, other select speakers along with myself.   We are NOT interested in Civil action, misinformation, or people lining their pockets with money.  Everything presented must be supported by REAL Evidence that can be presented in a Court of Law, and will be.  We invite you to join us on this journey as we continue the fight on behalf of our children, our grandchildren and generations beyond.”

For the Full Deposition to Submit to Prosecutors and Grand Juries for Indictment of those who have committed Crimes Against Humanity  – Click on that and watch the video.  Actually, it’s a film with several parts.  Any grand jury who watches it, I believe, would return a true bill.  Yes, this is all very time consuming but Americans (and the people of the world shot up) must take the time to become informed and then act as I’ve done.

I know from experience (a close family member) those who took those experimental injections (doctor insisted) do not want the truth.  It scares them.  Denial:  I’m fine so leave it.  My family member took them 18 months ago and her health ( her doctor said you must get one) has been steadily declining and she’s in a lot of pain.

If you don’t die within a few weeks, it can take 4-18 months after getting jabbed for the technology to start destroying your natural immune system.  Someone with no comorbidities could take 3-5 years and then premature death.  It’s not easy for me to write these columns because it just tears at my heart strings.

The ‘genie is out of the bottle’ and cannot be put back.  The truth, despite the NEVER -ENDING LIES pumped out by the prostitute media (ABCCBSNBCCNNMSNBCNY TimesUSA TodayReuter’sAP and all the rest of them – the truth backed up by actual science is now out of the bottle.  This is a dangerous time because the guilty are now backed into a corner and with so much at stake, they are dangerous.  The guilty want to silence us because the cry around the world, censored by the media in this country, is I will not comply and we will fight you.

So many have “died suddenly” at home, at school, on a sports field.  Don’t know why, hurry and get them into the ground.  It’s the new medical category:  SADS – Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

So many lives ruined from teens to adults.  Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart muscle which reduces the heart’s ability to pump blood.  It causes chest pain, shortness of breath, rapid or irregular heart rhythms.  It weakens the heart so your body doesn’t get enough blood.  This can lead to clots forming in your heart leading to a heart attack or a stroke.  Pericarditis is fluid build-up in a sac around your heart which affects how well your heart is working.

Now, look at the thousands, not hundreds of athletes, but thousands, since those injections were unleashed who’ve died on the field in many countries besides the U.S., had heart attacks or can no longer play their sport.  Like soccer players.  One story I posted in a column was about a father weeping in a video; it was awful to watch.  His son, an up-and-coming soccer star will never play again.  17-years old and will now be leading a somewhat sedentary life to keep strain off his heart:  Myocarditis.

Cutting off the Head of the Snake: Swiss Banker Pascal Najadi Calls on Swiss Authorities to Arrest People Behind the Release of “Bioweapon” COVID-19 Shot in New Documentary (VIDEO), Oct. 21, 2023

The Mayo Clinic recommends getting vaccinated as prevention against Myocarditis.  Won’t prevent it, but “might help”.

High School Cardiac Arrest – 16 yo boy from Illinois had a cardiac arrest while sitting at his desk in class: COVID-19 mRNA vaccine induced subclinical (silent) myocarditis is extremely dangerous, March 31, 2023

Student on life support after collapsing during basketball game – 18-year-old has been playing sports since he was 10, Feb. 2, 2023

“THAT IS NOT TRUE!” – BOOM! Sen. Rand Paul Catches Moderna CEO Lying to Senate Committee on Myocarditis in Young Vaxxed Males – Calls Him Out and Enters into Record His Public Deceit (Video), March 22, 2023

CDC Cover-up Exposed: CDC Hid Hundreds of Hospital Reports Showing Vax is Causing Myocarditis, Sept. 6, 2023

WHO Warns Of ‘Unusual’ Surge in Severe Myocarditis in Babies, May 20, 2023

Dr. William Makis Drops Bombshell COVID Shot Paper: mRNA Shots Make IgG4… Suppresses Immune System, Causing Re-infections, Autoimmune Diseases (Myocarditis) & cancer, June 5, 2023

HUGE: 101 Page Whistleblower Document Reveals The Biden Pentagon Suppressed Concerns About COVID Shot Side Effects And Many Soldiers Suffered Horrifying Injuries As A Result, Feb. 14, 2023

Fingerprints of Unvaxxed Teachers Flagged to FBI, Feb. 14, 2023

EXCLUSIVE: Stunning new data pulled from the Medicare database shows how each shot increases your risk of death – We can now see very clearly what is going on. Shot #1 bumps your risk of death by around 20%. Shot # 2 bumps it another 20%. Shot #3 bumps your risk another 10%. Feb. 9, 2023

Covid jab spike proteins invade “all major organs,” accelerate cellular aging, Jan. 30, 2023

Neurological Injury – Spike protein accumulates in the brain and causes infarcts, bleeds, inflammation – Pfizer & Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccines cause severe neurological injuries, April 7, 2023

COVID-19: The Omega Brief, Sept. 13, 2021 – A little over two years ago.  Paxton opens investigation May 1, 2023.  Those dedicated Texans delivered it to city councils, County Commissioner Courts, school & hospital boards (see map here).  Ignored and how many Texans – including children have died or become permanently disabled since?  But, now it’s up to AG Paxton’s office to bring a state RICO case against all of the guilty.

Pfizer issued a press release Friday stating that mRNA covid vaccines “show increased risks” of myocarditis + pericarditis, Oct. 17, 2023 – The need to be thrown in jail as Pfizer has known this for years.

Teenagers in devastating MYOCARDITIS (MYO) situations with damaged lungs & hearts after mRNA technology COVID injections; jail, take the medical license of all doctors who guided to take jabs & lied.  Brilliant Makis does a massive job with 5 cases of prior healthy teens, April 5, 2023

“Nothing, nothing about this fraud pandemic was true, it was all a lie, 100%, starting with the true nature of the pathogen (exposure) we have been dealing with, to time lines, to release, to the lockdown response, to the mRNA gene injections they brought. All of it, not one thing, the PCR process with 95% false positives, the lie of asymptomatic transmission, the lie of equal risk of severe outcome if exposed, nothing, nothing was real, all a lie! I want to say it again, what we lost was 3 years of freedom and liberty. Because nothing was true and we fell for it!

“Those who brought this COVID mRNA technology gene injection are criminals and must face justice for each life lost. The blood of our lost loved one is on them. What has been done is horrifying. There is no punishment to me sufficient yet we must work within rule of law, we must work with the courts and judges.”

Let’s not forget DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) and DoD’s role in this – click here.  “…this situation meets the no-go or abort criteria with regards to the vaccines until the toxicity of the spike protein can be investigated.”  August 2021 report below document above.  Look at page 5, first paragraph, “Furthermore, the EcoHealth Proposal states….” Pfizer is now trying to blame it all on DoD.

American Heart Association Journal: 97.8% Adolescents and Young Adults with Myocarditis had an mRNA COVID-19 Shot, Dec. 8, 2021

Cardiac testing at public event in Washington shows 53% myocarditis rate in covid “vaccine” victims, March 1, 2023

CHD Scientists Call For Investigation of CDC and FDA Suppression of Evidence Linking Covid Vaccines and Myocarditis, June 15, 2023

CDC knew COVID vax associated with myocarditis but left off post-vax surveys:  “Well over 10 million symptom reports were filed each month from January through April 2021, dropping to 5 million in May and hovering around 1 million for the next few months. The reports jumped above 2 million again in October following President Biden’s vaccine mandates for roughly 100 million workers, and dropped to the low- to mid-hundred thousands from January through July 2022.

“The v-safe data obtained thus far are posted by the Informed Consent Action Network as both interactive graphs and several gigabytes of files. It got them through ongoing Freedom of Information Act litigation against the CDC.

“Those are just the data the CDC affirmatively sought through checkboxes on v-safe surveys, which are sent to users daily for the first week after each dose, then weekly for 6 weeks and 3, 6 and 12 months after the final dose.

“It took a year and a half to get “five excel files which likely took the CDC minutes to download and produce,” ICAN said in its portion of the Nov. 4 joint status report filed with the court.”

For the love of God, what parent in their right mind would allow their BABY to get one of those non-vaccines?  Pfizer Crimes against our Children: Cardiac Arrest of Two Month Old Baby an Hour after Experimental Vaccine – 58 Babies Who Received mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Suffered Life-threatening Adverse Events, July 17, 2022

Chemotherapy destroys your bodies natural immune system to fight off diseases.  The dead have names, see the link below.  This is all just “business as usual”, nothing to see, move on.  Testicular ‘TURBO’ aggressive cancer & links to COVID mRNA technology (Pfizer, Moderna) gene vaccine? Yes! Makis below shows mRNA Induced Testicular Turbo Cancer e.g. young age (teens, 20s, 30s)

Part 4:  Pfizer FOIA Document, Feb. 28, 2021 (They KNEW those injections were deadly.  Either pre-meditated murder or intentional homicide.)

Explosive Story: Health Canada Admits Pfizer Misrepresented Their COVID-19 Shot, Oct. 21, 2023

A 5-star investigative web site.  Children are up to 52x more likely to Die following COVID-19 vaccination than Unvaccinated Children & the UK Government is trying to hide it, Oct. 22, 2023, The Expose’

New Zealand is a Crime Scene: In one clinic, in one day 30 people were covid injected and all 30 have died, Oct. 22, 2023, The Expose’ – “We are calling for an inquiry.  Not just any inquiry.  A full-blown criminal investigation leaving no stone unturned.”

The $3 Trillion SubStack on How to Destroy Pfizer in Court, March 5, 2023, “Brook Jackson’s attorney, Robert Barnes, had a strong day in court last week with the $3 trillion false claims lawsuit against Pfizer, by driving home that Pfizer was contracted to deliver a safe and effective vaccine to prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection. He pointed out to the judge that the contract promises the delivery of a safe and effective vaccine under FDA laws more than a half-dozen times.”

Steve Kirsch Breaking: You can now sue the mRNA COVID vaccine manufacturers for damages and the FDA is required to take the COVID vaccines off the market. Why? Adulteration., Oct. 22, 2023 – same link:  EXCLUSIVE LAWYER UPDATE: Class-Action Lawsuit Filed Against Remdesivir Manufacturer Over Alleged Deceptive Practices, Oct. 3, 2023

In defense of President-elect, Donald Trump.  Operation Warp Speed was well planned.  Did you know this:

BioNTech co-founder Ugur Sahin “designed the COVID-19 “vaccine” in one day, Dec. 12, 2020.  “By the end of the day, Sahin became one of the 500 richest people in the UK.  Total disinformation regarding efficacy. (Pfizer)

“But perhaps most remarkably, BioNTech co-founder Ugur Sahin designed the vaccine in just a few hours in mid-January, according to The Journal, a podcast from Gimlet and The Wall Street Journal. Moderna’s vaccine also took just two days to design, as Business Insider previously reported. The reason both candidates could be designed so quickly comes down to the technology they rely on: messenger RNA, or mRNA.”

Do you think Trump was told that by prolific liar, Dr. Death Anthony Fauci?  He was suckered using the big fear stick.  Trump wasn’t even told about COVID-19 until on or about January 27, 2020.

Remarks by President Trump During an Update on Operation Warp SpeedNov. 13, 2020 – “The average development timeline for the vaccine, including clinical tests and manufacturing, can take 8 to 12 years.  Through Operation Warp Speed, we’re doing it in less than one year.”

Say what you will about Donald Trump but he genuinely and sincerely loves all the American people.  He was so proud “we’re doing it in less than one year”.  Think he knew Ugur Sahin designed that killer injection which is not a vaccine in one day?  Think he knew Moderna already had “designed” their “vaccine” in two days?

I have probably another 100 or so articles.  Regular readers know my past columns on those experimental injections are also full of articles.  We can write about this until the cows come home, but in the meantime, those responsible are still walking around free making big money.

The Center for Disease Creation (CDC), Federal Death Administration (FDA), Moderna, Pfizer – the list goes on.  All co-conspirators in unleashing those experimental injections.  State Attorney Generals must file state RICO charges against all of them.  We have no Justice Dept at the federal level.

In early Feb. 2023, two new postings went up on my web site;

Who Created SARS-CoV-19, When, Where and How it Got to Wuhan, China  AND The Dead Book – Deaths, Serious Injuries, Permanently Disabled Doctors, Scientists: Pull Those Experimental Injections from the Market

They are very comprehensive; it was a TON of reading and cross-checking for me.  I printed them all out which took forever on my poor old printer.  I gave a copy to our City Attorney whom I have known since 2016 asking him to give those huge, heavy files to the County District Attorney which he did and even had Wilkerson sign for the files.  I did not know at the time Wilkerson (a Democrat) was going to retire in May but those files sat there for months because apparently, Wilkerson spent the last 5 months in office basically doing nothing.  Good riddance.

The City Attorney, Joshua Hamby, was then appointed by Gov. Abbott to replace Wilkerson as our new County District Attorney.  By then it was early summer.  I kept dropping off new information for Mr. Hamby.  I knew a new grand jury had been impaneled.  Well, that was that as Mr. Hamby suddenly stopped returning any of my phone calls.  Very disappointing because we’ve always had a very cordial relationship.  Perhaps it has to do with the secrecy of grand juries, but time will tell.  Hamby is a good man, really.

As soon as those files were uploaded to my site, I sent another set of those huge, heavy files to my new state senator, Kevin Sparks, in Austin.  A really great senator.  Unfortunately, because he was newly elected and the new session began in Jan. with only 140 days to get bills introduced and passed, the files sat in a corner collecting dust.  I had requested Sen. Sparks get them to our state AG Ken Paxton because I’m a nobody.  I also really don’t have the financial resources to get to Austin.  A six-hour drive each way, kennel the dogs, food, gas and lodging.  Anyway, after several very polite phone calls to Austin, Sen. Spark’s aide told me one of their staff would walk the files over to Paxton’s office.  That was about five months ago.

Little did I know – nor did the rest of the people in our state – back stabbing RINO’s in our house of reps at the capitol began a secret investigation to get Paxton impeached (they started in March).  The impeachment charges were brought against Paxton on May 26, 2023.  Paxton’s office had opened a criminal investigation into Pfizer, Moderna & Johnson & Johnson on May 1, 2023.  Paxton was found not guilty on all counts by the senate.  It was a political hit job by our RINO Speaker of the House, drunk Dade Phelan.

Now, these two new files posted to my web site are dynamite and list witnesses Paxton’s investigative legal team needs to call, including Ed Dowd.  Beneath the two files is MASKS.

I’m sending them, including MASKS to Paxton’s investigative team.  A huge amount of reading and cross-checking, again.  This is big time dead serious.  I will make a copy for my county DA, Hamby, and drop it off at his office as a courtesy.

The Florida grand jury investigating Pfizer & Moderna expires Dec. 31, 2023.  Likely, it will take some time for the final report as people continue to die, suffer horrible, debilitating things like Myocarditis or become permanently disabled.  Killing off our work force.

I’ve done all I can on this but it really is up to the American people to raise holy hell and demand full investigations.  The horror stories about real people will continue, but until the guilty are indicted, it’s just repetition (I’m sorry to have to use that word.) NO doubt in my mind who the guilty are and that any grand jury – even though this scares people who’ve taken those injections – looking at all the hard evidence would return a true bill which means indictment.  I will stay on Paxton’s office and hopefully connect with one of the investigators soon.  Unfortunately, I have no title so basically, I’m a nobody to them.

If you have time whether you live in Texas or another state, drop a short snail mail letter to AG Paxton:  I support your investigation into Pfizer, Moderna and J & J.  We demand justice.  (Politely, of course.)  10 or 15 thousand paper letters (forget email mail) makes a big statement:  We know what’s going on and we want the guilty punished to the fullest extent of the law.  Attorney General Ken Paxton, PO Box 12548, Austin, TX 78711-2548

Professional politicians like our gov. Greg Abbott can always hide behind “I was never told the truth”.  Make no mistake:  This IS political kryptonite and next year is a big election year.  Lockdowns, mandatory masks and the rest of the madness gets laid right at their door.  It is one of the reasons I did not vote for Abbott in the last primary.  A whole lot of us Texans wrote and called his office to stop distribution of those dangerous experimental injections.  Crickets.

My new postings contain a HUGE amount of information.  Take a look and then in your “spare” time, go read the horror of what’s been done to us and the people of the world.  While the number of people here in the U.S. getting those injections has dropped to 2%, the damage is done.  For generations and decades.

TX Attorney General Ken Pax­ton Launch­es Inves­ti­ga­tion into Gain-of-Func­tion Research and Mis­rep­re­sen­ta­tions by Covid-19 Vac­cine Manufacturers, May 1, 2023.  A lot in that file.  And:  Dead Book II also a huge amount of important information.  Then MASKS.

Please share this column everywhere.  It’s only through independent media the truth has been exposed.