Political Corruption Supersedes and Trumps Justice

August 24, 2016 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


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We all know that Politics is dirty… does it exist in any other way? Just how dirty can it really get? Out and out Murder is about the worst act that I can personally imagine, along with Child Molestation, Pedophilia, Sex Slaves, Rape and the like, and yet these crimes are lately openly being committed by our elected representatives with complete impunity, and all under the watchful eyes of the very organizations that were created to prevent  and  bring  to  justice these individuals  committing  these  types of crimes.
It is apparent that elected officials and other protected selected individuals, enjoy the privilege of being “above the Law,” and thus, are treated differently and better than the rest of us, and are constantly being given “passes” and “pardons” for their indiscretions and crimes by corrupted Judges, Prosecutors, Commissions, Counsels, Governors, Directors, Secretaries, Attorneys General, and of course, the highest elected office of the land, the current conman phony, President of the United States of America.
It is not so much that each despicable act affects our American way of life, but the fact that it is covered up, distorted, minimized, and unfortunately condoned and tolerated by the American public in such a way that this type of behavior is presently considered to be the “Norm.” This is all supported by the all-powerful mainstream news media that now vomits out “propaganda” on a regular basis, which in turn is blindly swallowed up by the masses. “The bigger the Lie the more people will believe it.” —Adolph Hitler 1941.
All of this rhetoric that the masses are being bombarded with, is essentially useless, and a lesson in futility, if our Electronic
Voting Machines are being tampered with and manipulated. Not to mention the numerous computer experts, that have come out since 2007 to present day, and told everyone who, when, where and how this type of election fraud has been perpetuated against the American Public, which has invalidated their Vote, along with any chance of getting rid of corrupted career Politicians.
I personally cannot stress enough for the immediate removal of all Electronic Voting Machines in the United States of America, before another disaster occurs and we allow more trash into these high level elected offices, and also allow for the continual retention of corrupted career Politicians.
“Favor for Favor” is the name of the game, in Politics. This is how crooks rise to power and maintain that power, and damned be anyone that gets in their way. Money, greed, avarice, ego, and a heavy dose of narcissism is the secret recipe for your average every day corrupted politician. Have you ever noticed that the head high-level politician always surrounds himself with other corrupted people, and those who are usually considered quite expendable.
Legitimate and honorable elections, for our representatives, are necessary to keep our country great. And yes, I believe that our country is still great, it is just now chuck full of trash that would like to take our country down and destroy it. That will not happen anytime soon, as long as I am vertical and above ground. There are a lot of people that share my sentiments and when the proper time comes, they will stand up and be counted.
Certain unsavory and unresolved events in Nevada have occurred, and still have not been rectified because of corrupted career politicians; Ex; the 2000, One Billion dollar Workman’s Compensation theft, by then Attorney General Brian Sandoval, now Governor Brian Sandoval and former Governor Kenny Guinn; the 2007 covered-up Murder of Corrections Officer Kevin Scott Dailey; the 2001 covered-up Murder of inmate Phillip Le Mann at the CCDC; the 2006 covered-up Murder of Suave Lopez; the 2010 covered-up Officer involved fatal shooting of Eric Scott at Costco, the 1996 covered-up Murder of an LVMPD Narcotic’s registered informant, in Alamo, NV, by the LVMPD Narcotics Section; the 2012 use of phony Narcotics dogs resulting in a class action lawsuit by NHP; the continual LVMPD operation of an illegal Narcotics scheme called “White Fence” between LVMPD, LASD, and LAPD; the phony police radio system costing taxpayers 68 Million dollars from 2006 to 2011, the total incompetence of supervision in the 2010 shooting death of war veteran Stanley Gibson; and let’s not forget the DNA mix-up that cost the taxpayers millions of dollars to settle for an unlawful incarceration of four years.
Everything has to do with everything else, and a half-truth is a whole lie, including any omissions.
Remember to Keep your Faith, Keep your Gun, and they can Keep their Change.

In God We Trust

Gordon Martines is a former LVMPD detective who has served in many capacities over his 39-year career in law enforcement. He was a candidate for sheriff in 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014, with the intention of bringing integrity and accountability back to the department, and filed a federal lawsuit against LVMPD in 2011. Martines has appeared on “Face The Tribune” radio show several times and is currently the host of “Open Mic” on Tuesdays andThursday at 11:00 a.m. He contributes his opinions and ideas to the Las Vegas Tribune to keep the public informed and help improve policing in Las Vegas.  Gordon Martines can be contacted via email at coper71@hotmail.com.